WVOX Files Reply in Bonanno Defamation Case Along With Voluminous Records Requests, Interrogatories and Deposition Notices


wvoxlogo.jpgI have not had any communication with WVOX ownership, any WVOX employees, or their legal representatives, since lawyers for Jimmy Bonanno and Little Jimmy filed their defamation lawsuit back in June so I was surprised to receive a package in the mail yesterday from attorney Kenneth Norwick of Norwick, Schad and Goering in Manhattan. In the package was the Verified Answer he filed on behalf of WVOX along with record requests, interrogatories and deposition notices for both Bonannos. In reading through the rather voluminous and intrusive records requests and interrogatories, I can only wonder whether Jimmy Bonanno fully understand what he was getting himself into with his absurd lawsuit.

It should be interesting to see the response to the request for documents related to all criminal complaints, disciplinary actions, civil complaints, administrative investigations, school related disciplinary incidents and so forth brought against the Bonannos. I suppose that will bring into play things like Little Jimmy's arrest on drunk driving charges a couple of years and Jimmy's relatively recent divorce, to name a few. That is unfortunate because, to the best of my knowledge, Jimmy's wife, also a school district employee, had nothing to do with any of this.

It looks like WVOX wants information that would include Little Jimmy's CDL license. They also want everything about the Bonannos money -- every bank account, tax filing, earned income. I especially like the part where they want copies of all invoices related to mental health services. My favorite is the request to Little Jimmy for all documents related any Methadone Clinics he visited; as that was not part of the broadcast of Talk of the Sound or even part of the lawsuit it suggests that the lawyer has been reading Talk of the Sound.

I wonder if Jimmy has explained to his crew down at Cliff Street how many of them may well be dragged into this case (I have yet to file my own requests for records, provide a list of witnesses or serve deposition notices). I would expect any district employee associated with Jimmy Bonanno (and I have a complete list) is going to need to start thinking about hiring their own lawyer. Certainly school board members and administrators like Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak, Assistant Superintendent Quinn and Building and Grounds Supervisor/Aramark Employee John Gallagher are aware but I suppose they will have taxpayer-funded lawyers (or, in the case of Gallagher, a lawyer provided by Aramark).

What is amusing is the reports I keep getting that Jimmy Bonanno is telling people that he is going to win the case. I think he must be either delusional of just whistling in the dark but knowing what I know about defamation law I do not believe he has even the remotest chance of winning his case -- in fact, I am pretty sure he has zero chance.

In any case, some readers might find it interesting to read the WVOX legal papers in the case, especially the Document Requests and Interrogatories (just read them for Little Jimmy as they are basically the same but for the Methadone Clinic).

WVOX Verified Answer Bonanno Case

James Vincent Bonanno

WVOX Document Request for James Vincent Bonanno

WVOX Interrogatories for James Vincent Bonanno

WVOX Deposition Notice for James Vincent Bonanno

Vincent James Bonanno

WVOX Document Request for Vincent James Bonanno

WVOX Interrogatories for Vincent James Bonanno

WVOX Deposition Notice for Vincent James Bonanno


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