Tax-abated Development Overburdens Public Safety Personnel

This will be my last post exposing the hideous burden put on New Rochelle property owners by the 30-year tax abated Avalon community. I previously revealed that 80 students enrolled from the Avalon community impose a $1.6 million tax burden on property owners. 80 students are 38% more then originally projected in the Avalon Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) raising concerns about the accuracy of all projections from the EIS. Simple math reveals that Avalon 1 would pay $3.8 million in property taxes at their current assessment of which $2.4 million would go to the school district yet the Avalon community pays ZERO DOLLARS ($0) in school taxes.

The same EIS stated there would be; “no significant impacts to police protection services” and “the proposed development (Avalon) is not expected to have significant impacts on fire protection and emergency services in New Rochelle.”

Statistics obtained from city administration reveal that in 2009 there will be;

124* calls dispatched for fire and emergency services to the Avalon community

390* calls dispatched for police protection services to the Avalon community

* Figures projected based on number of calls to date

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Isaac E. Young Middle School Cafeteria Inspections 2006-2008

  • Number of Inspections: 6
  • Number of Unacceptable Ratings: 2
  • Talk of the Sound Commentary: Bad. One-third of inspections "Unacceptable" including two most recent, food maintained at temperatures outside acceptable range, hazardous foods, tuna kept at over 60 degrees F, food not properly sealed, dirty cooking areas.

Isaac E. Young Middle School Major and Minor Unacceptable 2008
Inspection date: 10/20/2008

Critical items "red": At this time, pre-chilled ingredients not being used to prepare potentially hazardous foods. Tuna fish salad was observed at 60.5 degrees F. in cold holding table. Spoke to employee who prepared the salad the tuna he used was not pre-chilled. Corrected by action/discussionÑplaced in refrigerator unit.
Critical items "red": At this time chicken sandwiches were found at 130 degrees F. during hot holding in display unit. Sandwiches were rapidly reheated to 165 degrees F, and placed back in hot holding unit.
Non-critical items "blue": Thermometer not visible/present in refrigeration units, check all.
Non critical items "blue": Hot holding unit-door does not maintain a proper seal.
Non critical items "blue": Walls behind pizza oven stained with food debris, clean.
Non critical items "blue": Front area wall behind steam table paint chipping, smooth and repaint.

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Albert Leonard Middle School Cafeteria Inspections 2006-2008

  • Number of Inspections: 7
  • Number of Unacceptable Ratings: 1
  • Talk of the Sound Commentary: overall pretty good inspections, a few problems like food maintained at temperatures outside acceptable range, flies present in kitchen, employee hair not properly restrained.

Albert Leonard Middle School Major and Minor Acceptable 2008
Inspection date: 3/14/2008

Critical items "red": Walk-in refrigerator, dented can of tuna found at this time. Corrected by Action/Discussion.
Non-critical items "blue": Kitchen by hood ceiling tile missing.
Non critical items "blue": Employee bathroom exhaust fan unclean.

Albert Leonard Middle School Major and Minor Unacceptable 2008
Inspection date: 10/17/2008

Critical items "red": At this time the following foods in the steam table were not kept at 140 degrees F. or greater during hot holding. Actual temperatures: chicken parm 129 degrees F.; Boneless ribs 109 degrees F.; and chicken pieces 120 degrees F.

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New Rochelle High School Cafeteria Inspections 2006-2008

  • Number of Inspections: 10
  • Number of Unacceptable Ratings: 3
  • Talk of the Sound Commentary: very bad inspections, 30% of inspections rated "unacceptable", in a word the food service is "gross", food/milk maintained at temperatures outside acceptable range, potentially hazardous food (tuna), dirty cutting board, hand wash sink not working, handling bagels with bare-hands, dead mouse found. If this were a restaurant it would have been closed long ago. No wonder kids are skipping out of school to eat lunch at Chicken Joe's and McDonald's

New Rochelle High School Major and Minor Unacceptable 2008
Inspection date: 1/30/2008

Critical items "red": Dented can(s) found at this time in dry storage area. Can(s) set aside for return to manufacturer.
Critical items "red": Meatballs had an internal temperature of 107 degrees F., hot holding temp of 140 degrees F. or above required. Food rapidly reheated to 165 degrees F.

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Did the B of Ed Expose Kids to Dangerous Conditions ? Will Aman Ali Ever Ask THAT Question?

If you read Aman's latest attempt at journalism, ,I wonder if you come away with the same questions I did. Closing a pool because of safety issues "in cooperation with the Westchester County Board of Health" . What does that really mean ? If it's dangerous enough to warrant closing the pool , why was it kept open to allow the summer programs to continue. This is very disturbing to think the school board would put "summer programs" above the safety of the people using the pool. Who would have been responsible if something happened to a swimmer ? Was the district exposing itself (the taxpayers) to more law suits as a result of their negligence? We may never know since it would seem Mr Ali can't seem to form a simple question. So what did he really report ? Was it really that dangerous ? How did the B of Ed hold off the Board of Health ? Was delaying the work cost effective to the taxpayer or did it cause added expense by requiring an alternate location to be secured for the swimmers ? How did the bidding process apply .It can't be considered emergency work if they knew about it since the end of the last school year. Who is performing the work ? Was anybody in danger as they used a pool that is non compliant from a safety standpoint ?

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South End Civic League Meeting, Monday September 14

There will be a meeting of the Sound End Civic League, Monday September 14 at the YMCA on Weyman Avenue, 7:30 p.m.

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Gannett Newspapers Demonstrate Complete Ignorance of Twitter

AB419DCE-E6A2-44B4-B069-D54B9BB46E25.jpgWhile traditional media outlets around the country continue to put energy into paying lip service to embracing social media services they appear determined to put even more energy into demonstrating their profound ignorance of even its most basic elements.

As a frequent critic of the consistently lousy "reporting" at Gannett's Journal News (Westchester/Rockland County, NY), I have to admit that even I was surprised to see an inane article purporting to list the "top Twitters" in communities across the two countries served by the paper. The list of "top Twitterers is based on nothing more than cobbling together misleading, incomplete data gleaned from meaningless searches of a "directory" of Twitter users called Twellow. I have nothing against Twellow. I have been interviewed many times by WebProNews which created Twellow. But if you think that their directory can used to provide meaningful location analysis you either do not understand how to use a database, do not understand how Twitter works or both.

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Huge Crowd Attends 9-11 Remembrance

Eight years after 9-ll the people of New Rochelle remember this tragic day. A huge crowd showed up at the American Legion Post 8 despite the inclement honor the memory of those that had lost their lives. The cub scouts and daisy scouts led the Pledge of Allegiance and were followed by a musical interlude by the Iona Bagpipe band and Bob Lebensold who led the audience in the singing of America the Beautiful. The Marines, Army, Navy, Police and Fire Departments and the media all had representatives at the ceremony.
The master of ceremonies, Peter Parente, set the tone by speaking about how we should never forget the sacrifices that are made by many of our citizens and service men to keep our country free.
Ron Tocci, former Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Veterans Affairs. gave the keynote address and this was followed by speeches by Jim Killoran, and Commissioners Kiernan and Carroll. A candlelight ceremony followed and the names of those lost from New Rochelle and Iona College on 9-11 were read. The ceremony concluded with a singing of God Bless America.

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