Music is "Part of Me"

Introducing the topic of Irish music and spirituality, Jesuit Rev. Ryan Duns felt a neglected type of interface was "we play the way we pray and we pray the way we play."  In Ireland it is a tradition to stand at the tip of the western part of the island when someone is leaving for the United States because that is the last time and place they would see that person.  When Irish people came the this country their view changed, but they felt the could always "dance later."  The tin whistle is a traditional Irish instrument.  Riverdance, the Irish dancing competition, surged on the scene in l995.

Rev. Duns entered the Society of Jesus in 2004.  His love of music was soon recognized and in 2006 he was sent to New York City.  At Fordham University he was challenged to creatively teach Irish Music in 16 one hour sessions.  The tin whistle is similar to a recorder and costs about $10.  He told members of the New Rochelle Irish Benevolent Society he knew how to play it because he had owned two of them since he was 12 years old.

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Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day Parade 10:30 am Monday May 25

Sponsored by The City of New Rochelle and the United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association

Honor our military, enjoy our freedom and enjoy New Rochelle

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Walking Tours, Loews Theatre in SoNo

The Loews Theatre, a landmark in New Rochelle, 24,000 sq feet of history of success of joy of music of art, and of a our walking tours, you will see the Loews theatre...and the RKO theatre across the street...imagine seeing thousands come to the movies and seeing films and plays...well it will happen again, just be ready...soon you will see some exciting announcements..

Then you can see the Lincoln Memorial type building on Main and Lawton..amazing...then pictures of Rockwell and real Saturday evening posts...and Liebmans is an old style looking building perfectly a time when so many buildings are falling down.,


If you want a walking tour, call met at 403 4821...History is alive again in SoNo, New Rochelle..

only 45 minutes from Broadway but 20 minutes on Metro North from manhattan...or stamford.


Learn More at SoNo NewRo Online

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BE HEARD TONIGHT: Bruce Negrin Hosts School Budget Call-In Show Thursday at 8 PM on WVOX 1460 AM

This is going to be the most rollicking call-in show in the run up to the hotly contested school budget vote so tune in and call in. Light up the phone tonight.

The School Board Election and Budget will be the main topic. I was there, get my opinion and share your own regarding the upcoming election and last Monday' LWV Candidate Forum

New Rochelle News & Views Radio Program Hosted by Bruce Negrin Thursday's at 8 pm on WVOX 1460 AM or School Budget

Tune in to "New Rochelle News & Views" Radio Program Hosted by Bruce Negrin. Every Thursday night at 8pm on WVOX 1460 AM or

To get on the air and be heard call the Studio Number: 914-636-0110

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Downtown New Rochelle's Habitat ReStores covered on Channel 2 News

On Wednesday (May 6th), Tony Aiello, Channel 2's Westchester reporter, did an article where he highlighted, that nationwide, over 63 percent of resale shops nationwide have reported an increase in business. While economic times were cited as a factor, store owners have cited the desire to go green as also boosting business. Locally, the Habitat ReStores were highlighted in the newscast. On your next walk through SoNo, stop by out resale and consignment businesses Consign it on Main and the Habitat ReStores.

Click on the link to see the Channel 2 Video

Learn More at SoNo NewRo Online

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Outdoor dining comes to SoNo

Its time, people are walking up and down Main Street…

New café tables will be out shortly at Bella Bellas, City Market and Rangoli…


Also more things are in store, lots of walkable fun and food, and friends in SoNo NewRo…..

See Bella Bella’s

       City Market and


JOIN sono~

Learn more at SoNo NewRo Online

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Wagner Withdrawal Shows Depths to Which School Board Will Go to Maintain Control

Jack Wagner told Talk of the Sound he formally withdrew his name as a candidate for New Rochelle School Board earlier today following our exclusive report yesterday on his decision to step aside in the wake of a whisper campaign organized by supporters of his opponents for school board.

Wagner left the race after deciding there was no time this close to the election on May 19th to sufficiently explain the context for the consent decree and that his continued presence in the race would draw votes away from Vincent Malfetano the only remaining candidate with the support and name recognition with a good shot to defeat long-time candidate Deidre Polow.

A consensus has developed among many New Rochelle political observers that Ms. Polow created an opening for a challenger to take her seat following a disastrous, hostility-laced performance at the League of Women Voters forum at the New Rochelle Public Library on Monday. Many expect Vincent Malfetano will pick up much of Dr. Wagner's support based on Malfetano's call for an embrace of good government principles. He has called for greater transparency and fiscal responsibility.

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When It Comes to "Free" Full-Day Kindergarten, School District Flunks Basic Math

The actual increased cost of full-day Kindergarten program for the 2009-2010 school is year is about $5,000,000 not "free" as the District has repeatedly claimed. The TOTAL cost of Full-Day Kindergarten which includes ALL the students who will be enrolled in Full-Day, including those who would have been any way at Barnard and through other program is about, and accounts for those who would have been in half-day K is about $17.5mm.

Math students are taught to use estimation to spot check their answers on exams so they have a rough idea of what the correct answer should be before they attempt to solve the problem. This is a test-taking technique long taught in SAT prep courses. Since the District does not know how many kids will enroll for the fall and they are obscuring money in their opaque budget document we will have to make some educated guesses, all of which can be adjusted if the district decided to give exact figures. Let's see what happens when we apply this estimation math skill to the District's supposedly "free" Full-Day Kindergarten that is budgeted to begin next fall.

1) There are roughly 11,500 students enrolled in K-12 so each class has about 11,500 divided by 13 which comes out to be about 880 students per class year.

2) The proposed school budget is $229 mm so divide that by 11,500 and you get a cost per pupil of $19,913.

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