A Wrong Move for Westchester County

Minority Caucus maintains purchase of flawed Ardsley building to store voting machines is a mistake

Minority Leader George Oros (R/Cortlandt) and Legislators Gordon A. Burrows (R/Yonkers) and Jim Maisano (R/New Rochelle) criticized the Spano administration and the majority of their colleagues on the Board of Legislators for pushing through the purchase of a dilapidated building in Ardsley to store voting machines and to house the Department of Public Safety. Oros, Burrows, and Maisano argue the building is too expensive. They also point out the seller is politically connected.

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Legislators Maisano and Pinto Announce Passage of Social Host Law

Legislators Jim Maisano (R/New Rochelle) and Vito Pinto (D/Eastchester) are pleased to announce the passage last night of the “Social Host Law,” which they introduced earlier this year to help combat underage drinking in Westchester County.

The law, which the Board of Legislators approved by a vote of 15-1 and takes effect immediately, penalizes any adult that hosts or knowingly allows a party where alcoholic beverages are consumed by minors.

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Highlights of Actions Taken by the Westchester County Board of Legislators at its August 11, 2008 Meeting

Please note: Votes are unanimous unless otherwise indicated. Absent: L. Bronz

Public Hearing Scheduled – Texting-while-Driving Ban
A public hearing on the proposed local law prohibiting text messaging while operating a vehicle has been set for Monday, September 8, 2008 at 10:30 AM.

Westchester Community College – 2008/09 Appropriation Approved
The Board adopted the Westchester Community College Budget for fiscal year September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009, approving an appropriation of county funds of $24.26 million.

Social Host Law Passes

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Whats Happening at the COUNTY BOARD: Week of August 18, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

1:30 PM
Legislation – Hon. Bill Burton, Chair; Coordinator: Steven Bass (995-5482)

Local law authorizing the County Clerk to increase certain fees relative to recording, entering, indexing and endorsing a certificate of any instrument

3:30 PM
Environment & Energy – Hon. Tom Abinanti, Chair; Coordinator: Chris Crane (995-2104)

Agenda TBA
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3:00 PM
Community Services– Hon. Lois Bronz, Chair; Coordinator: Melanie Montalto (995-8620)

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Heads Up! Spano may be looking for another tax increase-But he may call it county clerk fees.

Westchester Republicans trying to head off the Spano tax increase

The Republican caucus of the Westchester County Board of Legislators is giving county residents a heads up warning of another potential county tax increase.

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Superintendent said "nothing more than a way to get in some exercise on a chilly day"...we disagree

Our goal in this post is too offer evidence that directly contradicts a statement made by the Superintendent of Schools for the City School of New Rochelle as reported by the Journal News. It's been more than a week since the article on the Journal News was published.

This is an excerpt of what the Journal News reported in their article New Rochelle school inequity untrue, officials say

For instance, two classes of students from Trinity Elementary School were forced to walk the perimeter of the playground for about 25 minutes during recess one day during the spring. Parents said the move amounted to corporal punishment for alleged inappropriate behavior. The superintendent said it was nothing more than a way to get in some exercise on a chilly day.

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As School Year Approaches, Capital Projects Schedule Slips and Slides

District releases Capital Projects Update

The District has published an update to its Capital Projects report first published in May 2008 which reveals that very few of the projects scheduled to be completed before school starts in September have been completed and most project completion dates have been pushed back including one project at a South End school that has slipped more than six months since being announced just three months ago.

The District is pleased to report that projects completed last May are still complete. Boilers were STILL replaced at Ward, Columbus and Webster are also still complete. The McKenna Field project was completed in the spring and is still complete. Of course, these are all projects that were listed as complete in the May 2008 report

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Lightening Strikes NRHS: God's Will or Negligence?

NRHS Spire hit by lighteningSurely someone in the school district knows that Benjamin Franklin conceived of something called a lightening rod in 1749? So, can someone please explain how the last undamaged tower at New Rochelle High School was destroyed by a lightening strike? A bolt that sparked a fire that resulted in extensive water damage as the New Rochelle Fire Department struggled to extinguish the fire.

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