WVOX Tax Busters for County Legislature

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WVOX Tax Busters for County Legislature

October 31, 2013 - 23:48


 As you know I no longer reside in New Rochelle but still consider myself a true-blue New Rochellean in that New Rochelle exists in my DNA. I am actively involved with issues like the Armory, Echo Bay and still receive calls from residents who request assistance with neighborhood issues.

 Mr. William O’Shaughnessy, president WVOX 1460 AM radio, has endorsed County Executive Rob Astorino and legislators Jim Maisano, Sheila Marcotte and legislative candidate John Verni. Mr. O has refrained from endorsements in the past as they could negatively impact WVOX. A truly puzzling question is; why did Mr. O endorse Rob Astorino over Mayor Noam Bramson who had a regularly scheduled radio show on WVOX? Mr. O recognized that Bramson is running a national campaign that has no bearing on the duties of the county executive and Mr. O pointed out the Journal News endorsement of Bramson as a diversion. Mr. O was puzzled by the term “holistic” as used by the Journal News to define Bramson. I too must claim bewilderment as holistic refers to the complete treatment of an illness. I agree higher property taxes is an illness but Noam Bramson’s Voodoo “holistic” approach has been to raise taxes every year of his political tenure that he had the opportunity to do so. In stark contrast, Rob Astorino has reduced spending, lowered the tax levy by 2%, delivered three consecutive budgets with a ZERO TAX INCREASE and signed a bipartisan comprehensive 2013 budget that maintained essential services while protecting the most vulnerable.

 Rob could not have accomplished these feats without the support of legislators like Jim Maisano and Sheila Marcotte. Mr. O describes Jim as the “indefatigable” Minority Leader. I must admit I had to look indefatigable up to realize it means unrelenting and Mr. O hit the nail on the head. Mr. O goes on to say that Maisano is a “very skillful consensus builder and a shrewd strategist and parliamentarian who merits your enthusiastic support”. There is nothing else I could possibly add.

 Mr. O goes on to endorse legislator Sheila Marcotte defining Sheila as a legislator who has “served Eastchester and the north end of New Rochelle diligently and well.” Mr. O forgot about Tuckahoe but Sheila’s service is well documented and her record of delivering for the communities she represents is impeccable. Sheila’s opponent has no experience at any level of government nor does she have any experience in the political arena in reference to building bipartisan partnerships to make Westchester a better and more affordable place to live. This race can be summed up easily; The Westchester County Board of Legislators is no place for on-the-job-training!

 While candidate John Verni is new to the County Board of Legislators, John is no novice when it comes to politics, bipartisan problem solving and protecting the environment. I have worked closely with John on major issues like Ikea, the NR Armory, eminent domain etc. and John has always taken a fair-minded approach to every issue. John has earned the respect from every side of the political spectrum. John comes from the; half a loaf is better than none at all mindset that realizes if no one can claim victory, the resolution is the right solution. John’s legal background, especially in defending local zoning and environmental issues is flawless and compliments his fair-minded, commonsense approach to problem solving. Mr. O’s endorsement; “John Verni, we can absolutely assure our listeners, will be a stand-out from the get-go on the County Board.  He's a solid, balanced individual.  And we can all be glad a fellow like Mr. Verni will not be deterred by the rigors of politics and will actually take the time to enter the arena of public service.” John’s life is a testament to public service, ask Jim Killoran, president of Habitat for Humanity.

 In the past, I have had my disagreements with Mr. O publicly, especially on the seven words he banned from his airwaves, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. As you can see, I do the old-math in that Mr. O got it right four times. 

 My only regret with the WVOX Tax Busters is that I can only cast my vote for Rob Astorino. I respectfully request you to support Rob and the entire WVOX Tax Busters Team in your respective county legislative districts.



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I am sorry you no longer reside in New Rochelle. We need more people like you with boots on the ground. It is great that you still remain active in voice and actions. You contain a wealth of knowledge about New Rochelle. You are among the many people who speak about the needs and issues that face this one fine city of the sound. People like you and the members of United Citizens for a Better New Rochelle have helped open up the eyes of many people from New Rochelle. Like me, your intentions are not political. Nothing in local government should be political. All those that represent this city should be looking for what is in the best interest of New Rochelle. Once someone voices a thought that is opposite of the current administration they are tagged as political partisanship attacks. Most are not, some may get a little out of hand because of frustration with the current manner of governing. As is happening now, more and more people need to speak up. Even Mr. O has had enough that must mean something.

Word is getting out and people have begun to get together and discuss the issues and problems this city faces. We are able to write our thoughts on Talk of the Sound which provides an open forum for discussions for or against any topic which has helped. The media was once controlled as the Journal New was the only newspaper in town. Technology has changed that for the better. Because of the changes in technology and through the work and efforts of United Citizens for a Better New Rochelle and many others in and around New Rochelle, more and more people are awaking to the realization that a change is needed. Many of those people once faithfully supported the current administration and are beginning to speak out for what is in the best interest of The City of New Rochelle. Change is needed, for change to occur more people need to step up and demand it. If we can’t rely on the current administration of New Rochelle to work towards bringing our communities together and building consensus, then the people need to get more involved with their actions and their votes.

Partisan politics has no place in local government!

Notice how Bramson's "holistic" approach will result in Bramson raising county taxes while he claims the overall tax bill will go down because every municipality in Westchester will lower taxes under his "approach?" Why doesn't this man just try to sell us the Brooklyn Bridge? Under his watch, NR taxes went up every year. And when he couldn't raise taxes because of the cap, he instituted fees! Who can believe this slick talking worm?

Thanks for the great article Anthony!