New Rochelle School & Library Budget Pass, Hastie & Polow Elected to School Board


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FINAL TALLY (unofficial): The School Budget passed 2,200 to 1,420. With 3,600 votes cast the turnout was slightly larger than the 3,300 votes cast last year. All districts except Columbus, Jefferson and Holy Name supported the budget. The Library Budget passed 2,224 v. 1,231.

School Board
*Deidre Polow = 2,365
*Jeff Hastie = 2,053
Vincent Malfetano = 1,159
Kenneth Chorzewski = 742

Library Board
*Tom Leghorn = 2,326
*Emery Schweig = 2,167


Heading over to City Hall to observe the vote tallies. More to follow. With only holy name and Webster left to report budget is yes=1919 no=1182. Polow=2064. Hastie=1776. Chorzewski=664. Malfetano=925 Library budget passed with 65,5%. School budget 62% yes 38% no. Polow 2190 Chorzewski 708 Hastie 1918 Malfetano 1021...Still waiting for holy name [from my iPhone]

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New Rochelle Man Pleads Guilty To Attacks At The Mount Vernon Public Library

WHITE PLAINS, NY -- Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced today that Christopher Welch, 32, of 45 Pleasant Street, New Rochelle, New York plead guilty to two counts of Persistent Sexual Abuse, class “E” Felonies.

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Did Polow Commit A Crime in Failing to Report ?

Did, in fact, Deirdre Polow commit a crime by not reporting information about nude photos of a minor? It's pretty cut and dry as far as the law is concerned. If she had any knowledge, or suspicion of the incident, the law demands that she reports to the Law Enforcement authorities. That's it. You don't go to the school board and say "what do you want to do about this?". I don't know all the facts surrounding the issue, but if any of what's reported here is true, she is guilty of failure to report, and can be held responsible in both criminal and civil courts. The law is designed specifically to prevent cover-ups and allow people to come forward and do the right thing to protect children. Unless, of course, this is what she means when she says "its all about the children." Keep an eye on your kids and talk to them. I don't know if she is guilty but it is my opinion that there are to many "isolated incidents" like this going on.

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Exit Polls: Let us know how you voted on the City School District Budget Vote.

Let the will of the people reign. Tell us how you voted for. Were there any problems? Were machines working? Any irregularities? Anything else?

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Security Guard at Heart of New Rochelle Sexting Incident Identified; Polow Knew

donny henry portrait for ALMS yearbook.jpgTalk of the Sound has confirmed that Donna Henry, a long-time employee of the City School District of New Rochelle, is the security guard at the heart of the “sexting” incident at Albert Leonard Middle School. As first reported by Talk of the Sound, a school security guard at Albert Leonard Middle School obtained a full frontal nude photo of a 7th grade student and transmitted the photo to other employees of the New Rochelle school district.

The District suspended Henry, a school employee with a long history of disciplinary problems that includes assaulting a child, but has since reinstated her. She is now working at a “make-work” security post on the second floor at City Hall in New Rochelle pending reassignment elsewhere.

School Board candidate Deidre Polow was among those briefed on the incident by school officials. According to police records, Polow failed to report the incident to law enforcement as is required for all mandated reporters.

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ELECTION DAY: Save Our City, Vote Down the Budget, Vote Up Malfetano

This is a reminder that Tuesday, May 19 (today!) is the date for the vote on the School budget, as well as the Library budget and Board of Education and Library elections. Polls are open from 7AM - 9PM. (If you don't know your polling place, you can call the Board of Education at 576-4219).

You should have received the "Budget News" newsletter in your mail recently; it will list your polling place on the mailing label and contains detailed information on the Proposed budget. If you have any questions about your polling place, please call the Board of Education at 576-4219.

If the budget is defeated the District can resubmit the budget or come up with a new budget in June. If that budget is defeated New York State will institute a contingency budget. According to the District, that budget will be $300,000 less than the proposed budget.

Now, look at the pack of lies being emailed around by backers of Polow, Hastie and the school budget:

THEIR CLAIM: There will only be full-day kindergarten starting in 2009 if the budget passes.

TRUTH: False. For months the school board and administration have justified this new program on the grounds that New York State was insisting on New Rochelle offering Full-Day K. If this is true why would the State cut this program for their own contingency budget?

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Memorial Day weekend in SoNo NewRo is not far away!

Memorial Day weekend in SoNo NewRo is not far away!  Sales are beginning, music is playing...Walking Tours of Main Street Begin.

The streets are buzzing. Today breaks the winds of winter - it feels like the Musings of Memorial Day with warmth and walking and weekending in SoNo NewRo...its almost summer, its warm finally, break out the cafe tables, bring out the music, celebrate the history with great Memorial Day parade…

May25th at 10:30 on Memorial Plaza the Parade begins…the music, the fun, the fanfare, the people..all walking up and down and celebrating our freedom, our future, and our fathers. and mothers, who work for us, died for us, protected us…

Lots of Sales in SoNo...and the Sidewalk Sales follow up right on the backs of the parade...So come to SoNo NewRo!

Walking Tours begin…For a Historic Walking Tour of Main Street and SoNo, email [email protected]. On main Street you will see: A Loews Theatre; Where the trolley ran and will run again; Civil War monuments; where the first Bloomingdales building was and is; where 2700 visitors came to the RKO theatre; Where Norman Rockwell Plaza is; and much much more...


come and join us in SoNo for fun this weekend...

Learn more @

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If Your Not Sure- Then Vote No, I'll Tell You Why

If,by chance, you haven't read the research of NR Objectivist or evaluation by Warren Gross, you 've missed the most compelling reasons why you should vote no on the budget. These 2 people have done more to expose the truth behind the numbers than any board member in recent history. This is all possible because Bob Cox has provided a fair and open market for the exchange of ideas. Thank you to all of you. Now, more than ever, there is a chance to create change for the better, and it starts with each and every one of us. To paraphrase President Obama - change doesn't come FROM the school board. Change comes TO the school board. What do we see from the board that is any different than the last decade? Does Ms Polow represent the fresh air that's needed to remove the stench of business as usual? Higher taxes, throwing more money at the issue with no return for the expense? Dragging along a party hack who will forever be beholding to those who put him in place. Mr Hastie started out with good intentions, but alas, he was swallowed up by his lack of savy as to how things work with this board. He will NEVER be allowed a free thought, unless it's handed to him. So where does that leave us? I know how I'll vote, but for those who aren't yet sure, or need more time,consider this. If you vote yes, the damage will be done with no going back.

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