Keeping Costs Down - The "Pre-Meeting" Hustle

Given the number of people involved in a CSE, including "outsiders", the District may lose control of the outcome in a CSE meeting so when a parent does get past the delaying tactics, the DoSE will go to Phase Two: inviting the parent to attend a private "pre-meeting" to "discuss" your child's case. Do not fall for this. There is no "pre" in this supposed pre-meeting; the ONLY purpose of this meeting is for the DoSE to get to the parents alone, without the presence of members of the CSE who might not tow the District line, and dupe them into signing away their rights.

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Keep Costs Down - Top 5 CSE Delaying Tactics

1) "the dog ate my homework" - the District can shred your letter and then claim it never received the letter. Now a complaining parent is forced to resubmit the letter and the 30 day clock starts ticking all over again.

2) "the time machine" trick - A simple way to get an "extension" to the 30 day limit is to simply not time stamp incoming letters until after someone complains about a case being out of compliance. The District simply stamps the letter "received" on a day less than 30 days before the complaint is made and "voila" the District is in compliance.

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Keep Costs Down - Keeping Parents Away from the CSE

The best way for the DoSE to achieve its primary mission to reduce costs of special education to the District is to be passive. Even thought it is supposed to do so, the Special Education department does not pro-actively identify eligible children within the community. In fact, the trend is moving in the opposite direction. Other than some half-hearted, bare-minimum effort like running tiny classified ads in the Journal News, there is no serious outreach program in the community.

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Running County Government with a Heavy Hand

Playland concessions contract latest example why A&C Board must be reformed

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Republican Caucus Opposes Pay Hike for Legislators

Responding to recommendations made by the Compensation Advisory Panel regarding salary and stipend increases, the Republican caucus continues its strong opposition to any increase in salaries or stipends for county legislators.

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Burrows: Reassess Property in Westchester Now!

Westchester County Legislator Gordon A. Burrows (R/Yonkers, Bronxville) proposes that Westchester County conduct a county re-valuation of all real estate in the golden apple. Burrows has added the following item to the agenda for the county board’s meeting of May 19:

Please join me in calling for legislation requiring annual county-wide reassessment of real property in Westchester.

Our current non-system has a variety of problems:

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    GOP Had No Knowledge of Aide Expenses

    Minority leader calls media disclosure of purchases & charges appalling

    The Minority Conference of the Board of Legislators had no knowledge of the expenses incurred by a top aide to Chairman William Ryan and is appalled by the more than $20,000 in purchases and cell phone charges taxpayers were left to foot the bill.

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    Abinanti & Maisano Renew Call for Law to Protect County Property Owners

    Legislation Proposes Eminent Domain Reform

    “Government should not take private property unless it is necessary to meet a real public need, not just because it prefers one use over another or one developer over another,” said County Legislator Thomas J. Abinanti (D, I, WF-Greenburgh) as he and County Legislator James Maisano (R-New Rochelle) reintroduced legislation that would limit the County’s power to condemn private property.

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