Earth Day in SoNo NewRo

Celebrate Earth Day, with recycling Green Purchases downtown!  This exciting important day celebrates Life..and we here in SoNO invite you to grab a bite to eat at a great at the Green recycling stores, at Habitat's 2 REstores, and Consign It on Main Street, as well as see the Curtain Shoppes new Green Products, with specialties by Hunter all happens in SoNo!!!!!!

Did you Know Wednesday is Woman’s day on Main Street in SONONEWRO!  That’s right, stay tuned for special sales, and a speaker series coming up! It all Happens here..

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Marty Daly, New Rochelle PTA President, Yonkers Resident Addresses Statewide Teachers Union Gathering

Many New Rochelle residents may be wondering why the head of the New Rochelle PTA was up in Buffalo a few weeks ago addressing the New York State Union of Teachers (NYSUT). Probably just as many who are wondering why the head of of the New Rochelle PTA lives in Yonkers. Or why the head of the New Rochelle teachers union does not live in New Rochelle." alt="29F67974-057E-42F9-8E91-885919E53184.jpg" vspace="10" hspace="10" border="0" width="420" height="220" align="left" /

This mystery is easily solved when you realize that these people are all the same person - New Rochelle FUSE President Martin Daly.

Daly was on hand to get tips on how to build support among local politicians for "public education" which, translated, means "teachers unions". Daly told the assembled local union presidents "having all school staff in the same bargaining unit is beneficial". For who? Certainly not most New Rochelle residents who have to foot the bill while fat cats from Yonkers like Daly gouge tax payers and draw a double salary as both a school teacher and union boss all while playing patty cake with an always compliant school district administration.

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URGENT BULLETIN: Final School Board Budget Release Tonight, 7:30 PM, City Hall

Come one, come all. Tonight is the night. Bring your friend, bring your neighbor, and come prepared to speak your mind.

Tonight at 7:30 PM at City Hall, New Rochelle residents will finally have the opportunity to be heard on the final budget from the City School District of New Rochelle which will be voted on by referendum on May 19th, 2009. Make sure to demand a copy of the budget before the meeting begins so you can follow along.

We here at Talk of the Sound will be paying especially close attention to one number - the assumption about the decline of assessables which determines the ACTUAL size of the tax increase that will be required to deliver the revenue plan contained within the budget.


That is the number to look for in the new budget document to be delivered tonight. Has that number changed to reflect the current economic reality.

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State Pension Scandal Highlights the Obvious: From Top to Bottom, New York Government Run by Crooks

Since launching Talk of the Sound last summer I have had dozens of people ask me whether the things we have been reporting about how the City of New Rochelle and City School District of New Rochelle could really be true. Especially when it comes to the schools, people just do not want to believe that their representatives could be involved in the corruption and thievery that seems to have permeated every aspect of government in the United States.

You have to wonder why people would think New Rochelle is "special" when it comes to kickbacks, misappropriation of public resources, embezzlement, fraud, and abuse of power. In just the past few years, every governor in the New York metropolitan area has been forced from office due to cronyism and corruption (don't be fooled by Jim McGreevey of New Jersey who used his sexual orientation as a pretext to leave office before the public learned he had appointed his otherwise unqualified lover to high public office). Around the country, the governor of Illinois was impeached, the governor of New Mexico is facing federal indictment, Congressman are going to prison and lower level officials in federal, state and local governments are constantly being indicted and convicted of crimes related to abusing their elective or appointed office.

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Norman Rockwell Prints at the Rock in SoNo

Elect Casey a painting done by Norman Rockwell, now has a signed print by him on Sale at 591 Main Street, at the Rockwell Habitat Restore....called the Rock, as it is dedicated to the life of Norman Rockwell and local artists...other Norman Rockwell prints are on saleNR elect casey for as low as 15 dollars framed. 


Also one can see a larger, signed Norman Rockwell print, called "Elect Casey".  This picture shows a defeated politician, Casey, who has lost his bid and visibly shows defeat....not the first politician to experience such a feeling.  It is now on sale for a starting bid of $2100 dollars, due to its historic value. 


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New Rochelle City Council's Informal ...

The New Rochelle City Council voted 4 (Democrats) to 3 (Republicans) on April 13 not to send Councilman Richard St. Paul's (R, d 3) downtown business and retention proposal to the city's commissioners for further study. St. Paul had prepared a list of plans from other municipalities that have used to help their business community. Although he had been asked to make this presentation at the last council meeting, after his presentation Mayor Noam Bramson called it a "grab bag of examples."

Councilman St. Paul and Mayor Bramson continued to disagree on what the proposed program is, and how much it was needed in the city. St. Paul felt the city had no established plan to help businesses, but Bramson insisted the city had many programs to help businesses and worked with the BID (Business Improvement District) and the Chamber of Commerce. When pressed on what programs the city has, Bramson answered, the IDA (Industrial Development Corporation), the facade improvement program, funding for business retention, millions invested in street scapes, and a range of cultural programs. St. Paul countered that he was asking the city to come up with its own business plan, and not wait for the BID or Chamber of Commerce to come up with a plan, but added the city should work with these two groups.

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Foreclosed Homes Turn Out Lights to Help Support School Board in New Rochelle

With over 130 homes in foreclosure in New Rochelle maybe Organisciak can go around to turn off their lights thereby saving the owners enough money to save their homes.(Unless ConEd already shut them off permanently) I mean, it's the magic bullet that's saving the school budget so it goes to reason it has the potential to save some homes. Have you seen/heard the latest economic report from New Rochelle's fianace director Mr Ratner? It doesn't look good. Projections fore revenue are down. Snow budgets are depleted (remember if it snows between say Sept And Dec in 2009 there's no money in the budget and more of the discetionary money is used further depleting any reserve we may have left) Even Mr Strome has had to install a wage/hiring freeze because news is worse than originally projected. Does this mean anything to anyone? After all of this "news" the board of ed still has the gaul to totally refuse to make any real adjustments to relieve the strain on the citizens and continue to stuff their fat faces with the sweat of the citizenry. The schools are far from stellar, and they say they're doing good considering the "diversity"(tell me they're not racist). You see, it doesn't matter how diverse the kids are, it's all about How you are serving them. Trinity, Ward, Jefferson are busting at the seams. Isaac Young has police there on a regular basis.

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Organisciak To Journal News "No Pay Cuts, No Job Cuts" But Will Turn Out the Lights

CA5080FE-E2E5-4C85-A766-DEBDF304713D.jpgThe Journal News has more school district propaganda up today, courtesy of our old pal Aman Ali. It's Richard Organiciak and John Quinn making the same old tired arguments they have been making for the past month at budget meetings, arguments that even the normally docile school board has rejected.

The only news in the piece is Organisciak's assertion that all salaries will go up and no staff will be let go.

"Everything is tied into ongoing negotiations right now," Organisciak said. "We're negotiating all our contracts with the board and our teachers as a part of a big package. You can't make changes to one without making changes to the other, and vice versa."

The district is working on renewing a contract with its teachers union set to expire in June. Organisciak said the district doesn't anticipate implementing any salary freezes or layoffs next year.

My favorite line is from John Quinn.

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