What is a Blog Editor? How to Get Started Using a Blog Editor

Blog Editor or Weblog Client are synonymous terms for software you run on your local machine (desktop) that lets you post to your blog. In some cases, the Weblog Client can even manage your weblog entries. You might think of Weblog Clients as the equivalent of email clients such as Outlook and Eudora Mail but instead of pushing "send" you push "publish". Essentially, the Blog Editor or Weblog Client allows you to write a post even if you are off-line; then, the next time you connect to the Internet, you can publish that post.

Blog Editor or Weblog Client software offers several advantages over posting directly into the blog via a web browser: the ability to save drafts, a nicer interface, fancy formatting features, features like cross-posting to multiple blogs, faster uploading and addition of photos, the ability to keep local backup.

To learn more, read What is a Blog Editor or Weblog Client?. Then read Top 5 Reasons to Use an Offline Blog Editor.

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What is RSS, Why Use an RSS Reader and How to Get Started

RSS is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format. An RSS Feed includes full or summarized text or audio attachments (podcasts) and video attachments (video podcasts). By subscribing to an RSS feed readers get timely updates from their favorite websites and can aggregate feeds from many sites into one place. RSS feeds can be read using software called an "RSS reader", "feed reader", or "aggregator", which can be web-based, desktop-based, mobile device or any computerized Internet-connected device.

Wikipedia has a helpful entry on RSS that tells you what RSS is all about. Google/YouTube has some good videos that explain RSS and RSS Readers. For a quick, light-hearted overview, watch RSS in Plain English. For a rich, detailed how-to guide, watch What is RSS? from the Peoria, AZ school district.

How do I pick an RSS Reader?

There are many choices available but the first decision is whether to select a web-based or desktop-based reader. Each offers different benefits.

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How to Write a Good Title for Your Blog Post

The purpose of a blog post title or "headline" is to get potential readers to read the first line of your content. Write a captivating and intruiging title and you’ll draw people into reading it every time. Remember, just as in a traditional newspaper, blog readers tend to skim headlines to find posts that appear to be important to them. The right words in the title are the difference between being read and being ignored so don't rush.

Headlines these days are just as important as the post itself — with users skimming through their large list of RSS feeds or social media links, the headline is your only chance to grab their attention. Headlines for blog posts matter on multiple levels - they are what appears in search engine results, RSS feeds, links from other bloggers, social media sites, web site archives. Often, the only thing that people see and the sole thing that people make the decision to visit your post on.

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Save Our Armory Committee Says Echo Bay Needs Alternate Proposal

Save Our Armory Committee Says Echo Bay Needs Alternate Proposal by Peggy Godfrey (from Westchester Times Tribune, December 2008)

The Save Our Armory (SOA) Committee according to its co-chairman, Peter Parente, favors "development and wants the city of New Rochelle to flourish." However the Committee has been bombarded by requests to "do something," particularly to show an alternative plan for the Echo Bay area.
The message about the Echo Bay proposal needs to reach the public. Forest City Residential wants to create a development with homeowners and renters. Since there will be 700 rental units an IDA tax abatement will be possible. This would mean higher taxes for the residents. The City Yard will have to be moved to Beechwood Avenue and will require a $2.5 million study just for the relocation. Another 6% of the city taxes collected every year will be needed to bond for the relocation of the City Yard. The bottom line, according to Parente is, "We're going to owe more than Forest City Residential brings in" revenue to the city.

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South End Civic League Hears Two Developers

South End Civic League Hears Two Developers (Westchester Times Tribune)

Two prospective developers for the Weyman Avenue area presented their proposals to the South End Civic League members at their December meeting. Mark Weingarten, attorney for Joe Simone, President of the Simone Development Company, explained that the City of New Rochelle zoned the parcel that includes Home Depot, Costco and Linens and Things for large scale retail. He felt Simone's proposed development would generate $400,000 in taxes for New Rochelle and 225 full time jobs.
The plan would connect a two level parking lot from Linens and Things to the Costco parking lot. It also includes a new two level retail building at the entrance of the Costco parking lot. Mitch Spalin, Vice President of the South End Civic League, asked if it would be a two level store. She was told it could be one or two stores.
Other concerns addressed were the promise that a traffic study would be completed and that no abatements or IDA tax PILOTS would be sought. Flooding and the capping of the land were discussed. Weingarten claimed their engineers would properly cap the property which years ago had been a dump. He concluded that the site has great exposure to I-95 and was adjacent to its exit.

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Maisano, Trangucci and Cox Address the South End Civic League

Maisano, Trangucci, and Cox Address the South End Civic League (Westchester Herald)

County Legislator Jim Maisano brought "bad news" about the federal mandates to remove the nitrogen from two sewage plants in New Rochelle and Mamaroneck. He characterized the upgrading necessary as the "largest capital project" in Westchester's history and felt the costs were unfair to the taxpayers on the Sound Shore. There is no funding coming from New York State to reduce the taxpayers' costs. Federal funding is being sought. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, he felt, needs to look at these necessary changes which must be paid for by the four Long Island Sound Sewer districts. In answer to questions from members of the South End Civic League meeting on January12, Maisano said that technology for nitrogen removal was changing and in the near future we "may get better technology." He felt "forced" to vote for the 30 year bonds to finance this project which could translate to an increase of more than $250 per year for homeowners' taxes.

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More Information needed on a Sustainabililty Coordinator (Westchester Herald)

How does the new Sustainability Coordinator make "New Rochelle a model city ecologically sustainable development" There is no statement listed in her duties that tells how the city will assess the present amount of pollutants in the area. At the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club on January 22 questions relating to her position were referred to Councilman Lou Trangucci.

How can this Coordinator be a "catalyst" to develop sustainability initiatives when questions about air, noise, water, wind and other types of pollution are not measured or acknowledged? What cost effectiveness can be made when clean-up costs are rarely given to residents? What will this coordinator say to community groups when she is confronted with neighborhood problems such as excessive noise or overpowering wind (created by high rise buildings)?

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Frances Sternhagen Reading of Emily Dickinson Poems Today at Avalon

Save These Windows & St. Gabriel's Church, in cooperation with the New Rochelle Council on the Arts, present the first of three Tiffany & Gorum Stained Glass Window events, a“High” Tea in the Penthouse of Avalon East Featuring Three American Artists on Sunday, February 1, 2009-4:00 PM.

A750982F-A40F-4587-B9DD-021A7095834E.jpgEmmy-award winning actress Frances Sternhagen reads the poems of Emily Dickinson against the background of illustrations by American artist Will Barnett from his book, The World in a Frame.

“High” Tea provided by Anna Maria’s Restaurant in Larchmont, NY.

About St. Gabriel's and the Stained Glass Windows

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