Yonkers Tribune Reporting Capelli Has Signed Lease with Kohl's, Target May Follow in May

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Yonkers Tribune Reporting Capelli Has Signed Lease with Kohl's, Target May Follow in May

April 29, 2010 - 22:17

kohls.jpgOur friends at the Yonkers Tribune are reporting:

Exclusive to the Yonkers Tribune: New Roc City and Target By Geoff Thompson

We have had very positive discussions with Target and are hopeful that we will reach agreement on a renewed contract that will allow Target to become a major player in the exciting new retail complex that will open at New Roc City...We have a signed lease with Kohl’s.

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There are 3 Comments

With this guy and his buddy you believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.
When I see red carts rolling out of New Roc I will be inclined to believe, until then lets call this another case of utter Cappelli BS.
Jeez I was really looking forward to Apicella on New Rochelle TV showing us the sale circular.
I am sure the City Council and the IDA are ready to offload those PILOTS once again.

I suppose now we could believe the mythical story of a new and improved new roc because this time it's not Joe Apicella. Maybe this time somebody at city hall will confirm the LIEklyhood of this panning out. Or we could give another extension, let's see, 10 days should be long enough. Wouldn't you say?

The full breath and body of Cappelli work is quite the Ruse. In his slight of hand game either he has our Mayor, City Council, IDA and City Manager in a total trance or you can only connect the dots to some form of renumeration. Whenever I see Cappelli involved I wonder what do we get being involved with this charlatan? With Cappelli its like an old time circus rolling into town the hoopla and all. I guess we do get something we get what the elephants leave when they proceed down the road following the Ring Master. Basically our City officials have left us all with elephant droppings lining the area Cappelli has just passed through. Can't you just hear the Circus music playing in the backround. I think I just saw Apicella dressed up in clown attire you can tell by his red hair and face paint.