Another New Rochelle Mafia Arrest

The Journal News is reporting:

Twelve men with reputed links to the Luchese crime family, including a brother of the alleged killer in an infamous Yonkers bar fight, were among 19 men charged this morning in connection with a gambling ring that operated in Westchester and New York City....the defendants are: Peter Veltri, 47, and Philip Mercurio, 48, of New Rochelle; Anthony Cuzzo, 40, and Ernest Cuzzo, 67, of Yonkers...The racketeering charge carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years.

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Organisciak Dismisses Parent Concerns over Failed Health Inspections at New Rochelle Cafeteria

At the most recent board meeting held at Jefferson School, two New Rochelle residents expressed concerns over a recent report in the Journal News that New Rochelle has the worst cafeterias in Westchester and Putnam counties. When a mother from one the schools with a failed inspection expressed her concerns, Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak responded by lying to her face, telling her that all complaints were fixed within 48 hours.

This is false.

There were three health inspections at Jefferson School within a two week period -- 11//3/08, 11/10/08, and 11/13/08. The District failed the first two inspections specifically because problems identified on 11/3/08 were not fixed a week later on 11/10. It was 10 days before the problems were fixed not "48 hours" as Organisciak claimed.

John Quinn, Assistant Superintendent for Finance, tried the same line on the Journal News without success.

Quinn...said the inspectors' visits were helpful.

"We use it as a tool and another set of eyes to help provide good quality food service, and we follow up on it. You'll see that in the inspections," Quinn said.

While New Rochelle cleaned up conditions, it sometimes took prodding.

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Special Buys at Downtown Stores this Saturday and Sunday

  SoNo has great bargains at the Curtain Shoppe, the Habitat Stores, Four Seasons, Liebmans, and more…Plus get your Lunch and Dinner offers at Bella Bella’s Litle Mexican Cafe, and Cholo’s…take a walk this weekend in SoNo…!

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Removed due to all caps violation

This post was removed due to violation of ALL CAPS policy. The author was asked twice to edit the post into normal type and has, so far, not done so.

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Talk of the Sound Report: The North-South Divide in New Rochelle Public Schools

EDITOR'S NOTE: There is a school board meeting Tuesday night 10/6.

The following report is the result of more than a year of research and observing the school board in action. I hope you will read this presentation and share it with your friends, neighbors and, for those of you with children in South End schools, your fellow parents. I hope you will be as disturbed to read this report as I was in preparing it. I welcome your comments and feedback below.

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Bruce Negrin Radio Show Tonight 8pm WVOX 1460 am &

Join us for New Rochelle News & Views.

Direct Studio line to join the conversation is

Tonights Guest:

Albert Tarantino, New Rochelle City Council Member, District #2

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New Rochelle Vista: Concern Expressed by Schoor, Maisano and the New Rochelle Firefighters

In the Westchester Herald, September 28 issue by Peggy Godfrey

There are too many plea bargains which give short sentences to people who commit serious crimes, according to Dan Schorr, Republican candidate for Westchester County District Attorney. He told the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club members he would be more friendly to victims of crimes because he finds what is happening now unacceptable. Ward Henderson asked if a person accused of sex crimes should have access to DNA testing. Schorr felt they should. In answer to a members' questions, Schorr stated over 25% of the Westchester Assistant District Attorneys were resigning in the last few years and many of them cited the frustrating work environment and low office morale. He felt this was unacceptable.
Expressing concern over the City Manager's suggestion that eight firefighters be laid off, Byron Gray, President of the New Rochelle Uniformed Firefighters Association, recounted some history of the service. In l973 there were 200 firefighters and 3000 calls. In 2009 there are 159 men with 8000 calls for service. He especially noted the difficulty servicing the three high rise buildings for a fire which would require more firemen than are presently on duty.

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Verizon Fios in New Rochelle

I was just wondering what is keeping New Rochelle residents from getting access to Verizon FIOS Services ?
I heard that negotiations were in place, but nothing has really happened.
Does anyone knows what the hold up is ?

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