Civil Rights Group Concludes Teachers Unions Seek Return to "Separate But Equal" Days of State-Sponsored Racism

B61E9B3F-3652-4D7C-A262-4852DE9A0E5A.jpgThe Citizens' Commission on Civil Rights (CCCR), a bipartisan organization established in 1982 to monitor the civil rights policies and practices of the federal government, has released a damning report on the role teacher's unions have played in vehemently opposing education reform measures that they themselves had once championed. Whether through legislative lobbying, back room political maneuvering, frivolous lawsuits, or the insertion into local union contracts of carefully crafted language prescribed by the national unions , the CCCR recounts more than a decade of systematic efforts by the two main teachers unions to water down or eliminate policies designed to reform our public school system.

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Virtual Garage Sale - UPDATED 7/20

From time to time I do a little virtual garage sale on Craiglist and right now I've got about 80 50 items up for sale. If you want more information or to see photos of the items go to Craiglist and search by the exact title of the items as indicated here and you will find the listing on Craiglist. Note: If the item has been deleted from Craiglist that means it was sold.

UPDATED on July 20, a number of items have sold since this was originally posted last week.

Items Currently on Craigslist (Price )

Sony CCD-V8AF Video 8 Player/Recorder/Camera 8mm VCR $25.00
Canon PowerShot S410 4MP Digital Elph with 3x Optical Zoom $90.00

Computer Equipment

Motorola ROKR (iTunes phone) original earbuds $1.00
Palm Vx PDA with all the bells and whistles, cables, etc. $45.00
RIM BlackBerry 850 Wireless Handheld $25.00
Uher D-10 Portable Digital Dictation System $20.00
Apple iPod Touch 8 GB $200.00 (mint, still in the box, got it a few days ago)
Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB White (1st Generation) $45.00
Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB Bright Blue (2nd Generation) $45.00
Marware Sportsuit Convertible Armband for iPod classic $15.00

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Norman Rockwell as Civil Rights Activist

Today, Tom Daly, educational curator at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Sturbridge MA, spoke at the Norman Rockwell Habitat ReStore  on New Rochelle’s Main St on the subject of Norman Rockwell as a Civil Rights Activist. The talk highlighted the background of Norman Rockwell's "New Kids in the Neighborhood", which depicts the first African American Neighbors moving into an all white neighborhood.





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Opinion Place - Why I think Aman Ali's Stenographry Should Cancel Subscriptions

It's no small responsibility bestowed upon the press when it comes to letting the public know about the condition of the world they live in . Without proper reporting , the facts get lost , the information is distorted , and the public becomes disoriented as to how those in charge are representing the public good . At the extreme end you have the government controlled press that "edits" information in countries like China , North Korea , Iran , and even the old U.S.S.R . So how far removed is it when a reporter only copies the commentary of someone in charge of 70% of our tax burden . Maybe it's not the national policy at stake , but some might contend , it's the local level issues that have the greatest effect on our quality of life .

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Systems Notice: We Added Mollum to Block Comment Spam

This fellow from the UK convinced me to give Mollum a try: Tackling Comment Spam on Drupal.

Mollum was created by the guy who founded Drupal and Talk of the Sound is a Drupal site so this made good sense.

We also added in a module that blocks anonymous comments that contain hyperlinks (which is usually what spammers added to their comments).

Commenting may change a bit and you might occasionally be asked to complete a captcha but this should help block spam freeing us up to approve legitimate comments quicker.

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Journal News Shills for New Rochelle Schools (Redux) - This Time on Residency Issue

The Journal News has published a totally one-sided puff-piece on the residency issue at New Rochelle schools. I am not going to dignify the article by repeating the headline on Talk of the Sound but the link is below.

This article represents a new low for Aman Ali and the Jounal News which takes at face-value data provided by the district, offers no critical analysis, questions nothing put forward by the administration, makes no mention of the contentious questioning of Organisciak by long-time school board member David Lacher, contains not a single reaction from those who have been raising this issue at school board meetings, and even features this sick-making quote:

"I was a little surprised because I thought it would have been higher," Organisciak said. "The way you hear people talk about this, you would think it would be three times that amount."

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Farmers Market is today..!!!!

Today in So No New Ro, the Farmers Market is doing great! Helping to be able to bring fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the downtown...Fresh Breads, fruits, and more...!!!!!

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Wonder Why the Government Likes BMI as a Measurement of Obesity?


Welcome Instapundit Readers! 6,000 reads and counting today. Thanks Glenn!

We're broke here in the Empire State so you don't know whether to laugh or cry as Albany starts to role out a program to require school districts across the state to collect height and weight measurements for every school-age child in New York so government bureaucrats can produce entirely meaningless BMI pronouncements about childhood obesity. And among the first to "benefit" from this munificent new program is our own beloved New Rochelle, former home of Lou Gehrig, Rob Petrie (aka Carl Reiner) and Norman Rockwell. The school district proclaims itself to be "honored" and "thrilled" to have been "selected" as a guinea pig beta-tester for this "vital" program.

Of course, we told you last week all the ways in which the BMI or the Body Mass Index is a complete fraud. So, you will read news reports like this one from the AP with a new sense of wonderment.

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