Monroe College Sued by Unemployed Recent Grad

It is hard to imagine this is likely to help her find a job but Trina Thompson, a recent graduate of Monroe College, filed a lawsuit in Bronx Supreme Court last week claiming that Monroe's Office of Career Advancement has not fulfilled their promise to provide her with job leads and career advice. This story has been picked up "coast to coast" as a classic "stupid lawsuit" story. At the very least, this is a classic "self-fulfilling prophecy" as not to many employers will rush to hire someone who sues their alma mater a few months after graduation because they do not get a job in one of the worst economic conditions in decades.

Kathianne Boniello has more on the story over at The New York Post.

The Monroe College grad wants the $70,000 she spent on tuition because she hasn't found gainful employment since earning her bachelor's degree in April

I checked with the courts but was unable to find her case on line. I emailed Boniello to get the index number for the case. Once I get the filing I will link it here.

One thing I did find was that this was not Ms. Thompson's first trip to the court house. At least, there are quite a few cases involving someone names Trina Thompson in New York courts.

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New Rochelle BoE Settles Aramark's Half-Million Dollar Lawsuit for Undisclosed Sum

9BEFE7D9-8763-4D2C-82C9-C226EA020A96.jpgThe New Rochelle Board of Education last week quietly settled the nearly half-million dollar lawsuit brought against the school district by Aramark Educational Services in which the food services giant alleged that district officials had engaged in fraud and negligent misrepresentations "designed to induce Aramark to enter into a contract and the district's failure to satisfy outstanding financial obligations owed to Aramark".

Fraud? Misrepresentations? By our New Rochelle school officials? Say it ain't so, Richard.

Aramark Educational Services accused New Rochelle officials of lying about the number of meals served in the public schools and sought a a judgment of $405,031.66 plus interest and attorney fees.

Here is the resolution they don't want you to see...



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National Study Finds Gym Class Can Be Dangerous; They Should Come to New Rochelle!

04EE5CEB-359C-4329-A1EF-9BF5FADB7FFB.jpgThe Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio has published the results of a recent study which found that injuries related to Physical Education programs at elementary, middle and high school students in the United States increased 150 percent between 1997 and 2007. The study, led by Dr. Lara McKenzie (pictured here), shows that "the 150 percent increase in PE-related injuries presenting to emergency departments was consistent across gender and age groups" and was not likely "attributable to an increase in PE participation:

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New York State of Affairs - George Latimer

An informal update on New York State issues from Assemblyman George Latimer August 2009

For most of us, August is a time of rest and vacation. While the Assembly is not expected to be in session in Albany this month, I have plenty to do to regarding local funding and legislative issues, to handle individual constituent issues and advocacy, to prepare new legislation and modify existing bills for our next legislative session, and to review in detail the status of state finances. I expect to be “around” the district in August, and this is a good month to meet in person as issues arise.

George Latimer
Assemblyman, 91st A.D.

Selecting a Lt. Governor
During the recent State Senate leadership standoff, Governor David Paterson announced that he had named Richard Ravitch to serve as Lt. Governor to fill his unexpired term in the position Paterson held before being elevated to Governor. The appointment is based on an interpretation of Public Officers Law Section 43 that allows a Governor to fill a vacancy in a public post when there is no other method provided to do so. The State Constitution specifies filling vacancies in other statewide elected posts such as Attorney General and Comptroller, but is ambiguous on the L.G.

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Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Cannot Sell His Larchmont Home

It's not New Rochelle (it's Larchmont) but we've talked enough about the Case-Schiller Index that this video from Jon Stewart is funny, local and contains an interview with economist Robert J. Schiller.

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BID Downtown Specials: Movies, Art Walk, Boot Store

D2933CCC-62F7-44CE-910F-B90F161A2EED.jpgThe folks at BID have some good articles up on their web site including a great 20% coupon for a local merchant.

FREE BID Movie Night on the Green: Stephen Spielberg's classic film "ET"
Thursday, August 6, at 8:45 pm

The Little Ranch by Abigail and Amelia Showers
Click here for your 20% Off Coupon

The Arts Take Hold In Downtown New Rochelle

Downtown Art Walk Invite (pdf)

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Thanks Bruce , Advice We Could All Use

I agree , in these times we all need to pay more attention to the conditions around us . From Echo Bay to LeCount Place to our school taxes , Avalon 911 calls , budget contractions , Board of Ed challenges , and on and on , there hasn't been this much focus on so many issues for as long as I can remember . Personally , I support this kind of participation by the citizens . I once wrote that things will get better and perhaps it will have more to do with what we do rather than the politicians , and believe me , the more we get involved , in anything/ everything , the better New Rochelle will be for all of us .

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A Beautiful Day in So No New Ro!!!!!!

A beautiful day in So No New Ro today!  The sun is shining people are working and ready to shop…and fun is happening…Our breakfast places are open…

See Sven at Kaffeine on Division Street …great breakfast, coffee and more. Brickyard Bistro is open next door  for brunch, breakfast and delights that are delicious and an atmosphere to eat in and out…

Visit two Peruvian restaurants on Main street at 601 Main and another on the same block or Bella Bellas.. Then don’t forget to shop at the Curtain Shoppe, and amazing buys at Consignment on Main .. and at the Habitat Restores, you can see Rockwell Prints and more….

So come down to Main Street, revisit us and enjoy your Saturday!

Learn more at SoNo NewRo Online

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