Your New Rochelle Tax Dollars Can Be Saved By The Garbage Bag

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Your New Rochelle Tax Dollars Can Be Saved By The Garbage Bag

September 12, 2012 - 21:38

MountainTrashIf you are like most people, you blissfully kiss your kids good bye in the morning, wish them a good day in school and then concentrate on your own day ahead. Well that was me, it never occurred to me to think about what their lunchroom was like, nor did I ever, in a million years thought about the trash that was generated in that lunchroom.

I was yanked into reality when I did an Earth Day project with my kids, cleaning up the woods. Upon finding a large piece of knarly looking Styrofoam, clearly in the woods for ages, I launched into an explanation how bad Styrofoam is for the environment. My son interrupted me by piping up that in the lunchroom they used disposable Styrofoam trays. I was shocked.

I went to the principal to get permission to survey the lunchroom and low and behold, every single day, the school with 1,064 kids generated a mountain of trash. 22 large garbage bags per lunch.

I did an in-depth survey and realized that 90% of that garbage are fully recyclable materials, if they were just sorted out.

Being a woman of action, I devised a recycling station and taught the kids to empty all of their drink and food containers and then sort them into the different recyclable categories, I found ways to recycle Styrofoam, zip lock bags, capri sun pouches and other previously deemed non recyclable materials. And - oh magic- once the recyclables were sorted out we had only 2 bags of garbage left, down from 22!

A 90% reduction. Whow.

Any good fairy tale would stop right here. I saved the world, complied with NY State recycling laws, reduced the cost associated with garbage by 90%, generated money to the county through the valuable recyclable materials and -best of all- created a generation of kids, that learned that their daily CAN make a lasting difference.

Most people don't think about garbage in the context of cost. But rest assured garbage is BIG BUSINESS and very expensive. It costs around $100.00 per ton to dispose of garbage, that does not include the labor, fuel or vehicle cost, just the mere dumping cost. Whereas the communities can dump the recyclables for free, and the County makes its money by sorting, baling and selling these materials back to industry for big money. Plastic Pet1-2 for example sell for $2500,00 per ton.

So having the kids sort out their recyclables is a complete win win situation, no? We save money, we teach kids about sustainability and we save the environment on many different levels. However, change comes only with difficulties to the adults in this situation. Getting administration, custodians, parents and teachers on board is far more difficult then I would have ever thought.

However, brick by brick, the kids will pave the way towards a better, more sustainable way of dealing with School lunch garbage.

If you are interested in learning about how your school can implement this fabulous program, please contact Anna Giordano, at [email protected].

Download: School Lunch Recycling Flyer

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I have seen this women first hand in the schools. And believe me she should not be any where near childern!!! I have called city hall on her. I wanted to know why they let her stay in our schools. She is CRAZY!!! I understand reycling, and I do it at home, but this lady takes it to a whole another level. The children are afraid of her, I do not like how she talks to them! She has even made one of them cry. She is called the GARAGE NAZI!!! GET HER OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS.

I'm in complete agreement with llovenr2. I've seen this woman and she should be no where near children!

I am glad you have seen me, I probably have seen you too, but not in the lunchroom to help supervise the recycling station. Would have been nice though.

So, next time, come up to me and introduce yourself.

BTW, did you know that New Rochelle has now mandated district wide recycling. Isn't that a wonderful step in the right and sustainable direction?

You are so wrapped up in your own world that you are not able to see beyond. MANY parents do not want you in the school and I personally don't want you talking to my children. You already approached one and critized how his lunch was packed. Genius! He didn't pack his lunch and you have NO RIGHTS to approach him on this topic. You got it...NO RIGHTS! I packed his lunch for him.

No, I will not help you at the recyclying station as it makes the lunchroom reek and I personally couldn't eat my own lunch with that smell. Children are bringing home garbage (not half eaten sandwiches but garbage). Yes I get your point that we all have definitions on garbage but that is my right as an American citizen to have my own views.

NO, I'm not happy that we now have a mandate district wide to recycle. The words of one woman making changes for a whole population is not how the USA was built. Everyone is supposed to have a voice and balance out the positive and negative (yes my dear there are negatives to your program even though you fail to open your eyes to them.)

Let's review that we live in a democracy. Democracy is defined as a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. As such you are not allowing other to have a say but only force upon everyone your views and your passions. You fail to recognize that we should all have a say in how things are done in the schools and what our children are subject to.

why isn't what this woman is doing harassment? She wouldn't be able to get away with it with teenagers nor with adults, why is she allowed to harass grade schoolers?

No kid of mine would come home with garbage more than once. Why aren't the parents descending on the principal to get this woman expelled from the lunch room?

Dear crazy lady: if you are so intent on being the Garbage Queen of New Rochelle, gather up the garbage and take it to your own home. Until you get expelled, that is.

Trust me that I will not tolerate my children being harrassed again.

if the posts in this forum don't stop her, I'm sure lohud or patch or the Journal News or WVOX would love to hear about the crazy lady.

Speaking of which, Bob, why are you giving a pat on the back to the crazy lady in 'New Rochelle Voices'?

"Her vision is to save the world, one school district at a time............"

Are you freaking KIDDING me?

What exactly is Ms. Giordano doing to "scare" the kids? Is having them sort their lunch garbage properly is frightening to them? Are the parents upset with the recycling effort or is this a personal issue with Ms. Giordano? Kids in general are a pain in the ass. If they are going home to complain and the parents are siding with them, they will naturally go to school the next day and be an even bigger pain. Maybe Ms. Giordano is taking it too seriously, maybe the kids are just thick headed...but in the end, if we can save taxpayer money by having the kids properly sort out THEIR garbage, then what is the problem?
If it's a case of Ms. Giordano's people (children) skills that can be addressed. If the kids just don;t want to be bothered with recycling then perhaps all the kids can take their garbage back home with them in their bookbags.

I'm still working on finding out the financial impact on the city as I am a financial professional and always interested in impact to the bottom line. From my initial discussions with those in the district her numbers have not sorted out at all. That is, it has NOT saved New Rochelle any money but in fact cost the district more money in supplies (e.g., garbage bags.)

Let's be clear here, I'm not one of those parents that side with my kids because they didn't like something. In fact I am the one that obtained more information before making judgements on this program. They all just didn't add up.

There are two issues here: 1) her summary of the program and savings from my intial inquires are not accurate and 2) she does not belong in the schools belittling our children. I am my child's advocate and will continue to do so as they don't have a voice yet. That is my job as a parent and also a concerned citizen.

I suggest you don't always believe what you read and do more research (as that is what I'm doing). Ms. Giordano's programs are not all they are touted to be.

80 to 90% of the garbage in our schools is fully recyclable, but 80% of that go's in the regular garbage, where it is charged a fee to be dumped
By sorting out the recyclable material from just garbage is where you savings would be.

also financial professional, you have to account in if there were no recyclable material, new products would cost more to make and that would be passed on the consumer (School)

The cost saving may not be that good for just one school, but add up every school and it a freaking big saving

Please watch for my next article where I am putting out the numbers that garbage costs us and then I invite you to elaborate on your research in what way my numbers don't add up.

I am sorry to tell you that I have. I work in one of the schools that she went to. I saw her in action. The children are young and it was hard for them to get everything right. But I will tell you, these children wanted to recyle and I think it's a good idea. But she just went too far. She wants kids to clean out pudding cups and pour their juice and milk out. WHAT A MESS!! It got all over the floors and walls. She wants everything in their lunchs bags reycled. It is overwhelming for these young children.

I also hate to tell you, I am also a parent and have talked to other parents who have asked me what is going on.

As for tax savings, what tax savings? My school taxes have gone up this year, the highest I have ever seen. School taxes are out of hand.

have her thrown out of the school?

Would the school tolerate another person disrupting and harassing in the manner she is?

I am stymied as to why you parents are letting her get away with this abuse.

Does she have friends in high places?

I think now you have shared your opinion so much that it would be nice to be introduced.

It is very easy to hide out there and throw dirt around, but I am here, in the open, with my name, with what I believe in and what I have spent countless hours on building. So, if you have such a beef with me, come out and we talk about it.

But calling me abusive, disruptive and harassing people........, all from explaining where materials go to children? Please!

It sounds as though she may be a little overzealous. If she doesn't have a background in childhood education she may not know the appropriate way to motivate children. Some people adopt environmental issues as a religion and get carried away. Indoctrinating children into environmental awareness is nice but shouldn't be traumatic.


I only just now saw your comment and also your earlier, very level headed comment. Let me tell you what I do, when I am in the lunchroom.

In the very beginning, when I realized that 90% of the stuff was recyclable I set out to see in what way one could organize a system for the kids to sort out their materials. With a few other parents we tried different set ups, set out bins, marked them clearly, directed the kids towards the correct bin, helped the younger ones to identify what material they were holding. It took a while to get a flow that would work. The kids empty their drink container and then sort the container either in milk cartons, juice pouches or bottles/cans. The kids got that concept very quickly.
They learned to empty their tray and stack that, and sort away their plastics and papers (most kids did not have all of the materials) So for example, a child that buys lunch in the cafeteria has a milk carton, a tray, a plastic fork to sort away.

Once most of the kids had the system down, all that was needed was maintenance, which was to oscillate between the two stations and make sure that spills are wiped off, mistakes removed from wrong bins and tray stacks are under control. Sometimes kids came over to tell me stories, or to proudly present what they are recycling. I particularly love the younger grades that are so cute, excited and eager about doing the right thing.

Nobody is being indoctrinated, lunch is too busy to talk much, it's mostly either a "great job" or a " do you need help". If there is any talking at all. There are around 180 kids per lunchroom and per period, with monitors around. So over 1000 kids in 1.5 hrs.

I don't know the woman from Adam, all i know is I have two children in two schools and both came home with similar stories of the lady yelling at kids to get it correct...My oldest daughter waits until she is gone to put her trash away or brings it home. I have heard from other parents that say that their children are complaining about the same thing. The kids should be enjoying their time out of the classroom and their lunches not worried about cleaning out cups and juice.

I am all for everyone doing their part but this woman's tactics seem out of hand.

AS far as saving school taxes just went up...let the people hired to deal with the trash worry about the sorting ....or better yet let Ms. Giordano bring the garbage home and sort it out herself in her own time as a volunteer!

the crazy lady has quit pushing her Nazi propaganda here.

Next thing is for you parents to make sure she doesn't harass your kids anymore.

Yes, let's review that we are living in a Democracy, which is based on laws that everybody should follow.

Recycling is the law! Already since 1988.

And our school taxes are used to pay for fines. I can think of many better ways to use my school taxes, such as smaller class sizes, more special programs. How about you?

BTW, I am glad that you upgraded me to "my dear" did you put it so nicely..."garage nazi"

Now your next "so called" point. Recycling makes the lunchroom reek???? Please explain to me why sorting out valuable materials makes the lunchroom reek.

What the kids generated in the lunchroom smells the same, separated out or not.

Are you really advocating that putting all in one bag and paying through the nose for its removal has anything to do with the smell in the lunchroom?

And back to your favorite issue of kids bringing home garbage. What are they bringing home that they haven't brought to school before?

I do not know who your child is, but I am sure he is doing a fine job separating his lunchroom waste. The only reason I would have had to talk to him while being in the lunchroom, is because he approached me to ask where a particular material needed to go and I may have explained it and then suggested to tell mom that there are more environmental ways to package a sandwich then aluminum foil. I do not see that as criticism of the child, I see it as answering a question with education.

However, it seems that you and I will never be able to see eye to eye. If you think I am wrapped up in my world, then at least it is a world that has now 4 school districts on board to reduce their garbage by 90%.

In any case, thank you so much for all your comments, you have managed to increase the interest in this article tremendously.

As parting words.... please check out on-line "the story of stuff" and also the documentary "the inconvenient truth"

If you want your child and your future grand children to have a nice Earth to live on, you may want to get on board to do what you can to save the most valuable thing we have.

A lot of the Inconvenient Truth has been debunked as utter nonsense. That is not to say that Green practices are not a good thing. I myself feel recycling is a great thing. Why waste natural resources why use products and materials that cost us more to thow out and that do not serve us. That said Aluminium foils is sold legally and it would be better to empower the kids to know why it is a bad choice and let them bring a great story home to the parents. Clearly it is their future.
Myopics gets in the way of the good. And when the process is taken over by those making it a must things get a bit out of sorts. Especially with grade school children at stake. It is better to give children the choices and allow them to make the decision to do what is better than to force them. The environmental movement has been hijacked by the same mentality of the Occupy Wall Street. Mandates should not occur for legally sold products. When it makes better financial sense to buy other than Aluminium foil and when better choices come to the forefront it will take hold. When Solar makes sense financially without Government Crutches like tax credits then it will truly take hold. Its harmful to force the issue down people throats its better for them to see it from a reward perspective rather than a mandated and threat perspective. I believe you're intentions are probably great but I do wonder who has given you the power to take it up a notch.

I also heard and read about how the data in the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" was ripped apart, then saw the film and I cannot for the life make of it how it can be untrue.

I can highly recommend seeing the documentary.

I think that industry has a vital interest to keep this kind of knowledge down. Just like for example the tobacco industry has told us for decades that smoking really has no impact on your health.

Do you remember those little chocolate cigarettes from the 70ies and early 80ies. It took concerned people to rally and rally and rally against that before something got done.

I never called you name (e.g., "Garage" Nazi) so please check your facts although I will tell you I have heard other refer to you as the Garbage Nazi. I don't name call just stating facts here. One further point I will clarify is that you did directly speak with a child of mine chastizing them for not packing lunch in accordance with your rules. It was not an innocent answering of a question but a direct challenge on why they didn't do as you told them. That child, in addition to my younger child, is now in fear of you. This is harrassment that I will not tolerate again you can be sure of that.

My point is that if you really want to make a change you would present your ideas and obtain general consensus from the school and those that attend. Your methods are shoving your ideas down everyone's throats because you know best. There are better ways of going about change and engaging others but forcable change will always be resisted.

as is her knowledge of harassment.

Um, dear Ms. Garbage Nazi, that was MY appellation, among others it seems.

So, are you going to cease and desist from your harassment of the children? I guess people are too polite when dealing with you. Again, take the freaking garbage home and dispose of it there. I'm sure your garbage persons will be delighted with the extra work, crazy lady.

IF you harassed any kid of mine, as I said I would be hanging out in the principal's office, lawyer in tow.

I am so glad you have noticed what is going on. I work in the school and believe me you do not want her there. The lunchroom smells, there are little bugs flying around, milk and juice on the floor and food on the walls. Children try to throw their garbage away when Ms. Giordano is not around. She in not just recyling, she has gone over board, making kids but their jucie and milk in a big bucket. You would not believe the mess. Can you see little 5 and 6 years olds dumping their juice and milk out? Alot of it ends up on the floor and it become dangerous. I even see children spill stuff on themselves. I know we need to reycle, but come on! How far do we have to go. Lunch time is not fun for these children anymore.

I just feel that parents need to know what is going on.

I also agree with you, no one is going to tell me what I pack my children's lunch in and no one going to tell me what to feed my children. And believe me others have tried to do that too. This is American and we are free. We have Choices!!!

>>>Children try to throw their garbage away when Ms. Giordano is not around.

Good for them.

So? Why don't the parents descend on the principal? Why doesn't the principal put a stop to this harassment?

>>>I just feel that parents need to know what is going on.

Seriously? THEY DON'T?????????? Why doesn't someone get this story in the Journal News (ahem, letters to the editor or is this woman connected?) and expose this woman and put an end to this insanity?

You should be more concerned with the crime and illegals over taking the city never mind some rotten apples!

Thank you for your thoughtful comment, especially with all the spelling mistakes. I particularly enjoyed the "Garage Nazi" portion.

So, you clearly do not get the advantages of this program, but fortunately many other people do. All of Eastchester has implemented it, Tuckahoe too, Yonkers is on the way and other districts in Westchester are in the process.

big deal anna Giordano the person made a typo.. clearly he/she is enraged by you and your freakish ways. Stay away from the kids. I say she should be finger printed and checked out!

so, ilovenr2, what are you doing about her harassment?

Have you stormed the principal's office to complain about her?

Have you engaged a lawyer, who would be happy to fight this case for you, probably pro bono?

Watch the crazy lady back down, once she knows the law is NOT on her side.

Well, have you? IF you haven't, then the crazy lady wins.

BTW, it's GARBAGE Nazi.

I know my daughter is afraid of this woman. She has yelled at her for mixing the garbage up...she is 6 years old . Back off lady and get out of the schools.

And clearly ilovenr2 had a typo calm down.

escalate her to City Hall, there has to be SOMEone who can stop the harassment of children by this crazy lady.

If not parents, aren't there GRANDparents willing to stop the insanity?

I'm at a loss as to why you people allow this harassment of grade school children.

BULLYING is not tolerated in schools today, have you all forgotten that? THIS WOMAN IS BULLYING YOUR CHILDREN.

I don't understand why you all are allowing this.

I hate to tell you, I did see you almost every day in the lunchroom. I just don't agree on how you treated the childern. You can ask many parents if there children are now bringing their garbage home? And the answer is yes! The children just don't want to go near the garbage cans when you are there.

And I also want to tell you there are many people who agree with me. Have you had your finger prints taken? I just wonder if it is legal that you are in our schools every day with children?

Michelle, so true, I spent hundreds of hours to get this program off the ground and I am so happy to report that now 4 communities are following the program and many more are interested in implementing it. I will start two more schools just in the next two weeks. I was even invited to present the program to the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

And as you have been harping all year about this "kids bringing trash home" issue. Let's talk about it. What does it actually mean? They have a dirty napkin still in the lunch bag? Or a half eaten apple? Big deal. At what point becomes lunch garbage? It is their left-over lunch.

Seriously, your and my tax dollars are paying for school garbage, why are you advocating to increase that cost?
Watch for my next article dissecting the actual cost attached to school garbage.

In my opinion, kids should be bringing their half eaten sandwich back home, so that mom knows what they are actually eating of the food they bring. Same for those lovingly cut cucumbers and strawberries in little plastic baggies, that go completely unopened in the trash.

I am smiling about your wondering if it was legal for me to be in the lunchroom without being finger printed? The answer is yes, as I am never alone with the children, just like any other parental volunteer that comes in. That said...are you?

Now, I have reached out to you often and asked you to join my efforts instead of working against me. Let me say it again. This program is ALL GOOD. It saves our tax money, teaches the kids about responsibility and their role in caring for this Earth, it reduces pollution, saves resources, abides by the law, and generates income.

It is ALL good.

Don't you think there is a better use for apprx. $400,000 that we are paying for school garbage right now? And that is just New Rochelle Tax money, count $345,000 County tax money on top of that.

I just want you to know that I have called the Superintendents Office and so have other parents. But I don't see why this women is still in our schools.

I want you to also know that I too reycle and I feel children should learn, but not the way Ms. Giordano is doing it. These children are so afraid of her!!

I have a child in Albert Leonard and those children just put everything in their bags and throw it away. They also do not want to deal with her.

Parents should call their schools to keep her out. It really hurts me how she is treating everyone from the children and lunch room employees.

or OSHA, or whatever organization monitors harassment of children and the presence of a parent doing administrative work? If she is a volunteer, again report her to the principal and Super's Office again.

Marshal the other parents to get this insanity out of the school.

Cox, whose specious article is this?

"Her vision is to save the world, one school district at a time."

You may as well give Hitler a byline too while you're at it.


What kind of comment is this?

Yes, this is my vision, I would love to see a world with less garbage, less pollution, less disease caused by pollution. Is that bad?

Any kind of change in society can only be brought on through education. And education starts in schools, and changes in education are brought on by concerned people that see that there is a problem.

Look at the push against bullying, that has been brought on by concerned parents. Is that bad?

The program at ALMS is fully run by custodians and the school and has been from the very beginning. Dr. Whiteside and Mr. Arthur are stern proponents of recycling and have put it as school policy. All I did was present the program to them.

I am asking you politely to not spread these kinds of completely unfounded insults.

Anna Giordano WHO ARE YOU??? Are you a professional educator ? What are your credentials?

WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT AND WHO GAVE YOU permission to speak to our children? Are you hired by the school? I never received a memo stating there was someone who was going to speak to our children on a volunteer level or professional educator level about how to recycle.

So the question is...who gave and gives you the permission to police the children? I am serious...I want to know who let you in the school system. I want to know if you have had a background check and your finger prints taken as other people who work closely to the children have had to do?

I demand as a parent and concerned citizen to know who this woman is!!!!

I hope you're escalating it. The Boards of Education of Westchester County and New York State might be interested to know there is a non-professional harassing the grade school children of New Rochelle.

I am not sure how this can escalate like this.

I do take offense to your comment about harassment.

Again, let's meet and talk and maybe you can feel at ease afterwards.

I am a concerned mom, just like yourself, that has seen a major problem in our schools and decided to do something about it.

So, I am inviting you to have coffee with me to see that I have the best for our children and the world we all live it at heart.

Send me a private email to [email protected] and we can set up a time. Trust me I don't bite :))

Ms. Giordano, do you see how inappropriate your first response was? You criticized one of your students' PARENTS for incorrect spelling. Then, in pissing the parent off, you asked him/her to MEET with you, after that?? NOW a couple others have started to respond angrily. How is this resolving anything?

I'm a recycling nut myself, but people have the tendency to go too far w/ their tactics in trying to get others to be more "green." Criticizing people for wanting them to do things differently is not the way to go.

If children are getting confused/fearful and parents are getting aggravated/frustrated, then something is obviously wrong with the methods of handling this situation in school.

Children need to worry about getting to class & memorizing things for tests. Lunch should not be a stressful time.

You are right, fighting resolves absolutely nothing and the same is true for name calling.

Let me ask you how you would feel being called those names?

I very much like that you consider yourself a recycling nut. That is wonderful.

This program is now running in 11 schools, with 39 (!) more lined up to be started. It is truly a wonderful program that teaches the kids to do the same in school that you are (most likely) teaching them at home.

Let me explain.

When you are done with dinner, I am certain you are not going to take everything on your table and throw it in the garbage? Instead, you probably empty the left over milk in the sink and then put the glass in the top drawer of your dishwasher, you will empty your left over food either in the garbage or compost (if you have a compost), and then put the large dinner plates on one side of the dishwasher and the salad and desert dishes on the other side of your dish washer. Next your fork, knives and spoons are going in the upright position in the little basket. Depending on the age of your children, that is what you teach them as well, no?

So, the school lunchroom recycling program is about just that. Each item has its proper spot, drinks are poured out to be discarded separately so you won't have a drippy mess in your garbage bin. And each major material has its spot. Once the kids can do that (and they can after a very short time) these materials can then be recycled rather then disposed of. Again, disposing of garbage costs us money, whereas we dispose of recyclables for free.

I have just today started the next school and it was so heart warming to see the kids being eager to help the Earth, to do their part. In every elementary school I see, the kids are happy to do this, they want to help, they want to be involved. I have invited parents to the lunchroom to witness this. It is truly amazing to see a kindergarten student carefully examining sample pictures, matching up the material and then placing it consciously in the correct bin.

This program also teaches them to think about what they have to discard and recycle, they start becoming aware of these things. Just yesterday my 6th grader became aware of the fact, that we as residents have to pay for water. He had never thought of it. Only through these experiences people will change their ways. And how often do we find ourselves only evaluating our habits after being told so by our children.

I do not think that suggesting to find a more environmental friendly way to wrap a sandwich is going too far in trying to get others to be more green.

That parent still has very much the choice to decide if they want to follow that suggestion or not. However they have been made aware of it and then they can decide. How often do we, as parents, find ourselves on autopilot, just doing things as we have always done them. It takes suggestions to evaluate our habits. A suggestion is not a criticism.

However it is truly silly to take a suggestion and then turn around and be really angry about it, or to now do the opposite on purpose to "stick it" to the suggestor.

At the end, it is the kids that are paying for all of this. They are the ones that are put in bigger classes, and loose extra programs because of money restraints. If money is tight, first to go are extra programs.

Why are we not more actively working on cutting cost where it doesn't hurt at all, such as the incredible expense we have with our garbage?

Trust me, lunch is not more or less stressful because of sorting out lunchroom materials. I have seen so many kids coming up to hug me, coming up bunches of time, just to proudly present their material, telling me that they know it is plastic and they know that it gets recycled in that bin. I have had many kids asking me to help and then cheerfully explaining the system to others. Have you ever seen a 2nd grader proudly chirping "thank you for recycling".

This is what I see when I am in the lunchroom.

However sadly, some parents don't see it that way.

Fortunately many do, because whoever I talk to just loves the system and says it is about time that something was done about this problem.

Also the growth rate of the program may speak for itself as well.

80% + of Plastics collected in the US go to landfills with the rest of the garbage. Any product fashioned from recycled material can not be recycled itself.

Seems the school children need not be a part of such antics...

It is true that recycling is only now starting to gain traction in the US.

There is a major push right now about going green, reducing pollution, reducing greenhouse gases and such.

Recycling is market driven, and markets are driven by oil prices. However recycling rates are steadily increasing as people understand that we cannot continue this linear system of consumption.

Schoolchildren are the future adults, they are the ones that will inherit this Earth. They can play a huge role in the solution, and they want to.

As I said, the kids are doing great, they love it and are recycling with gusto.

What is true is the demand is small and the supply is huge for recyclables. Who cares if it works , let's just do it because it feels good is not logical.

75% of plastic bags alone are made from Natural Gas production byproducts and more and more plastics are able to be produced by the same method. As we are now the Saudi Arabia of Nat. Gas we will be able to enjoy more and more Domestically Produced Natural Gas and more and more plastics at a reduced cost! Hurray for Capitalism!!!

Why not pitch the ideas on the parents - you know the ones who can think like adults - before brainwashing the impressionable children?

Actually the demand is very high right now, which is reflected in sky rocketing prices for recyclable plastics.

It costs 20% of the energy to use recycled materials then virgin materials. But it takes time to change things around.

The idea of recycling is being pitched to adults, and it's the law, so there is really no brain washing involved here.

If 80% + of plastics wind up in landfills how can you say 'demand is high'?

You do not acknowledge that with the new technologies being developed using Natural Gas rather than oil (btw we also have large oil supplies which we'll tap into soon) plastics will be available at much cheaper costs. Your entire economic model is FALSE and the public need not be subjected to your feel good antics.

Go help some kid to read or do math, other wise - Hey, Teacher, leve them kids alone!!!

I am sorry you feel that recycling is a "feel good antics".

Have you seen landfills? Have you been to an incinerator? Do you think it is wise for us to produce materials from non-renewable resources to then dump them to just sit there for the next 500 years? Do you think it is wise, to teach children that everything around them is disposable and they should have no care in the world about what they put in the garbage can?

And as I was saying, use of recycled material is only slowly catching on, but it is catching on. They have just built the first airplane from plastics, the first bridge was built from recycled plastic, Trex is now an established material.

Teaching children to be socially responsible is just as vital for their development as it is for them to read and do math.

And don't get me started on hydro-fracking....

I'm sorry you cannot grasp reality. Way to dodge my direct questions. Do you tell the children only a fraction of what they do will be actually used for something - or do you fill their impressionable heads with false goals? It's unfortunate you aren't even correct with your posts here ie the 'plastic airplane' you refer to. It's a plane made from 50% composite material not a 'plastic airplane'.

A product fashioned from recyclables cannot be recycled again - therefore it winds up in the landfills with the rest of the uncycled goods. So in the end 100% of garbage is , in fact, garbage.

Do you think it's wise to produce products from corn and soy rather than eating them? And BTW - the byproducts being utilized from Nat. Gas production are just that, byproducts, which must be removed before Nat Gas can be burned to use for heat and provide electricity so it's actually a free resource being recycled at the source!

Go ahead, keep importing $100 oil from populations that want to recycle you - into dust! Perhaps you can teach them your false harmony with the earth also!