Electing Someone  "Who Will Listen to Us"

Can you fight city hall?  This year's election may have given an affirmative answer to that question.  Voters from all parts of the political spectrum when asked how they felt about the election results in Westchester had responses which indicated voters wanted change and they got it.   Lorraine Pierce, Secretary of the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club summed up a lot of sentiment being expressed.  "The elections this year were not so much a referendum for or against Democrats or Republicans,  but a referendum against incumbents who for too long have disregarded the will of the people they represent.  I only hope this message carries over to the New Rochelle elections in 2011."

There were a number of people who expressed confidence in our County Executive-elect, Rob Astorino.  Bruce Negrin, WVOX radio host, felt "finally common sense has come back.  Astorino stuck to his message about this being the highest taxed county in the country."   He was in shock with the high percent of votes Astorino received against Andy Spano.  New Rochelle Councilman Lou Trangucci felt "people have spoken and Astorino won by a land slide."  Mitch Spalin, Vice President of the South End Civic League, admitted she was "glad voters finally decided to elect someone who will listen to us."

A thoughtful comment by Marino Michelotti was, "Voters were responding to the  outrageous tax incr

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Pocantico Hills Pays Former New Rochelle Asst. Supt. $80,000 to Leave Town

09A2EE11-A4A0-414C-A9A0-64216FC5F0A3.jpgThe Journal News is reporting that the Pocantico Hills Central District has paid $80,000 as part of a separation agreement with now-former Superintendent of Schools in Pocantico Hills Fred Smith. Smith was the Assistant Superintendent of Schools in New Rochelle prior to accepting the Pocantico Hills position in May 2008.

In response to a Freedom of Information Law request, Pocantico Hills Central District has revealed they paid Smith $79,461 but that no other benefits or money would be paid. The agreement states Smith decision to leave was "personal".

Jay Scotto-Friedman, Acting Superintendent in Pocantico Hills said at a school board meeting last night, "The district actually provided for less than he would have been entitled to."

Smith's contract with the PHCD began in 2008 and would typically run until 2011.

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Journal News Publishes 2008-09 "Top Earners" Schools Salary Database

At this point is anyone surprised that in the worst economy since the Great Depression there are more school district employees getting paid more money than ever in the history of New Rochelle.

Let the good times roll!

New Rochelle school administrators, teachers dominate top-earner listb

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NEW RO 4 $ALE: Civil Service Honcho Gets Free Pass on STAR Exemption "Errors" as 7 Pinebrook Road is Readied for Market

Procopio at 7 Pinebrook Road.jpg (Dominic Procopio outside 7 Pinebrook Road earlier today, a "for sale" clearly visible)

Procopio Must Pay Back Combat Vet Exemptions

New Rochelle Tax Assessor Louis Pirone is blaming "State policy" for his decision to waive all past due amounts for eight years worth of STAR exemptions pocketed by Domenic Procopio, the Chairman of New Rochelle Civil Service Commission. Pressed to cite a single statute or policy that supported this claim, Pirone would only say "STAR is not restorable" by "State policy".

Procopio is being asked to pay back taxes totaling $2,674.44 for the eight years of Combat Veterans property tax exemptions he received to which he was likewise not entitled, a small fraction on the total amount owed by Procopio. Tax experts tell Talk of the Sound the full amount is well in excess of $10,000.

Domenic Procopio has not responded to repeated messages left for him at the New Rochelle Civil Service Commission office.

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Downtown Development Thwarted by Proliferation of Storefront Churches in the New Rochelle Business Improvement District

downtown churches-schools.jpg

The New Rochelle Downtown Business Improvement District is facing a threat from an unexpected source -- the New York State Liquor Authority. Under New York State Law, applicants for a liquor store license, wine store license and on-premises license cannot be within 200 feet of a school, church, synagogue or other place of worship. Due to the quilt-pattern of existing churches and schools in the area and the recent proliferation of storefront churches along the Main Street corridor in the heart of the BID, all but a half block area between Division Street and Centre Avenue is now off-limits to new bars, restaurants or nightclubs. This does not affect businesses which have continually operated with a liquor license before a church opened within 200 feet of that establishment but does impact a location that changes owners.

In the past two years three new storefront churches have opened on Main Street in the heart of New Rochelle's Business Improvement District. The most recent signed a lease over the summer.

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New Rochelle, NY - The Past & Present

A group for anyone who has lived, lives, has/had family or friends or just passed through New Rochelle and would like to share memories and pictures of days gone by and of the present.

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Early Morning in So No

Many like to take a walk from the Main Street and within less than one mile 9 miles of waterfront exist...a simple bike ride, it allows people to see the water, beautiful in a great way...Starlite Diner is open early on Main and Kaffeine,. as well as you will see Tucker on Main Street before he goes into Carpet One...

Today pre holiday sales exist as people are getting deals early...come to So No New Ro today..

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How old someone has to be to run for mayor?

How old do you have to be to run for mayor of lets say New Rochelle.

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