Firefighters in Tentative Agreement with City of New Rochelle; Deal Would Avert Layoffs

img6.jpgThe City of New Rochelle and Firefighters UFFA Local 273 have come to a tentative agreement that would defer money owed under contractual raises until retirement. In exchange, the City will not layoff any firefighters this year. Union members and the City Council would both have to ratify the agreement. We will publish details of the accord as we get them.


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Bruce Negrin Radio Program - New Ro News & Views returns Dec 31

Fellow New Rochelleans, New Rochelle News and Views will return to the airwaves on December 31 hoping to hear your proposed resolutions for the City in the New Year. In 2010 I promise there will be a lot to talk about

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Madame Justice Takes a Holiday

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New Rochelle Firefighters.

The recent 6 New Rochelle Firefighters that have been laid off due to irresponsible managing of city funds has put our city and our family's at risk for death and or injury. Why couldnt the city council look into letting go DPW ? POLICE ? But the city decides to make a decision based on what ? They have let go some of the bravest men who put there lifes on the line to protect our wonderful city day in and day out. How about letting go people within the city hall area. Let go of parks and recs not jobs that protect us. Im not certain dont quote meon this but since this new mayor came in he has messed up since day 1. Tha previous mayor didnt want to let go of new rochelle firefighters. This is a really big issue that pisses me off that the city council of new rochelle makes the mistake with mis-managing money then decides to take it out on the fire department. I think there should be a investigation into the people who run our city because they are not doing a good job at all. I will be planning on protesting and also writing the state government to let them know this issue new rochelle has. I hope and pray that the firefighters laid off get there jobs back. I want people to stand up for the city of NEW ROCHELLE and voice there word to the media. One last thing before i go. IF the city has money problems in this poor economical time.

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18 Months Later, New York State Education Department FINALLY Agrees to"Review" Second Answer Sheet

Last week, David Abrams, the New York State Assistant Commissioner of Education, claimed there was no need to even consider my request for an investigation into why there were two different versions of my son's answer sheets for his Chemistry Regents Examination from June 2007, because he had spoken with Don Conetta, the Principal at New Rochelle High School, and Conetta told him "there was never a second answer sheet generated in the school". In response, I assured Abrams that there were two versions of the answer sheet and, if necessary, I was prepared to drive to Albany and present them to him in person.

NOTE: I fixed the links to the two docs so you can now compare the "on initials" version with the "two initials" version.

Last night, I received the following reply from David Abrams.

Dear Mr. Cox,

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Does Integrity Mean Nothing to Certain City Council Members?

Last May when Louis Cappelli was granted his twelfth extension on LeCount Square, Councilman Allbert Tarantino expressed serious reservations about the condition of the area and said he had serious reservations about voting for it in the future.  Councilman Jim Stowe endorsed Tarantino's statement and voted "yes" but added,  number thirteen was the "bewitching" hour.

But when the vote for the thirteenth renewal was made tonight, after Councilman Tarantino voted "no" apparently Councilman Stowe had a different opinion of the condition of the Le Count Square and voted "yes."  This time it was Councilman Richard St. Paul who made a favorable statement about the developer but voted "yes" because of the economic conditions.  He added the next time he will not vote "yes" if the developer does not bring in Target and Kohl's.  The rest of the Council voted favorably.

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City Administration Out Of Touch With Reality; JN Reports on Six Figure City Salaries UPDATED: Capelli MOU Extended

UPDATE: New Rochelle City Council granted Louis Cappelli a 13th amendment on the LeCount Square project (see below)

strome.jpgON his latest “In the City” radio show on WVOX, City Manager Chuck Strome was reviewing the current budget and discussing the tax increase. Strome stated that a few years ago a $100,000 income was the upper class benchmark for New Rochelle residents, whereas, today it is the average necessary to reside here. Strome further stated that the median income in New Rochelle is $85,000. I called in to challenge his numbers because the New Rochelle website identifies the median household income as $55,513. Strome’s response to my challenge was that he stood corrected and that the website was more accurate then his estimation.

New Rochelle city employee salaries, 2008

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