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Barry Fertel, the torch bearer for partisan politics! By the way Barry, how did YOUR side do this election?

Now I know why people think New Rochelle is wonderful.

The Downtown Bid vs. The NR Chamber of Commerce - the fight has been won. Is it good for all of New Rochelle?

Election Recap

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Westchester County Elections: Maisano Gets 100% Vote, Idoni Returned as County Clerk, Astorino Unseats Spano, DeFiore Wins

Westchester County Elections.jpgThere were no local elections in New Rochelle yesterday but returns from Westchester County Elections had two New Rochelle residents came up winners yesterday, Jim Maisano was re-elected as Westchester County Legislator from District 11 and former New Rochelle Mayor Tim Idoni was re-elected as County Clerk.

The biggest shocker was at the top of the ballot where upstart Rob Astorino trounced three-term incumbent Andy Spano for the County Executive job. The upset victory for the Republican Astorino -- coming in a heavily Democratic suburb of a heavily Democratic state just a few miles from a heavily Democratic city -- has national implications. The Astorino victory was referenced this morning on MSNBC.

As expected, Janet DeFiore was re-elected as District Attorney.

In about a month, the Board of Elections will release the official results and we will try to remember to post how New Rochelle voters cast their ballots yesterday.

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Show and Tell in the New Rochelle High Schools Boys Locker Room

Last Saturday was Halloween and the real degenerate Ghoul was a part-time Security Guard at NRHS who brought his two little daughters to work with him inside the Boys Locker Room.

It was such a sick-psycho ordeal that it dictates some kind of legal or administrative investigation. It was a scornful violation of school and moral ethics that transcends the unconscionable. Just the mere thought of exposing your daughters to a Locker Room culture is so morbidly pathological that Freud would have trouble dealing with it. Even if you made it through the Sixties with your brain fried from acid, it would be incredibly inconceivable to do something so perverted. But the dramatic effects of abusing ethic neutrality warrants the Board of Ed. to respond and retaliate. Yet, given the spineless Board’s historical past, they will write off this incident to salvage the school’s distorted image.

In view of the attendant circumstances the arrogant part-time Ghoul—who is also a County Cop—is untouchable because he is in the brotherhood of the badge. He feels he has privilege and can do whatever he wants without redress, in as much as the School Administration tacitly supports and sustains this kind of policy.

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Fundraiser for Councilman Lou Trangucci on Thursday November 5

You are invited to join us for a fundraiser event - buffet dnner - for Louis Trangucci, Councilman, District # 1.

Thursday November 5, 2009        6:00 PM - 9:00

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Labor Ruling Against NRPD May Cost City of New Rochelle $1.5mm

The New York State Public Employment Relations Board has handed down a judgement against the the City of New Rochelle which sources say could wind up costing the City close to $1.5 million. In a decision last month, Administrative Law Judge Angela M. Blassman ruled in favor of the Police Association of New Rochelle which had alleged in a complaint going back to 2006 that the City of New Rochelle Police Department had violated the Public Employees Fair Employment Act when it assigned nonunion superior officers to work special-duty details previously performed exclusively by Association unit employees.

The complaint was filed on April 18, 2006. A hearing was held on October 3rd, 2007 and the decision was handed down on October 21, 2009. The Police Association of New Rochelle represents about 10 police officers and detectives.

The Judge ordered the City of New Rochelle to immediately "cease and desist" assigning off-duty detail work to senior officers, restore all work to members of the Police Association, make whole employees in the Police Association for lost wages and benefits at the maximum legal rate and conspicuously post a notice of the decision.

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New Rochelle's Ward Elementary School Fails Yet Another Health Inspection

The New Rochelle School District racked up its 15th failed health inspection since Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak and Assistant Superintendent John Quinn took charge of the district 3 years ago. The Journal News recently reported that New Rochelle cafeterias are the worst in Westchester with 10 failed health inspections in 2008 alone, most in the county.

Two weeks earlier, at a September 27th school board meeting, Organisciak told parents that all the cafeterias were fine. Talk of the Sound is still waiting for answers to questions about the abysmal record of health problems at the district's cafeterias first asked of the board a month ago.

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New Rochelle Celebrates "Dia de los Muertos" at Public Library

Photos from Day of the Dead exhibit at the New Rochelle Public Library. See the exhibit through Wednesday Nov 4th - opened until 8PM Monday and Tuesday & 6Pm on Wednesday. Photos by Roberto Sanchez (9th Grade, New Rochelle High School)

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