Summertime Goodness: Tasti D-Lite Coming to New Rochelle in August

A brand new Tasti D-Lite franchise will be opening soon at the Wykagyl Shopping Center at 1282 North Avenue in New Rochelle near Starbuck's Coffee. A recent Tasti D-Lite Tweet says the franchise owners are planning for an August opening.


Tasti D-Lite is best known for its signature product, a frozen dessert comparable to, but marketed as a more healthful alternative to soft serve ice cream. The company started in New York but was acquired by the a buy-out firm and is now run by the guy who ran MailBoxes, Etc. before it was sold to UPS. The treat has attained widespread popularity following appearances in episodes of HBO’s Sex and the City season and The Apprentice. And, yes, they use Kosher ingredients.

You can read more about Tasti D-Lite here.

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"Two Fine Gentleman" Employed by New Rochelle Contractor Detained by ICE: 1 Jailed, 1 Deported

They were apparently such "gentleman" one of them thought it would be a good idea to start whacking the other one on the head with a saw blade, sending him to the hospital. Now they're both getting a one-way ticket south of the border, leaving their wives and children behind.

Vaya con dios, mis amigos!

The Connecticut Post is reporting that two workers for a New Rochelle-based contractor were arrested Wednesday in Derby, CT. Police discovered both men were in the country illegally and turned them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Two illegal immigrants were arrested Wednesday after one allegedly attacked the other with a saw blade while they were working on the renovations at the Valley Diner. The two men, employees of DeRaffele Manufacturing of New Rochelle, N.Y., got into an argument over the five-inch saw blade, police spokesman Lt. Justin Stanko said. "The argument was over the blade itself. One thought the other one had stolen it," he said.

The argument led to one of the men, Robert Espinosa Amaro, 34, striking the other, Russell Cruz, 44, in the head several times with the blade, Stanko said. Amaro then took off to the nearby Lowe's Home Improvement store, Stanko said, where he was arrested while leaving the store.

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New Rochelle City Manager Chuck Strome Announces Sudden "Retirement" of City Attorney

DCB39949-2772-4A04-9A14-63F6DB6CE56B.jpgStatement from City Manager Charles B. Strome III:

“The Corporation Counsel for the City of New Rochelle has retired effective the end of business day on June 26 after 12 years of distinguished service.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: The City is formally disputing our reporting that Bernis Shapiro was fired. Our position is that if Strome worked out a deal to avoid litigation by letting Shapiro come back and then file retirement papers that's fine but if they want to challenge our original reporting on this matter they had better be prepared to see every detail of what transpired this week published here on Talk of the Sound.

The Journal News is now reporting on the Bernis Shapiro "sudden retirement":

New Rochelle corporation counsel abruptly retires

The city's longtime corporation counsel, Bernis Shapiro, has abruptly retired, and officials yesterday gave little explanation of what happened.

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New Rochelle City Lawyer Bernis Shapiro Back at City Hall Today

You can read the original post for the update but the short version is that she was allowed back to clean out her off

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Local Media Jumping on Board the Twitter Bandwagon

A27C8C38-C898-4AD3-842B-8FBCB29E21AC.jpgTwo week ago, The Sound Report jumped on the Twitter bandwagon joining News12 Westchester and The Journal News in sending out tweeted links to their latest stories. For anyone who has not tried it, The Sound Report Twitter set up is particularly nice because it is an easy way to get links to their stories about New Rochelle without having to navigate their cumbersome web site. News12 is nice but their site's best services are a walled garden for all but Cablevision customers. The Journal News is good but gives out too much information that is not specific to New Rochelle residents.

Of course, they are playing catch up. We have been on Twitter since the day we launched in 2008. You can follow Talk of the Sound on Twitter here. We mostly provide links to stories appearing on Talk of the Sound's web site but add in other information as well.

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Open Letter to City Hall: How About Crime Mapping Software for the New Rochelle Police Department?

99DF02EB-2CAF-40EF-A723-8B5BC25F2AE5.jpgIn its recently released Annual Report for 2008, the New Rochelle Police Department announced it had completed its transition to a new police management software system which includes a database for tracking calls for service, incidents and crime reports. With such a system in place, the NRPD is now set up to begin sharing near real-time crime data with residents.

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"Remembering La Rochelle" Sister Initiative Brings Up and Coming French Jazz Musicians to New Rochelle in July

269B850A-F785-4BE0-9912-4E1A69EDE19B.jpg"Remembering La Rochelle" weeks is a celebration arranged by the Sister City Initiative of the City of New Rochelle. Two musical guests, Yvon Momboisse (pictured right), pianist, and Malo Mazurié Desgarennes, trumpeter, are coming to New Rochelle cuortesy of the Rotary Clubs of La Rochelle. They are young, but top-notch jazz musicians and have played in both Europe and Asia.

Remembering La Rochelle Program Guide (PDF)

All I could find online for Malo Mazurié Desgarennes was his Facebook page but there was plenty online about About Yvon Momboisse including some video so you can watch and hear him play boogie piano.

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The Healthy Life in SoNo NewRo

JO JO’S VEGETARIAN  is now on North Avenue....near the bridge...a great place to taste different delights, healthy and more.....did you know there is also another health store in SONO, next to Granite Tile and Marble and the Habitat Restore at 591 Main Street...

Stay healthy, eat healthy, live healthy in SoNo...stop by and sample the healthy cuisines here!!!!!

Learn more at SoNo NewRo Online

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