As Capelli Seeks 13th Extension for LeCount, Building Owner Accuses Capelli Rep of Lying to City Council

Tomorrow, representatives of Capelli Enterprises will seek yet another extension for their LeCount Place project from the New Rochlle City Council. The following email -- sent by Michael Long, owner of the building at 5 Anderson Street in New Rochelle to Ralph DiBart, Executive Director of the New Rochelle Business Improvement District -- is stirring up a firestorm. Word is that Capelli officials have hunkered down and are refusing to respond to calls from City officials. The Council session tomorrow at 3:45 PM will be broadcast live on cable access and over the Internet. Should be quite a show!

Mr. DiBart (New Rochelle BID)

I thought you would be interested in this.

I, Michael Longo, am the owner of the building at 5 Anderson Street in New Rochelle, that is part of the proposed redevelopment site called LeCount Square.

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Developers Tell City - We Got Nothing

The November 10th City Council meeting had representatives from the Cappelli organization and Forest City Enterprises provide their version of an update on where things stand reg

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New Rochelle High School Football Team Loses 14-7

A great season ends one victory shy of a championship.


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A Nineteenth Century New Rochelle Pai...

A Nineteenth Century New Rochelle Painter  by Peggy Godfrey
     It was in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid that a painter who lived in New Rochelle from 1844 and l852 came to my attention.  His painting, Fishing Party on Long Island Sound off New Rochelle, was in the North American Paintings of the Nineteen Century section.   The artist's address in New Rochelle was determined by the address used when he exhibited paintings.
     Clonney, a genre painter, portrayed people in domestic scenes using human interest elements.  People and their relationships dominate his paintings.  The old man in this fishing party painting is watching the younger, plump man.  Several other paintings used the plump man in them which leads to the conclusion he was probably a New Rochelle resident. 
     At this time there is an exhibit at the New York State Museum in Albany titled,Through the Eyes of Others: African Americans and Identity in American Art," which has another Clonney painting, "Politicians in a Country Bar," dated l844.  This portrays a serious discussion by men, but has a woman and a black man in the edges of the picture which is considered the artist's way of showing these groups were marginalized by society at that time.


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A-Rod, Joba, Girardi and Past Yankees Stars Appear at Illegal Event at New Rochelle Club as City Officials Stand Idle

5C5E3539-6C54-4DD3-9895-5F55F9E288C3.jpgNew York Yankee stars Alex Rodriguez and Joba Chamberlain along with their manager, Joe Girardi, greeted fans and signed autographs at an illegal, for-profit event held at a beach club in New Rochelle, NY. More than 1,500 fans paid up to $475 a piece for the chance to take pictures and collect autographs from the celebrity athletes. The six-hour event netted event-organizer Steiner Sports Marketing hundreds of thousands of dollars, money then shared between the company and the players. Also on hand were former Yankees David Wells, David Cone and Don Larsen.

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New Rochelle Dropped in Bogus BusinessWeek List of "Best Places to Raise Your Kids"

New Rochelle has been dropped from BusinessWeek list of Best Places to Raise Your Kids* 2010 list. The school district has repeatedly cited the BusinessWeek article to claim that New Rochelle is one of the best places to raise your kids in the United States.

So what does this mean for New Rochelle?

Not much, the entire premise for the BusinessWeek list is about as solid as the financial footing of the magazine itself which was recently sold to Bloomberg for a pittance by McGraw-Hill due to declining circulation and ad revenues where a magazine that covers business by the week has found little demand in a world of 24/7 news coverage and round-the-clock trading in global markets.

The "best places to raise children" list exists solely due to its ability to drive interest in the magazine among the places listed in the magazine and the controversy their questionable methodology elicits.

New Rochelle school officials, who have always placed PR value over actual results love the BusinessWeek list about as much as they despise a more respected Newsweek list which evaluates school performance based on the amount and level of Advance Placement testing.

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Cost Savings for BOE: Look at Improper Transportation Costs First

At the last New Rochelle Board of Education budget hearings, I remember the BOE getting questions from one of it's board members about excessive funding for private school transportation using our money. It seemed at the time that this amount was several million dollars of waste. I also recall that no one on the board wanted to even address the issue and felt embarrassed, particularly Dee Pollow and Cindy Deutsch, corrupt and delusional members of the board.

Now my concern is that if we are going to begin the process of smacking the community with excessive taxes, let's look at the BOE and how they spend our money. If we are spending 2 or 3 million dollars on private transportation to catholic schools and yeshivas, and we are not getting reimbursed one penny, we must eliminate this free ride to private schools. It's an unfair and unethical use of public funds!!!! Taxpayers are paying for public schools and public services that benefit the community as a whole. We are not paying or subsidizing religious education because of political correctness or because of under the table agreements that were never made public. This is a waste and unnecessary. It is because of this reason alone that the next year's budget needs to be reviewed carefully.

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This is What Happens When City Council Puts on Earmuffs

The November 11 meeting of the New Rochelle  East End Civic Association was a fitting time for giving credit to our veterans who have preserved our freedom.  Both speakers, Ron Tocci, former New York State Assemblyman, and Jim Killoran, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, addressed the great debt we owe our military, including how New Rochelle is part of this legacy.

Killoran began by saying today was about the "freedom to talk and disagree."  New Rochelle is a city of history, hope and homes, but now we are in critical times.  He loves New Rochelle and its history, and feels this history can be used to bring people and dollars into the city.  His historic Trolley has been used to bring attention to many historic buildings in the community.  He suggested they should "dream tonight" and claimed he has a vision that by next year Loew's Theatre could be operating again and next Veterans' Day Ceremony could be celebrated at the New Rochelle Armory.

SoNo, south of North Avenue, in New Rochelle was started because he felt more attention should be directed to what is necessary to bring more businesses to downtown.  Citing Thomas Paine, he said we need a "common sense" political party.

Tearing down the Armory, or Post Office which was built with "sweat equity in the depression," would wipe out our "connectivity" with history.  While he likes Avalon he felt residents

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