Time to Clean House - November 2010 - New Rochelle For The People !!!

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Time to Clean House - November 2010 - New Rochelle For The People !!!

November 30, 2009 - 22:13

City Hall for City Hall, and NOT the People…

Noam “The Cheat” Bramson and Charles “The Crook” Strome, have no clue on how to run a lawn mower let alone a City such as New Rochelle.

Here are a few facts the good people of New Rochelle may not know:

1. The mayor’s position in New Rochelle is a PART-TIME JOB that pays over $85,000 a year. How many people out there know of any part-time job that receives a full-time salary? This is absurd! Noam “The Cheat” Bramson should get his lazy, good for nothing, worthless ass a real job like everyone else and stop making a living off the hard working people of New Rochelle who are suffering greatly due to the economy. All this man knows how to do is let people who he knows off the hook. Mr. Domenic “The Lying Thief” Procopio, was given a free pass on paying back taxes because he’s Chairman of the Municipal Civil Service Commission. Not only that, he’s the president of the Calabria Society who contributes money towards political campaigns. Guess what? He contributed money towards Idoni and Bramson run for Mayor of New Rochelle and for Idoni’s run as County Clerk of Westchester. Domenic “The Lying Thief” Procopio, was allowed multiple Tax Exemptions on multiple properties he owns in New Rochelle, which is illegal. And one of the exemptions that he was granted illegally from Idoni and Bramson was “Combat Vet Exemptions” which is ONLY available to those Brave Souls who put there life on the line in combat as a member of out Unites States Armed Forces. Domenic “The Lying Thief” Procopio, DID NOT SERVE IN ANY OF OUR ARMED SERVICES!!! This man is reaping the benefits of those who sacrificed their lives for the greater good of this Nation. Domenic Procopio should be PUNISHED and JAILED, and not just given a FREE PASS. Noam “The Cheat” Bramson, literally spat in the faces of all our Brave Vets by not only giving Domenic Procopio a free pass, but by also allowing him to stay on as Chairman of the Municipal Civil Service Commission.

Noam “The Cheat” Bramson’s part-time mayoral salary should be reduced by $50,000. This $50,000 can be used to add an additional Full-Time Emergency Service Employee such as a Firefighter or Police Officer. By allowing himself a full-time salary for a part-time position is criminal. The people of New Rochelle should have a say as to the mayor’s salary, not other politicians.

The Mayor’s expenses, that are paid for by New Rochelle Tax Payers, should be set at $3,000 per year, not a penny more. Not only that, this part-time position shouldn’t be allowed an official vehicle that is fueled with city fuel. What part-time job gives you a car and a gas card? This is beyond excessive spending that there ever was.

2. City Council Members of New Rochelle are also Part-Time Jobs. These positions are receiving salaries over $35,000 per year, $35,000 per year people!!! This is highway robbery. These positions should not be allowed more then $5,000 per year which also includes expenses. City Council Members all, pretty much, have full time jobs, and to allow them to add over $35,000 to that is criminal as well. New Rochelle has six (6) council members. This comes to over $210,000 a year just for their salaries alone. This doesn’t include the unknown expenses that they accrue over a year, which is estimated to be an additional $120,000 per year minimum.

City Council Members salaries are another thing that should be left up the voters of New Rochelle, and not other politicians. By reducing the Council Members salaries, the City would be saving an estimated $180,000 a year. This money could also be used to add four (4) additional Emergency Service Employees such as Firefighters or Police Officers.

3. The City Manager position is a full time job. Charles “The Crook” Strome earns over $165,000, which doesn’t include expenses and benefits that are estimated to be above $50,000. This man literally is running our city into the gutter and making a great salary doing it. Charles “The Crook” Strome is also guilty of allowing Domenic “The Lying Thief” Procopio a free pass.

Let’s give these JERKS a message come November 2010. The Message is “Time to Clean House”. The time has come, and this time it’s for the people! Vote These Criminals Out of New Rochelle City Hall!!!