You think we have bad parking policy? Visit Hoboken, NJ.

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You think we have bad parking policy? Visit Hoboken, NJ.

November 22, 2011 - 03:46

Soon we will have metered parking downtown until midnight. More revenue for the city, less visitors to spend money. What a racket! As I have said many times, it is anti-development.

But we should count our blessing we don't live in Hoboken, New Jersey. If you park there more than four hours, you get your car booted and towed. Even if you move your car to the other side of town, you will get booted. Four hours per car per day. Their signs are purposefully unclear so most people fall into the trap. A fine example of another municipality misguided by the need for revenue overriding the importance of attracting visitors and residents. Amazing!

Fox 5 News did a report on Hoboken last night. The Mayor justified the parking policy. Something about 16,000 cars and only 10,000 spaces. Part of the justification could also be the 19.2 percent increase in parking fee revenues totaling $1.32 Million.

A blog tells the story pretty well.

Is New Rochelle next to get the spotlight?

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Hoboken has a very active night life with restaurants and bars. People from all over the area go there. I don't think I can say the same for New Rochelle unless you are going to shop at a $1 store on Main Street. People in the North end of New Rochelle don't even go to the downtown area. It is like comparing apples to oranges.

Hoboken was a slum 20 years ago. Some favorable aspects of the city encouraged people to invest in residential units and start businesses. I will bet that investors made that happen, not government. The comparison is adequate because both municipalities are clearly the reason visitors are hesitant to visit the downtown areas. It will take private investment to make New Rochelle a destination for local residents. Be positive, it will happen.

I was in Hoboken many times 20 years ago and is was not a "slum". To refer to it in that way just shows ignorance. Visitors have not been hesitant to visit Hoboken now or 20 years ago. Parking in Hoboken is difficult because people go there. They have many lots and garages that charge $20 plus dollars to park at night now and also 20 years ago. New Rochelle doesn't. Investments were made in New Rochelle with tax incentives such as Avalon's, Trump, and New Roc. Is New Roc a destination for local residents? Have you been there at night? I agree that investments need to be made, but it needs to be done the right way. Cutting services such as fire, police, sanitation after building the high-rises only speeds up the downward spiral. Those services need to be maintained. Again I hope you don't take offense, but New Rochelle and Hoboken are not comparable.

No offense at all. "Slum" may be an exaggeration, but the development has been remarkable.

I do spend time downtown New Rochelle at night.
There is not a great deal of activity and with the parking changes, I predict less traffic.

It is hoped that New Rochelle can develop into a better city. We have so much positive here to offer if we promote the growth and market this city correctly.

Are we trying to attract people to the downtown area? Why are they only increasing the cost of parking downtown? All the meters in New Rochelle should have the same cost and time limit. The car dealers in my area get 2 free hours for their customers. Look at the successful business districts in Westchester most if not all offer free parking.

It's 1 of those penny wise, pound foolish scenarios.