Why We Added Disqus Commenting

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Why We Added Disqus Commenting

September 26, 2016 - 17:37
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A little update from your friends at Talk of the Sound.

We have closed the old commenting system and installed DIsqus, a comment service for web sites, blogs, and online communities that is hosted by Disqus, Inc. The company hosts comments for 750,000+ websites including CNN, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Atlantic, IGN, TMZ, CNN, Bloomberg and more.

Registered commenters can log into their account several different ways using a registered username or email address and password but there is NO requirement to have an account with Disqus to leave a comment

The purpose is to make conversation on Talk of the Sound easy.

You can login with your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Goole over various OpenID login options so this should make it very simple for uses to login and begin commenting.

But you are not REQUIRED to login at all. Guest commenting is an optional feature in Disqus that allows users to comment without creating a Disqus profile.

Commenting as a guest is different than commenting with a registered Disqus account in a few main ways:(1) Guest comments will not be approved automatically (they must be manually approved by a site moderator); (2) Registered accounts will be able to customize their profile, change settings, edit/delete comments, see a past history of your comments, have the option to be subscribed to email notifications of new comments, including replies to their own comments. Guest commenters will have none of these features. Given how easy it is to register an account, we highly recommending doing so and taking full advantage of the various features of Disqus. You may as well because so many other sites use Disqus so you can comment there as well.

Some folks may wonder whether guest commenting is the same as anonymous or pseudonymous commenting? No. Guest commenting is the ability to comment without registration. Anyone can register for an account anonymously, with a pseudonym, or with their real identity. What account name you use and whether your Disqus profile is public or private is between you and Disqus.