Credit Recovery Abuse Report Accepted by New Rochelle Board of Education

Dear New Rochelle Community,

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Q&A: New Rochelle Board of Education to T&M Protection Services

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The final report on credit recovery abuse at New Rochelle High School by T&M Protection Services dated December 3rd, 2018 included only one change from the draft report dated October 18, 2018.

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Shadia Alvarez Statement to New Rochelle Board of Education on December 4, 2018

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- At the New Rochelle Bo

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Huguenots Make Community Proud with Impressive Season

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Ultimately, the New Rochelle High School Huguenots did not come home from Syracuse with a state championship, but their performance throughout the season and in the hard-fought final game lifted the spirits of the New Rochelle

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Highlights from the Nov. 27 BOE Meeting

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Here are some highlights from the Tuesday, Nov. 27 Board of Education meeting at Daniel Webster Magnet School.

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Greenhouse Gets Generous Ventilation Donation

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Amy's Greenhouse at the Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center has received a donation to upgrade its ventilation system and enhance its energy efficiency from Rough Brothers, Inc., the largest greenhouse design, engineering and

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Pep Rallies Prep Davis Students for Fundraising Fun Run

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The students at George M. Davis Jr. Elementary School are getting their spirits up for a Fun Run. The fundraising event takes place next Thursday, Dec.

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iRobot Co-Founder Beams into Albert Leonard

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The Robotics Club at Albert Leonard Middle School received a very different kind of robocall on November 7, and it had the district's aspiring roboticists very excited! 

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