Aramark and the "don't eat poop " website

In reading a little dity from the website , apparently Aramark and the Eastchester Schools have shared an "experience". The food service vendor of choice for the New Rochelle School System seems to have been fined $3,450.00 for "serious and minor violations ". The violations occured between Dec . 18th and May 22nd , 2008 . I guess the nearly half million dollar settlement from New Rochelle BdofEd will help ease the pain . Read the story at

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Talk of the Sound Approaching 100,000 Mark

Talk of the Sound gets about 500 unique visitors a day. We currently stand at 98,500 unique visitors since our launch last year which suggests we will hit the 100,000 mark before the end of the week. As some folks may not realize it, I wanted to point out that we make public our traffic data via SiteMeter. You can scroll down the right side of the page or go to the very bottom. You will see our traffic number.

Click on the numbers and it will take you to our account at SiteMeter where you can watch as we edge closer to the 100,000 milestone.

If you click around within SiteMeter you will see traffic trends, details on where readers are coming from (most come either directly because they typed in or via Google search). Most readers are in the U.S. Tuesday through Thursday are typically are busiest days, traffic drops about 40% over the weekend (as is typical on most web sites for obvious reasons). If you look at the 12 month data you will see we have experienced significant growth over the past year.

More on this once we hit the 100,000 mark. Keep watching!

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Open Letter to Mayor Bramson: $2 Million Surplus? Back It Up!

Mayor Bramson,

Yesterday, on WVOX Radio, you asserted as fact that downtown development in New Rochelle has produced a $2 million surplus in school revenue when compared to the costs associated with the children's education from these developments. When I called into WVOX radio to challenge this assertion you cut me off. Is this your idea of public service? You make unsubstantiated claims and then suppress those among the public who dare question your claims?

As you chose to cut me off yesterday, refusing to respect honest disagreement, I call on you today to release the study or analysis which supports your claim of a $2 million surplus.

Such a study would list individual projects -- by full legal name & address -- whether each project was a private deal or a partnership with the City of New Rochelle and what size and type of tax abatements they received (IDA, PILOT, mortgage recording, sales tax on building materials, purchase of land from the IDA for $1 etc.). Most importantly, the study would show what the taxes would be for each project at 100% valuation.

On the revenue side, the study would include a detailed breakdown of precisely what revenue you are attributing to these projects -- property tax, sales tax and so on.

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New Rochelle Police Nab Child Rapist Fugitive from Oregon

image1258257197.jpgThe Journal News has the New Rochelle side of the story here. The Oregonian has the Oregon side here.

This case ought to resolve the ongoing debate on Talk of the Sound about illegal immigrants living in New Rochelle. Or not.

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North Avenue and Fifth Avenue Resurfacing Scheduled This week

The New Rochelle Department of Public Works is notifying motorists of two roadway resurfacing scheduled for this week.

Beginning at 8 PM on Wednesday and ending Thursday morning, North Avenue will be resurfaced between Wykagyl Drive and Lovell Road; and Fifth Avenue will be resurfaced between Lorenz Avenue and Hunter Avenue. This work will continue on Thursday night. Both sections will be subject to periodic short-term closures during that time.

To avoid delays, motorists are advised to seek alternate routes during this work. We request your patience with both the noise and traffic conditions.


You can listen here.

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Report from the Board of Education Meeting on July 27, 2009

The primary purpose of the meeting was for the audit committee to hear from the internal auditors from Tobin & Company. That report was made in executive session so there is not much to report. John Quinn spoke about the internal auditors report in the opening meeting but without the context of the report it was difficult to evaluate them significance of what he had to say.

The main two news items coming out of the meeting were, (1) the Aramark settlement; and (2) the approval of the contract for school principals. There is more on the Aramark settlement here.

This was also the first meeting of the board since the coup which deposed Quay Watkins. It is worth noting that Watkins remained in the clerk's office, by herself, during the executive session (even though she is on the Audit Committee). During the public meeting, Watkins sat about as "apart" as you can get at the conference table in the Carew room -- she sat at the farthest end of the table, away from Richmond and Petrone, and across from Jeff Hastie. She did not say a word to anyone as she entered the room, did not speak during the meeting and as I left the room had no spoken a word to anyone.

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New Rochelle Police Department to Photograph Tattoos -- on Fellow Police Officers

tattoo.tiffA campaign by the brass at the New Rochelle Police Department to increase the number of tickets issued for driving while talking on a cell phone has led to a a rift within the department that has now morphed into a new policy to prohibit tattoos on police officers setting off widespread dissension among the rank-and-file within the department.

Recently, an internal review within New Rochelle Police Department concluded that the department was not writing enough tickets for driving while talking one a cell phone. During roll call, police officers were put on notice that they needed to step up enforcement of the law against driving while talking on a cell phone (note to teens: presumably that also includes driving while text thing). While many drivers will no doubt applaud a crackdown on reckless behavior while driving, the rank-and-file within the department were unhappy with the way in which the decision was communicated. Things came to ahead after the girlfriend of a son of New Rochelle’s Deputy Police Commissioner, Anthony D. Murphy, was issued a ticket for driving while talking on her cell phone.

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Special Treatment for "McKnight Kids"

Last week we told you about a new development in the McKnight case when we reported that the sister of Demetrius Hazelton told police that she had made up a story about her boyfriend threatening her after which police considered filing charges against her for filing a false police report. This week, Talk of the Sound has learned the identity of the New Rochelle Police Captain who received and the highly unusual phone call that evening from Sergeant Reynolds, the sergeant on duty at the police station at night.

Captain Robert Gazola was the officer was was called at his home and asked to make a decision regarding whether or not to press charges for filing a false police report against the young woman. Sources tell Talk of the Sound this is "never, ever done" because a police captain at home is not in a position to make a a sound judgment based on all the facts regarding an incident in which he has no direct knowledge and worry is not on hand to speak directly with the principals.

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