Ambulance Needed at Planned Parenthood, New Rochelle

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Ambulance Needed at Planned Parenthood, New Rochelle

September 22, 2009 - 21:37

Eyewitnesses reported that the ambulance had been seen at Planned Parenthood in recent weeks. Abortions are thought to be safe, but how safe are they? Eyewitnesses saw the ambulance at the site on Le Count Place. Here is the result of my Freedom of Information request:

"In response to your FOIL request regarding ambulance calls, please note that there were ambulance calls to 247 North Avenue on the dates indicated below.

Due to the Health Information Privacy Act, it can merely be acknowledged that the calls did occur, as follows:

8/11/09 – 3:13 P. M.
8/20/09 8:56 A. M.
8/27/09 8:43 A. M."

Why were there three calls in such a short time period?

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I'm sure it will be MUCH safer if you succeed in outlawing them, and women are forced to the back alley again.

Instead it might mean that the health risks (physical and mental) are underplayed. Having this procedure is never simple and shouldn't be considered that way. People never talk about the risks only the "choice".

If you were to FOIL ... let's say 175 Memorial Hwy, 110 Lockwood Ave, 140 Lockwood Ave, 77 Quaker Ridge Rd (Medical Service locations)you would probably find even more calls for an Ambulance. Was the FOILED info used as a "scare tactic". It is legal for now until our Legislators change the law.

several police in swat geer what is going on mr/mrs deepthoat give us detaials. wensday 11;45am.

Do you have access to the number of ambulance calls made over the year? What about other PP sites in Westchester County? In the United States?

I do not have access to the number of ambulance calls made over the year only eyewitness reports. There was another eyewitness report of an ambulance at Planned Parenthood in the afternoon last week. It would be worthwhile to collect the statistics of how many ambulance calls there are at Planned Parenthood sites.