Firefighter/Security Guard Injured Breaking up Fight at New Rochelle High School

423FB08C-1F85-4410-A16E-FBEE436A4D98.jpgWe are getting reports that paramedics responded to another "isolated incident" at New Rochelle High School.

Earlier today, a New Rochelle fire fighter who also works as a security guard at New Rochelle High School was injured when he attempted to intervene in an altercation involving students.

We will publish more information as we get it.


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Steal Millions, Go to Jail, Retire on a $14,000 Month Tax-Payer Funded Pension

7E11084D-2695-4AD8-AFEB-22CC552C29C3.jpgWhat's wrong with this picture?

Newsday is reporting ($) that Frank Tassone, the former Superintendent of the Roslyn, NY school system, will be granted early release from prison Tuesday. Tassone was convicted for his role in an $11-million embezzlement scheme. He used money stolen from the District for Botox treatments, mortgage payments and first-class trips to Europe at taxpayers expense. Six people pleased guilty in the scheme, including four district employees. Among those who plead guilty was former Assistant Superintendent for Business Pamela Gluckin who stole $4.3 million from the district. She is still in jail.

Happily for these crooks, everyone of the district employees convicted of looting the public treasury continue to receive their lucrative pensions.

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Unwilling to "Man Up" and Fire Procopio Himself, New Rochelle Mayor and Coward-in-Chief Noam Bramson Seeks to Amend City Charter

City Council Resolution on Procopio-small.jpg

Mayor.gifWhat to make up of this? The Agenda for the City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 includes a proposed Amendment to the Code of the City of New Rochelle regarding Appointing Authority. You won't find Bramson's name on this Agenda item but clearly his fingers are all over it. Supposedly, Omar Small of all people has recommended to Chuck Strome that "the City Manager be given authority to appointed and/or remove the Civil Service Administrator" (emphasis added). And so with this Charter change begins (hopefully) the final days of tax cheat and phony patriot Domenic Procopio as a public official...not with a bang but with an agenda item at a Committee of the Whole Meeting.

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BREAKING NEWS: New Rochelle Board of Education Release Full Report from Independent Auditor

DBD86ECC-DBAD-4942-B038-4404A8107672.jpgFor the first time ever, the New Rochelle Board of Education has released a full copy of the Internal Auditors Report.

The highlights of the report are that the revenues so far his year are about $217.2mm and expenditures are $219.8mm. Expenditures have exceeded Revenue by $2.6mm. The fund balance was $18.3mm at the beginning of the year; it has been reduced by $2.6mm and currently stands at $15.6mm. Of the remaining $15.6mm, most of it has been designated for refunding tax certioraris ($6.1mm) and reducing the impact on raising the property tax ($3.9mm), leaving just $5.0 in undesignated funds. Under New York State law, the district can keep no more than 4% of the total budget in reserve which comes out to be roughly $9mm so the reserve is currently about half the legal limit.

We are going to circulate the report (links below) and ask readers who are interested to go through it and provide any feedback. A few of us are going to try to get together in the coming days and hope to have a more detailed analysis ready before the beginning of the upcoming budget cycle.

There is one main document and 2 smaller ones:

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Veterans Groups, Monroe College and Forest City in Preliminary Discussions for Blockbuster Deal on New Rochelle Armory

newroarm.jpgTalk of the Sound has learned that Monroe College is in preliminary discussions with local veterans groups to join forces to develop a plan that would transform the 77-year old New Rochelle Naval Armory into a spectacular state-of-the-art, multi-use facility. Monroe College spokesman Rob Seitz emphasized this was a very tentative plan, one of several options under consideration and that no commitments had been made. Under consideration is the possibility of rebuilding the interior of the cavernous Armory gymnasium to as a an up-to-date sports field house that would serve as the new home for Monroe's men's basketball team. Monroe College has been looking for a new home for its team as it makes plans to jump to NCAA Division II.

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Interview with Jim Killorin of Habitat, Just Back from his Mission to Haiti; Live from Kaffeine in Downtown New Ro

The video below was recorded live at Kaffeine on Division Street in downtown New Rochelle.

Jim in Haiti 1.jpg

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Step Up and Help Habitat for Humanity

Downtown, amidst the closed business shops, the proliferation of storefront churches, dollar stores, and other vestiges of a neglected business district, lies a ray of hope, a haven for the less fortunate and a blessing for a community under stress. I speak of Habitat for Humanity, a place where deeds take precedence over words, an oasis for those who give and receive and sadly, subject to the financial realities facing all of us during these troubled times. Their lease is expiring; their landlord is looking to triple the rent. But, this is not about the landlord --- it is about all of us; the City which does not seem to have a vision and purpose for its downtown, citizens who respond nobly to calamities such as Haiti, New Orleans, and September 11, but find it difficult to stand up and do something to preserve and protect what is most fundamentally decent and needed in our society. I am among those who can be indicted for this form of benign neglect and I don't know what to do about my own sense of powerlessness, lack of commitment, or both. But, maybe someone out there does know what can be done, Perhaps tomorrow I will come up with the spirit and will to make a difference. I pray both of these happen.

Talk of the Sound is important; much more important than I originally thought.

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Bruce Negrin Radio Show Will Not Be Heard This Evening

The Bruce Negrin Radio Program “New Rochelle News & Views” will not be on the air this evening.

That means you can go listen to Bob Marrone at the Citizens Reform Club Tonight.

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