Transition Complete

We've completed the move from Blogger to the new New Rochelle Talk of the Sound site. Each post and comment was moved over but as there was no good way to export and import the content it was done by hand so there be some minor formatting issues and things like that. Please pardon any such issues and chalk it up to making a move to a new site.

For those Talk of the Sound readers who are new to New Rochelle Community Pulse, please take a moment to read our original post so you get a sense as the purpose of our blog and what we hope to accomplish by having our voice heard here on Talk of the Sound.

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NRHS Students' Top 20 Teachers for 2008; 67 Teachers Make Honor Roll

New Rochelle High School students have once again ranked their favorite teachers on the popular web site. 67 of 338 teachers made Honor Roll this year. The rankings are based on a raw score total determined by total number of votes cast by students multiplied by overall ratings average for each teacher. The Honor Roll represents those teachers who earned a 4.0 or higher average rating from their students, on a scale of 1 to 5.

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Reader Mail: Focus on PTA, Hire Tutors

A reader going under "KickoffTD" argues that parents should focus their efforts on the PTA and supporting their child at home.

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Levee Goes Dry as "American Pie" Tavern Loses Liquor License

Beechmont ClosedIf you drive your Chevy to the levee you are going to find that once again "The Levee" is dry - at least until Westchester County officials relent. The operators of the Beechmont Tavern were busted for serving alcohol to minors, not having a bouncer at the door, and over-occupancy all of which comes with a $7,000 fine and a suspension of their liquor license.

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Summer's Over: Governor Recalls Legislators

Gov. Paterson has called lawmakers back to Albany to deal with the state's deficit crisis. Good luck!

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Are New Rochelle teachers worried about hidden cameras at school?

Do New Rochelle teachers share concerns about the use of hidden cameras

"Almost a quarter of teachers have voiced their concerns about 'hidden' surveillance cameras in schools, a survey said Monday. A survey of nearly 250 primary and secondary school teachers by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) found that 84.6% have CCTV in their school and more than half (52.9%) said it made them feel safer.

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Cop-Cams Increase Traffic Fine Revenue by 3,000% in DC suburb

MEMO: City Council Members
RE: New Ways to Solve Budget Problems

Reduces traffic violations...check!
Raises much-needed cash for the City...check!
Frees up police resources...check!

What's not to love about cop-cams? Sure, civil libertarians will cry foul but pointing so-called cop-cams on public streets is not a violation of anyone's civil rights and can help the City deal with reckless drivers at a minimal cost with a potentially huge payoff.

McClatchy DC reports:

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New Rochelle media coverage hit as Gannett plans to cut 1,000 jobs

For those not satisfied with the amount of media coverage of New Rochelle, this story about the owner of the Journal News, can only be very bad news: Blommberg is reporting:

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