A Word to Anonymous "Sources" of Talk of the Sound

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A Word to Anonymous "Sources" of Talk of the Sound

February 18, 2014 - 18:59

At least once a day, someone provides an "anonymous" tip of some kind or another.

Sometimes these things check out, some times they don't but it is not uncommon that I would have questions from the anonymous source.

A recent example is the Ferris Creek Survey email I received. I have no idea what this is supposed to mean and no way to ask.

Let me say to those folks, it is one thing to be anonymous to Talk of the Sound readers and another to be anonymous AND unreachable to me. You folks need to give me a way to communicate if I have questions.

A few times I have had people send me links to Facebook pages. Unless I am Facebook Friends with the person I cannot typically read the link and so sending the link is useful.

Folks need to learn to "screen grab" an image. Google for how.

In a recent case, a reader sent me a link to a Facebook page with a video and some sort of rant about substandard housing in New Rochelle. While it sounded quite interesting I had no way to view what this person was referencing so it was both a tip I could not follow and a case where the person gave me no way to ask questions or figure out a way for me to view the Facebook page in question. If that person is reading, I am interested in the story but you need to actually get the video and screen grab the Facebook page.