Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) Reimburse Local Merchants for Awnings

I am pleased to report that I recently assisted our community in taking advantage of grants awarded to the City of New Rochelle by the Federal Government. We utilized these grants to reimburse 12 storekeeper/ business owners approximately $60,000 for improvements in their storefronts, which have, in turn, enhanced and unified the look of the Union Avenue, Main Street, and North Avenue corridors.

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Saludos de Concejal Roberto Lopez

Estimados Residentes Del Distrito 4:

Es un gran placer y orgullo reportar algunos succesos que han pasado en nuestro distrito.

La primera etapa de construccion del projecto West End 2000 housing esta copleto. Las 25 casas ya han cido vendidas; y el sueño de ser dueño de una casa se a realizado para 25 personas que compraran por primera vez. La segunda etapa de este projecto conpuesto por 100 unidades para personas de la tercera edad y puedan obtener su hogar y valerse de si mismos, ya han empesado los cimientos y todo esta funcionando rapidamente.

El desarrollo del centro de New Rochelle esta abansando rapidamente ayudando a fortalecer nuestra economia. Y los Concejales de la Ciudad estan tomando iniciativas para protejer nuestros vecindarios, Medio Ambiente, y nuestra calidad de vida.

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Greetings from Councilmember Roberto Lopez

Dear Council District Four Resident:

It is with great pleasure and pride that I report on several successes and challenges in our neighborhood.

The first phase of the West End 2000 housing is complete. All 25 homes have been sold and the dream of owning a home has been realized for 25 first-time homeowners. The second phase of this project, containing 100 units of affordable senior assisted living housing, has broken ground and is moving along very well.

Downtown development is moving forward at an impressive pace, helping to strengthen our economy. And the City Council has taken steps to better protect our neighborhoods, environment, and quality of life. Throughout the past year, I have attended community and neighborhood association meetings to discuss these and other issues.

If you have questions or comments, or if you need help with municipal services, please feel free to contact me at (914) 469-3575.


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Major Infrastructural Changes Slated for Lincoln Avenue

Funding from the Federal, State, and City of New Rochelle will provide the financial and engineering impetus to move forward with the much-needed infrastructure improvements along Lincoln Avenue. Initial construction is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2007 District #3 pending design approval by NYSDOT. The Lincoln Avenue Reconstruction project will renovate approximately 1 mile of roadway from the intersection of Lincoln Avenue with North Avenue to the Pelham/New Rochelle City Line. Improvements in the street surface, drainage conditions and major intersections along Lincoln Avenue will be addressed. Pedestrian traffic will be greatly enhanced through improved safety measures in new traffic signals, crosswalks, sidewalks, modified curbs and stripping. In addition, in October 2006 Con-Edison began the process of installing a feeder cable along the length of Lincoln Avenue and Manor Place.

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North Avenue Study

The much anticipated North Avenue planning and revitalization study will be conducted by the consulting firm AKRF. It will cover the North Avenue corridor from Eastchester Road to Burling Lane. The scope of work will include cataloguing and an analysis of existing conditions along this segment. Special emphasis will be placed on the stressed areas within Council District 3 (Mayflower to Burling Lane). The end product will identify and provide the city with an agenda of development alternatives and recommended zoning changes along the corridor. AKRF expects the study to be completed within a six to nine month timeframe, during which time several public meetings will be held in an effort to acquire stakeholder and
resident input.

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City Convenes Lincoln Neighborhood Revitalization” Summit

Council District Three has an extremely rare opportunity to rehabilitate and restore the vitality to one of our most cherished neighborhoods. As the inventory of upscale housing in the downtown vicinity continues to grow, the greater “Lincoln Avenue neighborhood” is in a most unique position to produce and accommodate diversified affordable housing within an area that has a compelling and observable need for socioeconomic revitalization. There are several independent housing development proposals that are concurrently being entertained, each of which is very important and has the potential to significantly contribute to this effort. Shiloh Baptist Church (SCDC) has been developing plans for a senior citizen housing facility located on Kress avenue; slightly northeast on Horton and Winthrop Avenues, the New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority has plans to massively renovate the Hartley Housing complex.

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Creative Affordable Housing, the Practical Trend

The City Council approved a $450,000 CDBG/HOME grant to underwrite the affordability of two newly constructed homes on Lincoln and Heminway Avenues. This is a prime example of how the City can and intends to creatively collaborate with developers to produce affordable homes for purchase throughout the city. Jim Killoran’s Habitat for Humanity was selected as the agency to finish the remaining 15% of work to be completed on the homes because of its familiarity and history of small scale renovation capability throughout the county. Larger parcels of land suitable for affordable housing within the city of New Rochelle are rapidly disappearing. Fully recognizing this dilemma, joint efforts to generate affordable housing through renovations and infill development may become the standard model. While the ultimate sale price will be contingent upon the overall cost of completing the two duplex homes, the final price will be well within the affordable housing guidelines.

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Gently Ushering in 2007

As we gently usher in 2007, I want to take this occasion to wish all a prosperous and healthy new year and thank you for your help, interest and engagement in moving Council District 3 and the entire City forward.

Commensurately, this is also an opportune time to provide you with an update on the current and overall strategic development planning within the district.


Councilman James C. Stowe
Council District 3

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