Why Hasn't Bob Cox Been Posting More to Talk of the Sound Over the Past Month?

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Why Hasn't Bob Cox Been Posting More to Talk of the Sound Over the Past Month?

October 08, 2013 - 13:46

More than a few folks have asked...

I recently moved, within New Rochelle, after 8 years at my previous address.

The move involved a great deal of work getting the new place ready to move in my family and packing up to leave the old house and unpacking and otherwise sorting things in the new house. We are mostly done, enough so that we can get back to normal.

Suffice to say, the move had taken up almost all of my time over the past two weeks.

Prior to that I have had other things going on not the least of which has been depositions in the lawsuit brought against me by Jimmy Bonanno and his son. We are now getting into the home stretch of the pre-trial period which has been going on now for 16 months.

The past month has left me little time for reporting except for the occasional article or tweet.

I want to thank those contributors who stepped up and posted news and information to the site.

I will get back into posting regularly this week.

First, however, I need to catch up on the hundreds of emails I have been ignoring -- so if you emailed me in the past few weeks expect a reply in the coming days.

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I thought you sold the Talk of the Sound to James O'toole.
Bramson has been bathing in the break.
Strome is bored to tears the first hour of his day he has been walking the halls muttering.
Let the good times roll.

Martin Sanchez's picture

I thought Bob got deported to South Bend, IN .....