EXCLUSIVE: Carpenter's Late Night Use of School District Van Questioned

57 John Street 2.jpgTalk of the Sound has confirmed that a school district employee has been taking a school district vehicle home and parking it in front of his house at night and on weekends going back as far as 2007, possibly much longer. The employee, Frank Demasi of 57 John Street, works in the carpentry shop in the environmental services department of the City School District of New Rochelle. According to well-placed sources within the school district, employees are not permitted to take school district vehicle homes at night without specific authorization.

Through a combination of old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting and the latest in high-tech image mapping from Google, Talk of the Sound was able to observe the van parked in front of Demasi's house on numerous occasions, the first instance having been documented by Google using their new Street View service.


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There are NO gangs in New Rochelle (Part 3)

IMG_0314.jpgAnother misguided reader sends along these photos purporting to show evidence of gang activity in New Rochelle. These are simply signs between New Roc City and North Avenue which contain notations made by civic minded youths to help pedestrians and motorists safely navigate downtown New Rochelle. New Rochelle residents know that there are NO GANGS in New Rochelle because the leadership of our City and our School District tell us so. So, please stop sending these sorts of photos as they are clearly either fake photos or some sort of attempt to portray and act of civic altruism as an effort by local youths to "stake out" territory in New Rochelle. I think we can all agree that if our Mayor, our Schools Superintendent and our City Manager can agree that there are no gangs in New Rochelle then the matter should be considered settled.

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Jefferson Elementary School Principal Deceives District With Skewed Test Scores

According to a reliable school administrator within Jefferson Elementary School, NY State Testing scores are being falsely reported. Cindy Slotkin, the principle at the school, intentionally did not forward tests of children that are known to have low grade averages. This illegal trickery has been going on since she was appointed the position of principle over 5 years ago.

This practice is highly used in under performing schools in order to unfairly mislead the districts residential community into thinking that the school is performing better than it really is. According to this source, Cindy Slotkin is also aware of a large number of students that are attending Jefferson Elementary School who do not reside in any of the New Rochelle Districts.

Do not be misled. Cindy Slotkin isn’t alone in this manipulation. The New Rochelle City School Board along with all the Superintendents are very much aware of these infractions and are just as much to blame as Cindy Slotkin.

I for one would like to see resignation letters drawn up by Cindy Slotkin as well as Richard Organisciak and their termination made effective immediately for this illegal deception to provide false information.

I’m sure that the Mayor’s and City Manager’s hands are involved with this deception as well, but I don’t have a reliable source, at this time, to confirm their involvement.

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Trinity Elementary School Reverse Course: Pledge of Allegiance No Longer "Optional"

74ED5C8E-F6E2-4BD6-AE1C-A64A0D962DFE.jpgTrinity Elementary School in New Rochelle, NY has reversed course on its decision to give teachers the option whether or not to have their classes recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of each school day. For as long as anyone can remember, reciting the Pledge was part of the "morning announcements" over the school's public address system. Teachers and students in every classroom stood and recited the pledge together. Under the guise of "efficiency" the school changed the morning announcement routine, doing away with the Pledge of Allegiance, and leaving it up to teachers to decide whether or not to recite the pledge. Reports from the school indicate that some teachers opted not to recite the pledge in their class while some did so intermittently. After an outcry from some parents and residents, including here on Talk of the Sound, the school district beat a hasty retreat and reinstated the traditional policy within 24 hours of the story surfacing on Talk of the Sound.

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Must Read: Westchester Magazine Rates High Schools, County is Highest Taxed in USA

70ECDFD3-80BB-40CC-BC93-E9CF464F11AD.jpgWestchester Magazine is a must read this month. Pick up a copy at your grocery store or local news stand.

High School Report Card

Do not expect to see the New Rochelle school board or administration touting these recent reports cards from U.S. News & World Report, Westchester magazine and the State of New York. Westchester magazine has New Rochelle ranked below Yonkers!

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King County (Seattle, WA) to Pay Blogger $225K for Withholding Records

The AP is reporting that a county government in Seattle, Washington has been ordered to pay a blogger $225,000 for failing to turn over records. Another court has thrown an unrelated $124,000 penalty because it was too low.

King County has agreed to pay conservative blogger Stefan Sharkansky $225,000 to settle a public-records lawsuit he brought over the county’s delay in releasing documents about the 2004 governor’s election...In January, the state Supreme Court struck down a $124,000 penalty assessed to King County in another case. The justices said the amount was not nearly enough to punish the county for refusing to give businessman Armen Yousoufian records involving economic studies of Qwest Field.

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You Can Make a Difference: Give Blood This Sunday at Anshe Sholom Synagogue

On Sunday, May 3rd the Sisterhood of Anshe Sholom Synagogue will hold their Annual Blood Drive, sponsored by Sound Shore Medical Center.

Date: Sun. May 3rd

Time: 10 AM to 2 PM

Place: Anshe Sholom Synagogue

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Mr. Organisciak is Not a Dolt

No, my friends, I actually have to respectfully disagree with Mr Cox on this one. Although it does have a certain ring to it, King Dolt (c'mon- it IS funny)would lead you to believe there was a complete lack of intelligence. Why yes, he has made some mistakes along the way, but, the more I look into the quagmire that is the Board of Ed, I realize Mr O is a just a lying, cheating, manipulative, Conniving (look up the definition) corruptor of the very system he has been entrusted with. Why, this would require some level of intelligence, right? How else could you hoodwink so many people. It's infuriating to think we, as a citizenry, stand back idly watching our kids sold down the river while they approve their own raises. Think about this- After holding the party line about how it is in "our" best interest to not discuss union negotiations, he goes on record in the newspaper saying there will be no layoffs and raises for all. If I was in the union and I heard that from the other side of my contract, I'd be smiling about now. I'll get what I want now. He is cheating the citizens of New Rochelle by not disclosing the number of kids from outside the district going to our schools. Mount Vernon had about 800 of them and were able to reduce the teacher staff by 50 or so. Don't worry, they'll get jobs where the 800 wind up. He either knows about this or he doesn't.

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