New Rochelle, Corruption at its Best !!!

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New Rochelle, Corruption at its Best !!!

December 28, 2009 - 15:07

Bramson & Strome must be so happy that they were able to “BUY” the votes from City Council members that granted Cappelli its 13th unprecedented amendment on the LeCount Square Project. That’s the biggest Christmas Gift a City could give a developer, 13 amendments!

How much did Cappelli pay Bamson, Strome and the other Mindless, Greedy City Council members to pass this 13th amendment? New Rochelle residents know that city officials are on the take. How else could this amendment have passed?

All New Rochelle Residents should be outraged and disgusted with ALL the Mass Corruption of City Officials. It seems that our city officials are so out of touch with reality that they are causing more harm to our City, that at its current rate, it will take years to recover.

Since 1991, New Rochelle has been in a downward deterioration. Idoni’s failures and Bramson’s lack of experience have been a detrimental factor. Together they have destroyed New Rochelle’s business development while raising taxes to an all time high. Take a good look at Main Street. All there is are nail salons, dime stores and fruit markets.

New Rochelle residents pay the highest tax per service ratio, and now they are cutting services even more! When was the last time anyone’s seen a street sweeper in their neighborhood, especially in the South End?

Bramson, Strome and all the mindless, thieving, council members are destroying New Rochelle and making lots and lots of illegally gained money doing it! Hard working people who are barely able to get by are suffering to make ends meet while they grant Tax Pardons to criminals like Domenic Procopio who has been stealing money from the City by not paying his fair share of property and school taxes. Bramson and Strome granted him a PASS. Why? Because he too is a corrupt city official who has been granted many favors since 1991. Estimates show that Domenic Procopio has been grated “Favors” from New Rochelle City Officials since 1991 that come to a monetary estimated value of well over $100,000. This estimate includes illegal tax breaks, unpaid parking tickets for him and many of his family members and acquaintances, illegally dismissed moving violations for him, his family and many of his acquaintances, illegally dismissed city code violations, etc, etc, etc… And get this, Bramson still has not fired him from his position as Chairperson of the Municipal Civil Service Commission. Here’s something funny, why did Beverly Silverman all of a sudden decide to retire when the Domenic Procopio story broke? How much is she involved with the scandal?


I urge all New Rochelle residents to contact your City Council Member and give them HELL! Call mayor Bramson and city manager Strome and give them HELL TOO!!!

Call New York State Attorney General Cuomo and tell him that New Rochelle City Hall is infected with corrupt officials that are destroying quality of life for all its residents. That city officials are illegally gaining undisclosed amounts of money from developers, that city officials are granting passes to other corrupt city officials that should be jailed!!!

Call them: General Helpline: 1-800-771-7755

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Robert Cox's picture

I would very interested to hear details which support the "$100,000 in favors" for Domenic Procopio claim.

As for accusing City Officials of corruption, your post would carry more meaning if you could city a single specific example involving Mayor Bramson or City Manager Strome -- or anyone else.

It is one thing to point a finger and accuse; it is an another to document the accusation. I am not doubting you but rather suggesting how you can better make your case.