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Stop rising taxes in New Rochelle

The whole country is feeling the crunch of recession/depression, but New Rochelle keeps forging forward increasing taxes. Mount Vernon recently raised private funds to keep their after-school programs and not overburden taxpayers. Why can't we do the same?

Blogger claims police search of home was a threat

Pataky, a former software sales and marketing executive who now focuses his energy shoveling content on, said he believes his online criticism of the department - along with past criticisms of police investigations - led officers to serve a search warrant at his home last week.

Some diners request seats in the 'no birthday’ section

At the Applebee’s in New Rochelle, N.Y., where 20 or more birthdays could be celebrated on a typical weekend night, every employee is required to sing, including the busboys and managers.

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At the 591 Main St. Habitiat Restore, Tom Daly led a talk on Norman Rockwell

DSCF1726Tom Daly is the education curator at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge MA. On Saturday April 4th, he led a talk on the life of Norman Rockwell and also brought a donation of a signed Norman Rockwell print.

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Jim Malloy and the Jazz Masters regaled SoNo this past Friday

First Friday Series in SoNoNewRo. It was a great time as we were also blessed with performances from audience members as well. Thanks again to Jim Malloy and the Jazz Masters for sharing First Friday with us in SoNo.

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What a Success !

Our Jazz was hoping this weekend.. the gang requests Malloy and the Jazz Masters regularly…

What a great nite.. there was dancing jiving and Kansas City and New Orleans all wrapped in one…it’s a go! First Fridays are here to stay..our next music nite is May 1st….

On top of that we had a successful showing on Rockwell in Rochelle!

Norman Rockwells life was celebrated the topping on the cake was the Four Freedom, 16,000 dollar print being shown at the event.

Curator Tom Daly also donated a print to our work, with a donation made to us..signed by Norman Rockwell.

Join us tonite for the mystery of the True Mirror at Brickyard Bistro…!  For more info call 403 4821..

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Albert Leonard Middle School Students "Busted" for Marijuana Possession and Drug Dealing

46E6D025-72F2-4965-A4F7-5590A45201E5.jpgSix middle school students were busted by school officials for marijuana possession and drug dealing, sources tell Talk of the Sound. One student was caught and identified 5 other suspects --two from Scarsdale, the rest from New Rochelle. Albert Leonard Middle School officials turned over evidence to the New Rochelle Police Department.

The drug bust came just days before the annual School Board meeting at Albert Leonard Middle School held on March 24, 2009. Not surprisingly word of the drug dealing on the ALMS campus was not on the agenda that night. School officials have done their best to keep a tight lid on this story which first began to surface publicly in the comments section of this web site over the weekend.

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The Lowest Operating Budget in Seven ...

The Lowest Operating Budget in Seven Years   by Peggy Godfrey  (Westcheter Herald, April 9, 2009 issue)


     The New Rochelle public school budget was called a "maintenance" budget by John Quinn, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Administration.  He said this plan included moving from a half day to a full day kindergarten and characterized the budget impact as "minimal."  The schools' staff was cut by 7.4 positions and these are to be used for the kindergarten classes. Some new expenses will be covered by a state education grant and through state formulas.  Quinn told the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club and the Confederation of Neighborhood Associations that savings had been achieved in various ways in the budget such as insurance costs and energy conservation.  The preliminary budget was based on the Governor's proposed budget. While 4.9% was projected for a real estate tax increase, Quinn emphasized this was 'the lowest operating budget in the last seven years."

     Marino Michelotti asked how much was placed in this budget proposal for salaries.  The answer was this can not be discussed but the goal of the board was to try to have negotiations completed before the budget vote. George Imburgia asked why they couldn't say to the unions there will be no salary increases.
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New Rochelle School Board Candidates at East End Civic Association Meeting on April 8th

The East End Civic Association (EECA) will be holding a neighborhood meeting in Halligan Hall, 75 Petersville Road on Wednesday, April 8th  at 7:00PM. The Hall is located on Halligan St, Halfway between Petersville Rd and Lispenarde St on the floor below the Holy Name Church. Invited speakers include School Board Election candidates

Jack Wagner

Jeffrey Hastie

D.Polow (incumbant)

Also on the agenda will be new officers and local concerns

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Second Anniversary for Flood Victims Comes and Goes without Changes

If you needed something to take your mind off of the April 15th deadline to pay your taxes, I suppose the floods of 2007 fit that bill. To me it seems so long ago,however, I'm sure there's some out there that are still feeling the effect in some way or another. Some,sad to say, have never recovered.The destruction that affected hundreds, if not thousands , of homes and businesses throughout the area provided the initiative  for city planners to develop the type of project needed to address the major infrastructure shortcomings. The environmental development of the last half century, along with normal wear/erosion have pushed the systems to the brink of capacity and if not for the current economic climate facing all municipalities, the city would probably be moving forward to thwart another flood disaster by commencing with this infrastructure plan by now. The April storm(almost 8 inches of rain in 24 hours) was considered a 100 year storm, but remember, just 4 weeks earlier, there was a slightly weaker storm that caused almost as much flooding in and around the area. Large parts of Mamaroneck and Larchmont were underwater.

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