As Threatened Previously, Governor Patterson Now Withholding $750mm from School Districts and Municipalities

5BD9EA71-A0D0-413D-B9A3-BC64BD140509.jpgThe Albany TimesUnion is reporting:

Gov. David Paterson on Sunday said he is withholding $750 million in local aid that had been scheduled to go out starting Tuesday. The move was prompted by a looming shortfall for the current fiscal year that's estimated to reach between $500 million to $1 billion.

The $750 million breaks down as follows:

  • $500 million - school aid payments
  • $112 million - municipal payments
  • $47 million - health insurance premiums for state employees

The $500 million in school aid breaks down as follows:

  • $436 million - STAR reimbursement
  • $146 million - regular school aid

The $112 million in municipal payments breaks down as follows:

  • $76 million - human services costs to counties
  • $45 million - cities
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City Councilman Trangucci says Firemen Should Not Be Cut in New Rochelle

Although he was one of the two councilmen who voted against the 2010 New Rochelle City budget because it was not cut enough,  Councilman Lou Trangucci still criticized one of the cuts made,   The  City Council cut $800,000 in the budget which was designated for salary increases.  However, Trangucci said a high proportion of that money will fall disproportionately on the Fire Department.  At the Council meeting he first asked whether the money could be found elsewhere in the budget besides salaries.  The Commissioner of Finance, Howard Rattner, replied this could not be done.  This was followed by a question to the Fire Commissioner, Ray Kiernan,  to determine how fire men would be deployed if layoffs became necessary.  Kiernan said if the number of fire fighters went below a certain number he would have to close one fire house and rearrange the areas of the city the different fire houses covered.

Three municipal unions have contracts for raises.  These contracts were not violated but the $800,000 reduction in salary increases applies only to three unions.  Other non-union workers will also get no raise.

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Louis Capelli Foresees No New Development for Years; Building and Doing "No Longer Important to Me"

In an interview yesterday on White Plains Week, a citizen media webcast hosted by White Plains Citizen Reporter, Louis R. Capelli said he did not expect any new projects to go forward any time soon and was no longer interested in building new buildings.

"Because of the banking world today, I don't really think anything is going to be happening for years," said Capelli. "I mean it's really going to be years before anything gets built in a greenfield project again. Asked about White Plains, Capelli said "I've done my thing...we need to stabilize things". You can watch the entire interview here.

Here is a brief clip from White Plains Week hosted by John Bailey of White Plains Citizens Net Reporter. There was a sync issue with the original file so apologies for the quality but the audio is fine.

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BREAKING NEWS: Beginning of the End for LeCount Place Project?

5 Anderson Owners Take Back Parcel from LeCount Place Project; Capelli Sued Personally for $11 Million

As the New Rochelle City Council continues to deliberate on whether to grant Capelli Enterprises a 13th extension on its exclusive right to develop the LeCount Place Project in downtown New Rochelle, the owner of one the parcels assembled by Capelli has effectively ended their participation and, in doing so, has dealt a serious blow to the future of the project. Capelli has been unable to acquire the largest parcel on the block, the New Rochelle Post Office. 5 Anderson fills out the south end of the block, the post office the north end with Capelli owning or controlling properties in the middle.

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Popular California Eatery Reveals its New Rochelle Connection


Recommended Reading: The First Bull Run: Before The Golden Bull, There Was Eddie's Chili Verde

I love stories like these and wanted to share it with readers. It was written by Michael Aushenker and published the Palisades Post in California.

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New Rochelle First Annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Market


CONTACT: Ivar Hyden
email:[email protected]

On Saturdays and Sundays December 12th & 13th and 19th & 20th, New Rochelle's BID Gallery 542 will be holding that city's 'First Annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Market' at the gallery located at 542 Main Street, from 11 in the morning until 5 in the evening. The show and sale includes the work of some twenty artists and craftspeople from lower Westchester, who are all exhibiting their original hand-crafted work free of charge, with no commissions payable to the gallery. Admission for both the public and trade buyers is also free.

Over a thousand items, all one-of-a-kind original artistic creations, are being offered to the public as economical alternatives for gift giving as compared with the 'same old stuff' available at local malls. The show features a diverse array of artistic merchandise, including original watercolors, hand-crafted art prints, ceramics, woodcraft items, jewelry and much more. Significant discounts below retail prices on everything offered for sale are available, and no items are priced at more than $100.

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Darren Gurney & New Rochelle High School's $100,000 Stock Market Challenge on CNBC

Darren Gurney is one of the best teachers in Westchester. My son took this course last year at loved it; Gurney was one of his recommenders for college. I remember my son made us all watch Mad Money because Mr. Gurney was in the studio audience one night. Congrats to Mr. Gurney and all the kids in the class!

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