Why Does New Rochelle School District Pay Teachers Union Boss Marty Daly $500 an Hour

29F67974-057E-42F9-8E91-885919E53184.jpgIn yet another example of the sorts of conflicts of interest that permeate the New Rochelle School District, Talk of the Sound has learned that the President of the New Rochelle teachers union is being paid over $500 an hour by the New Rochelle school district. Marty Daly, the President of F.U.S.E., is the head of the bargaining unit representing over 2,000 district employees that is currently in the midst of "secret" contract negotiations. Daly is negotiating against an administration that is paying him over $10,000 a month working less 5 hours a week. Nice work if you can get it!

To put this in context, F.U.S.E. does not represent just teachers - they bargain on behalf over well over 2,000 district employees (everyone except those under contract, meaning the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents) ranging from school principals to security guards to carpenters to history teachers to janitors.

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Teachers Union Boss Marty Daly Backs Jeff Hastie for School Board

For those looking to better understand the incestuous nature of school district politics, one need look no further than this fundraising letter from school board candidate Jeff Hastie. What does it say about New Rochelle -- or Jeff Hastie as a candidate -- that the President of the Teachers Union is helping him raising money for his campaign. Or that one of the few Republicans elected to office from New Rochelle -- County Legislator Jim Maisano -- is in bed with the teachers union for this purpose.

From: Jeffrey Hastie
Date: Fri, May 8, 2009 at 9:21 PM
Subject: School Board & Budget Vote - May 19
To: Jeffrey Hastie


As you may be aware, I'm running for Board of Education. The election is May 19. There are two seats available and five candidates. I suspect it will be a hotly contested race, so I need your support. I'm sending this note to you requesting three things.

1. Due to the economic times, I'm not holding an official fundraiser. This e-mail will be my sole solicitation for funds (no more than $100 please). For those that have contributed already, thanks! If you wish to contribute, you can do so as follows:

Make check payable to: Committee to Elect Jeffrey Hastie
Mail to: Committee to Elect Jeffrey Hastie
c/o Rachel & Rich DeStasio
37 Howard Parkway
New Rochelle, NY 10801

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Malfetano supported for School Board

Ines Candrea published this letter to the editor in the Journal News supporting Vince Malfetano for School Board



I was glad to learn that Vincent Malfetano has become a candidate for the New

Rochelle School Board.  With the present School Board proposing a budget that approaches a quarter of a billion dollars, it is urgent that we elect some new people to the Board who have a more reasonable stance on school budgets.


As a parent, homeowner, lawyer and instructor, Mr. Malfetano is well qualified to serve on the Board.  He understands the need to properly educate all of our children.  But he also understands this must be done in a cost conscious manner that will stop the constant increases in taxes of double and triple the rate of inflation that is causing many home owners to flee the city.


In addition, Mr. Malfetano would bring a much needed balance to the Board.  He is a resident of the South end of the city and would give the parents of children attending Trinity, Jefferson, Columbus and Isaac E.
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Happy Moms Day to all

Happy Moms day to SoNo...just a great place to be...we celebrate all of you...from Rangolis to Ronnies, from Brickyard to Ballys, we all have much to be grateful for..especially our moms...the florist shops on Hugenot and Division, Suttons and Eddies on Main Street...everyone is getting ready for the big day...with great restaurants, and great stores...and even you can walk your dog here and have come and visit SoNo for Moms day...tell them Jim sent you....

Yesterday a local artist came by to view some paintings at a shop..did you know there are many great local artists in New Rochelle and’s to Louis a New Rochelle grad who will be exhibiting at 543 Main in June, stay tuned...

Learn more and SoNo NewRo Online

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Isaac E. Young Middle School 8th Graders Score Higher Than Other Middle Schoolers in Westchester County

Taxpayers in New Rochelle will be happy to learn (Particularly South End parents whose children must attend Isaac) that Isaac E. Young 8th graders scored higher than their counterparts in Elmsford, Peekskill, Yonkers and Mount Vernon Middle Schools in the 2009 English Language Arts New York State Assessments.

The Journal News published a complete database (click here) of New York State Assessment scores for the public to review, compare and weigh in on how much value they are getting for the their hard earned tax dollars. All this just in time for the May, 19th Budget Vote.

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SoNoNewRo Wishes All a Great Mother's Day Weekend

What a beautiful weekend....Friday sales on Main Street...the flowers and grass are growing, with sunshine and flowers and kids laughing on the way to school..Smile, we are alive and moving and have a great place to return to in SoNoNewRo....many go to Manhattan out of beautiful apartments here, beautiful condos, high rises and low rises, and return to relax where the great Gehrig, and George (M.Cohan) and many many others...artists come, musicians and more...what a great feeling to walk on Main and see Historic tops of blocks of building designed by famous architects...come and walk and shop and spend Mothers day weekend in SoNoNewRo!


Learn more at SoNo NewRo Online

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Dinner Out Downtown

So its the Wife's Birthday and the kids want to mark the occasion with a dinner out.... Its a school night but a birthday is a birthday and we must celebrate.... Where to go? Same old places or add a bit of Special Quality to the celebration.

Since its my call and me picking up the check as usual I decide to retry "POSTO 22" on Division Street. Heading from the North I turn onto Division and there are no meter spots, and no valet parking as it is Thursday Evening. It should be noted Friday and Saturday they do have valet Park..
Okay a quick left into the Avalon 2 parking lot which would never be my first choice but what the heck how can this be a problem.

The dinner was great, the food was delicious and the service could not have been better. No pretention just good quality in decent surrounding all making me feel like I need to do this more often.( Venturing Downtown that is)
The bill comes its just shy of 200.00 and for a family of 5 that is not bad by today's standards and with the smile on the wife's face what could be bad.

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Introduction to Blogs at New Rochelle Public Library 10 AM Today

I will be teaching a course today on the basics of blogging at New Rochelle Public Library at 10 AM today. There are 12 spots and I am told that half of them were already filled but you are welcome to stop by and we will do our best to accommodate everyone. The course will be offered again in June.

The course will answer the question "what is a blog?", provide some background on the development of blogging as a type of new media, and give instruction on how to set up a blog and write your first blog post. Familiarity with computers and the Internet is a prerequisite for this class.

Event Type: Computer Classes
Date: 5/8/2009
Start Time: 10:00 AM
End Time: 10:30 AM
Introduction to Blogs
Location: Meeting Room 2nd Floor

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