New Rochelle Commissioner Turns Blind-Eye to "Gangster Mentality" in Police Department's High-Stakes Fantasy Football

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New Rochelle Commissioner Turns Blind-Eye to "Gangster Mentality" in Police Department's High-Stakes Fantasy Football

February 18, 2010 - 16:15

40 teams2010.jpgDozens of current and former New Rochelle police officers, primarily from the New Rochelle Police Department's Police And Community Together Unit (P.A.C.T.) have for the past 12 years paid tens of thousands of dollars into a high-stakes fantasy football league with team names, team web sites and helmet decals that glorify a brutish, hard-drinking, gangster mentality among officers within the unit.

[NOTE: A significant update to this story was published the week after this first story ran: City of New Rochelle Has "No Comment" on XXX-Rated P.F.F.L. Web Site Published by Current and Former NRPD Officers. Be sure to read both this story and that one which provides new details about the graphic pornography found throughout the web site]

Teams owned by New Rochelle police officers, including many high ranking officers, reference organized crime, vigilantism, police brutality, alcohol abuse, and a hostile misogynistic attitude towards women in a manner which raises serious questions about the fitness for duty of some NRPD officers and, more broadly, the leadership of New Rochelle Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll who has permitted the group to operate on his watch for over a decade.

Participating officers have owned teams with names which include Midnight Mutha F*s, Kill 'em All, The Hitmen, Bad Boyz, Goodfellas, New Jack City, Tuxedo Mafia, The Enforcers, Jack Daniels Boys, Da Drunks and Tits 'N' Ass. Images and helmet decals include one riddled with bullet holes, a woman in a skimpy red bikini, a whiskey label logo, an animation of beer bottles bouncing into a crate, a large-breasted woman in a white bikini, a mafia shooting scene, and a nude, heavily-tattooed woman standing naked, leaning back while holding a massive chainsaw between her legs pointing outwards to suggest a penis. References to male testes are also popular; teams include Harley's Balls, Fireballs, Balzy Bulls and Ball Breakers. One team -- Perri's Not Gay Ghosts - is vaguely homophobic (the team helmet is pink). Two teams appear to be mocking the police profession - The Hemmorroids and Get the Donuts.

P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League (current site)
P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League (original site)

[Editor's note: New Rochelle Police Block Public Access to Controversial Fantasy Football Web Site]

PFFL original 16.jpgAccording to the league web site, the PFFL was founded with 16 teams in 1998 by police officers from the New Rochelle Police Department and has now expanded to 40 teams in 4 conferences. Each conference has its own on-line website. All teams play a conference schedule with playoff games until two teams are left to play in the "PFFL Super Bowl" with the winner receiving "a engraved trophy and $$$". Teams that do not make the playoffs play in the "Toilet Bowl" a single elimination tournament. Teams have their own web page which includes a helmet with customized decal, an image selected by the team owner to "represent" the owner and his team (there are no women owners) and the team's won-loss record. In the recently ended 2009 season, team owners paid $260 to join the league plus additional fees to trade players. Proceeds were used to pay out over $10,000 in prize money and host a Super Bowl party on February 7, 2010.

Most of the officers involved in the league over the past 12 years are current or former members of P.A.C.T. or the Police and Community Together Unit which includes all NRPD Youth Officers, Beat Officers, and Housing Officers and is tasked, ironically, with NRPD Community Relations. The content of the web site appears to directly contravene a primary mission of the P.A.C.T. Unit: to present a positive, professional image of the police department within the New Rochelle community. The New Rochelle Police Department, the City of New Rochelle and the City School District of New Rochelle all employ current and former members of the P.A.C.T. Unit.

P.A.C.T. Youth Officers handle youth related investigations including the New Rochelle D.A.R.E. program, part of a national effort to keep kids away from involvement with drugs, gangs, and violence. P.A.C.T. Beat Officers and P.A.C.T. Housing Officers have as their main function to interact with members of the community, attending community association meetings, and organizing community functions involving the police department and the community. Overall, the P.A.C.T. Unit is responsible for maintaining and promoting community relations with the public which includes meetings with community leaders, school board officials, local elected representatives, Chamber of Commerce, and neighborhood associations.

nrpatchonwebsite.jpgThe PFFL web site explicitly identifies the league with the P.A.C.T. Unit and the entire New Rochelle Police Department. The home page includes an image of the official NRPD patch with the words "New Rochelle Police" clearly visible. The PFFL site links back to the New Rochelle Police Department web site. The league history on the PFFL home page states the league was founded by "Police Officers from the New Rochelle, N.Y. Police Department."

The PFFL, both its intent and its expression on the league web site, appears to violate numerous departmental rules and regulations and the ethics code officers swear to uphold.

The Personal and Professional Conduct section of the New Rochelle Police Department's Rules and Regulations states police officers are required to "conduct themselves at all times, both on and off duty, in such a manner as to reflect most favorably on the Department". Further, police officers "must not engage in conduct which brings the Department into disrepute or reflects discredit upon the officer as a member of the Department". Police officers must "maintain a level of moral conduct in their personal and business affairs, which is in keeping with the highest standards of the law enforcement profession" and precludes police officers from engaging in "any type of activity which expresses prejudice concerning race, sex, religion, politics, national origin, lifestyle or similar personal characteristics."

Based on a 2009 NRPD roster, most teams are owned by active duty police officers including more than a dozen police detectives, eight sergeants and two police lieutenants. Other team owners include police officers who first created teams while on activity duty but have since retired from the force.

worstteams2010.jpgTeam Owners and Team Names - Active Duty Police Officers (as of 4/2009)

  • Rodriquez/Wilson - Midnight Mutha F*s later changed to Kill 'em All
  • Police Officer Ryan Downs - Devils Rejects (from 1996 film about a group of sadistic serial killers, tagline, "Hell doesn't want them. Hell doesn't need them. Hell doesn't love them. This world rejects them."
  • Police Officer Paul D'erasmo - New Jack City (from 1999 file with tagline, "They're a new breed of gangster. The new public enemy. The new family of crime.")
  • Detective Vincent Mirabile - Mirabile's Bad Boyz (from 1991 film "Boyz in the Hood" whose lead character is "torn by his desire to be a success and live up to his father's expectation and the pull of peer pressure to be more involved in the local gang culture").
  • Police Officer Luigi Amico - Tuxedo Mafia, later changed to Excessive Force
  • Police Officer Michael Regina - Domestic Dispute
  • Police Officer Timothy Adrian - Jack Daniels Boys
  • Detective Daniel Benge - Tail Gators
  • Detective Evanngelos Geralis - Ball Breakers, later changed to Evil's Empire
  • Sergeant Kevin Perri - Perri's Not Gay Ghosts
  • Detective Bruce Daniele (retired) - La Maluchia (rough translation is "the naughty one")
  • Detective Andres Fernandez - The Hemmorroids
  • Police Officer Adam Castiglia - Get The Donuts

Team Owners and Team Names - Not on Active Duty Roster (as of 4/2009)

  • Michael Lore - Tits 'n' Ass
  • Sal Oppedisano - Goodfellas (from 1990 film with tagline, "As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a gangster." -- Henry Hill, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1955)
  • Bill Olzewski - The Enforcers (from 1976 film "The Enforcer" with tagline, the 3rd "Dirty Harry" film,, billed as "the 'dirtiest' Harry of them all!"
  • Rob Adams - Da Drunks
  • Anthony Geralis - Harleys Balls
  • Some of the officers involved are well-known to Talk of the Sound.

    Sergeant David Rodriguez

    rod-mugshot.jpgThe precise identity of the "Rodriguez" listed as co-owner of a the "Midnight Mutha F*s" in 2003 and later "Kill em All" is not confirmed; the other co-owner "Wilson" which may be either Detective Jeff Wilson or Sergeant Kyle Wilson. There was a Sergeant David Rodriguez on the force until 2008. The PFFL's "Rodriguez" participated in the league until February 2008 and dropped out prior to the start of the 2008 NFL season which began in September 2008. The 2007 NFL season ended with Super Bowl XLII on February 3rd, 2008. Five days later, on February 8th, 2008, Sergeant Rodriguez was supervising as members of the P.A.C.T. Unit arrested a 35-year old man for threatening the mother of his child, a then-17-year old girl.

    The unidentified girl told CBS 2's Tony Aiello that Rodriguez returned later that night (which would be after the end of Third Tour) around 12 PM, and raped her while her baby slept in a near by crib. After the girl was able to describe a unique feature of the officer's genitals, Sergeant Rodriguez was arrested on March 19th, 2008 and charged with first-degree rape. As part of a plea deal intended to spare the teen victim from having to testify at trial, the rape charge against Rodriguez was dropped. He admitted to having sexual contact with the girl, pleaded guilty to official misconduct, and received a one-year conditional release discharge. Rodriguez had resigned from the New Rochelle Police department the week before sentencing. Rodriguez was married to Darlene Rodriguez (née Pomales), co-anchor of Today in New York on WNBC, at the time of the incident.

    If the Rodriguez/Wilson team refers to Sergeant David Rodriguez, the team name Midnight Mutha F*s takes on a new, more ominous meaning given the specific allegation by the victim -- that around midnight, David Rodriguez sexually assaulted a new mother while her infant child slept in a crib just a few feet away.

    New Rochelle Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll defended Sergeant Rodriguez, claiming he had "a sterling record".

    Detective Bruce Daniele (ret.)

    Detective Bruce Daniele (ret.), currently the head of security for the City School District of New Rochelle, was a founding member of the league and owner of "La Maluchia". While the intended meaning of the term is not stated on the PFFL web site, Malucha in Spanish means "naughty" or "wayward"; "La Maluchia" can be understood to mean "the naughty one".

    Daniele was among three school district employees who the New York State Civil Service Commission determined had been hired without following proper procedures. Daniele, along with former New Rochelle police officer Robert Coyne and New York City police officer Rolf Koehler were the subject of an inaccurate and illicit board resolution passed by the Board of Education in September 2009. Collins Coyne is the owner of Loose Change, another PFFL team.

    The resolution was necessitated by an order from the New York State Civil Service Commission which investigated the hiring of the three former police officers and found the New Rochelle Civil Service Commission and the City School District of New Rochelle had filled the positions improperly. The Chairman of the New Rochelle Civil Service Commission Domenic Procopio has been at the center of a number of irregularities in New Rochelle, including personally accepting tens of thousands of dollars in illicit property tax exemptions including over $2,000 in benefits reserved exclusively for Combat Veterans. Procopio, who never served in the military and who is, according to former director Beverly Silverman "never" in the Civil Service Commission office at City Hall, regularly holds court at Mamma Francesca's Trattoria 414 Pelham Road. His frequent guest, according to numerous sources, is Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll.

    In 2009, the State ordered the scheduling of competitive civil service exams to occur doing the 2009-10 school year with the understanding that Daniele, Coyne and Koehler could keep their high-paying positions with the district until the end of the school year at which time the district would have the option to hired them properly, depending on the outcome of the exams. Civil service examinations for the three positions were scheduled for January 11, 2010 and February 6, 2010 although concerns over irregularities have since been raised about the job description promulgated by the New Rochelle Civil Service Commission.

    The resolution was improper because the criteria described in the board resolution did not comply with the Statutory Criteria for 211 Waivers. The district failed to prepare a detailed recruitment plan for the three positions, failed to undertake extensive recruitment efforts, and failed to demonstrate an urgent need for their services. The vacancies the district sought to fill were not unplanned, unpredictable, or unexpected as required by State law were the appointments being treated as "non-permanent" as they appear to be the final filling of the position. The resolution further stated that the three men were recruited based on their prior service as New Rochelle police officers. Koehler never never served with the New Rochelle Police Department. The school board resolution was later changed, voted on a second time and again approved.

    Detective Jason Buono

    Detective Jason Buono owned"The Hitmen", later changed to "Smashmouth". Detective Buono will be familiar to Talk of the Sound readers. He is the officer sent by Isaac E. Young Middle School Principal Anthony Bongo, Jr. to this reporter's house with a false police report in November 2008 in a crude attempt to suppress a Talk of the Sound story about his routine violation of state law and NYSED police. Bongo's father, Anthony Bongo, Sr. is the owner of PAB Construction, a major contractor for the City of New Rochelle and a close personal friend of New Rochelle Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll. Buono's initial claims about the nature of the complaint, who had made it and what actions he had taken as a result were later all directly contradicted by Buono's own incident report. This reporter later alleged to police officials that Buono was acting as a "messenger boy" for Bongo in an attempt at intimidation, that there had been no "plate lookup" at DMV and that Bongo had simply sent his cousin on an errand in the hopes of quashing the story about his illicit cigar smoking on school grounds. No record of a DMV lookup of this reporter's vehicle by NRPD was ever produced in response.

    Detective Ray Andolina

    Detective Ray Andolina is the youth officer who told the Journal News a security guard at Isaac E. Young Middle School had been cleared of charges of assault an an 8th grade student at the school despite no charges having been filed. In that case, the mother of the child went to the police station on North Avenue on three separate occasions to file a complaint against the guard. Detective Andolina actively and aggressively discouraged the mother from filing her complaint, in direct violation of NRPD Procedures. Having refused to accept the complaint from the mother Detective Andolina told the Journal News that the "charge was dismissed" despite not having taken a complaint form the victim or the mother. In an astonishing display of defiant arrogance, Andolina then blamed the mother in the newspaper, saying she must not have taken the matter seriously because she did not file charges. Andolina also made the false claim that the mother wanted to deal with school officials instead of the police.

    Andolina is the officer who failed to fully investigate the "sexting" incident at Albert Leonard Middle School because, according to Andolina "police did not find anything that would warrant official charges" and saying he could not be expected to "track down every cell phone that received the photo". In that case, Donna Henry, a security guard at Albert Leonard Middle School obtained the nude photo and transmitted the photo to two other school district employees. The nude photo of a child was then widely disseminated among public employees including numerous school district employees at Isaac E. Young Middle School and New Rochelle High School. Andolina did not seek to track down any phones that might have received the nude image or even determine whether nude images of a child had been transmitted using the phone he took into evidence. The phone was later returned to its owner and evidence in the case destroyed under the direction of the supervising sergeant.

    Tits 'N' Ass' Team and the Nude Woman with the Chainsaw Penis

    chainsaw.jpgThe single most disturbing team and team web site in the PFFL is Michael Lore's team Tits 'N' Ass which displays an image of a nude woman holding a large chainsaw (right). A Google image search for "nude tattoo chainsaw" returned, as the first result, the same photo on Lore's team page. The woman in the photo models, acts and performs under the stage name "Spurna" and she is described as a "goth" porn star on several web sites which we will not link to here. The image on Lore's site were copied from Barely Evil, a goth porn site. They were part of a series of photos taken at the home of David J. Schow a well-known horror writer whose film credits include screenplays for A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. These films and other Schow works are part of a horror sub-genre known as splatterpunk, a term Schow coined, to distinguish his "graphic, often gory, depiction of violence and 'hyperintensive horror with no limits.'"

    Spurna's body of work includes stints as a nude model, actress in pornographic films, and fronting an eponymous all-girl goth rock band. Incongruously, she also appeared in a country music video for Brooks and Dunn's song Hillbilly Deluxe. In April 2009, Spurna's California home was raided by "20 swat officers with machine guns" shortly after she posed nude holding large amounts of marijuana buds on serving trays. She and her housemates were arrested although she claims charged against her were later dismissed.

    "Slasher" movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Streetoften depict violence that occurs during or after sexual activity. Psychologists have long considered such films as part of a process of mental conditioning which has a desensitizing effect on men. Such films that juxtapose sexual images with explicit violence dull men's emotional reaction to film violence so that men become less disturbed by scenes of extreme violence and degradation directed at women. In turn, this tends to "reduce feelings of concern or empathy for female victims of violence in other settings".

    Possible Violations of New Rochelle Police Department Rules and Regulations

    Fantasy sports leagues are legal so long as no one involved is "taking a cut". In 2006, in Humphrey v. Viacom a federal judge in New Jersey ruled that when an entry fee is paid unconditionally and the prize is for an amount certain and is guaranteed to be won by a participant, a contest does not morph into gambling under the law. Congress later passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which "broadly prohibits Internet gambling, establishes that fantasy sports leagues are not gambling operations...because all prizes are announced in advance and do not depend on the number of participants and the amount of fees paid by them, the winning outcomes reflect knowledge and skill of participants and are based on accumulated statistical results of the performance of individual athletes, and winning outcomes are not based on the score, point-spread or any performance of a single real-world individual or team."

    BrucePool.jpgMore questionable are the "football boxes" betting that appear to have run for Monday Night Football and the Super Bowl. For the most recent season, payouts were close to $30,000 . In those cases the winning outcomes are based on the score of a a single real-world team which would appear to indicate the web site is reporting on the outcomes of illegal gambling by New Rochelle police officers. Such illegal gambling would represent a clear conflict of interest as the Genovese and Gambino crime families are known to run illegal bookmaking operations in New Rochelle.

    Legal or not, the amounts involved run into the tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, which raises further questions as to whether winners have declared the amounts on their tax returns.

    Under NRPD Rules and Regulations police officers are not allowed to engage in any activity or personal business that would cause them to neglect or be inattentive to their duties", not engage in conversations with other members of the Department for any other purpose than the exchange of information relative to the business of the Department when assigned to duty outside of headquarters, while on patrol, members of the Department will not read or possess books, newspapers, magazines, or other reading materials unless such material is related to the business of the Department and shall not use personal communications devices while on patrol. While the P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League may be legal, participation in such leagues is known to create work-place issues and companies have begun to ban such leagues and other sports-related wagering such as "March Madness" bracket tournaments.

    A publicly accessible web site such as the P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League may create a variety of legal issues for the New Rochelle Police Department as it might be considered a form of harassment or intimidation towards the public or members of the department. The web site might also be the basis for claims of sexual harassment or creating a hostile work environment.

    SBJDB08.jpgThe PFFL site has numerous references to alcohol and alcohol abuse. Sworn members of the New Rochelle Police Department are never permitted to "drink alcoholic beverages to the extent that they become intoxicated" because they are generally required to carry their weapon and badge at all times, they may be called into service at any time in emergency situations and their personal behavior reflects on the entire department.

    The nature and intent of the PFFL may mean that police officers who own teams in the league are in violation of Section 2.20 which states that "Members of the Department will not belong to any group or organization whose constitution, regulations, by-laws or intent, however expressed, would prevent the member from carrying out the policies and duties of the Department."

    While many of the police officers involved in the league have chosen benign team names, logos and images for the web site, they are all required to immediately report, to their Commanding Officer, any "delinquency, dereliction of duty, violation of the Rules and Regulations, or any other conduct they observe or have knowledge of, that may adversely affect the good order, efficiency and discipline of the Department." The problem here is that many senior officers are owners of teams in the P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League including 22 active duty detectives, sergeants and lieutenants.

    kper2.jpgWhile not specifically addressing web sites such as the P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League, it is a violation of NRPD policy for police officers, without proper authority, to "represent the Department before the media (Print, Radio, or Television) or address any public gatherings or private groups. Officers are not allowed to "wear, use, display or possess a police shield or other similar object" except as authorized by the Police Commissioner. That would appear to apply both to the NRPD patch image on the site as well as the photo of an officer in uniform holding the the P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League trophy. The photo appears to indicate additional violations: the officer in the photo, Sergeant Kevin Perri, appears to be wearing the uniform coat completely unzipped in violation of policy which requires that the jacket be zippered at least three quarters of the way up. Police officers are not allowed to appear in uniform in any publication or photograph in which they promote, endorse or otherwise advertise any commercial or private enterprise without the permission of the Police Commissioner.

    fu.jpgTransactions among team owners in the P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League take place on third-party web sites. If department computers are being used to access the Internet or send email the police officer doing so would be violating a number of department Rules and Regulations which prohibits the use of department computers for "personal, recreational, commercial, illegal, unprofessional or other non-work related uses". Anyone trading with teams such as Midnight Mutha F*sor Kill 'em All, to name a few, or viewing the Tits 'N' Ass team web site with its chainsaw-wielding naked woman would likely be violating rules against sending messages that are "derogatory, obscene or otherwise inappropriate or unrelated to Department business" or sending "material which may cause a hostile working environment and/or which is in contravention of the City of New Rochelle’s Harassment in the Workplace policy".

    Some of the teams use copyrighted logos (Jack Daniels, Dunkin' Donuts, NFL, Super Bowl, New York Football Giants, Miami Dolphins, etc.) and so violate NRPD rules against sending or obtaining information that is "inconsistent with the copyright laws of the United States".

    Professional Police Ethics Issues

    Trophy.jpgMore broadly, the entire web site and every officer associated with the PFFL appears to have failed to abide by the "Professional Police Ethics" guidelines distributed to each officer which they are required by their oath to uphold: "I WILL keep my private life unsullied as an example to all...I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of my department."

    Private Conduct: The law enforcement officer shall be mindful of his special identification by the public as an upholder of the law. Laxity of conduct or manner in private life, expressing either disrespect for the law or seeking to gain special privilege, cannot but reflect upon the police officer and the police service. The community and the service require that the law enforcement officer lead the life of a decent and honorable man. Following the career of a policeman gives no man special privileges. It does give the satisfaction and pride of following and furthering an unbroken tradition of safeguarding the American republic. The officer who reflects upon this tradition will not degrade it. Rather, he will so conduct his private life that the public will regard him as an example of stability, fidelity, morality and integrity.

    Conduct Toward the Public: The law enforcement officer be mindful of his responsibility to the whole community, shall deal with individuals of the community in a manner calculated to instill respect for its laws and its police service. The law enforcement officer shall conduct his official life in a manner that will inspire confidence and trust.

    Attitude Toward Profession: He shall appreciate the importance and responsibility of his office, and hold police work to be an honorable profession rendering valuable service to his community and his country.


    PFFL History

    From the original league web site:

    Terry Legeret.jpgThe P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League was formed in 1998 and consisted of 16 teams. The name was taken from the Police And Community Together Unit of the New Rochelle Police Department as 11 of the founding owners were members of the PACT Unit. There were two conferences with 8 teams each. Bill Odell was appointed Commissioner of the National Conference and Neil Reynolds the American Conference. A Super Bowl was held at the end of the season. Bruce Daniele owner of La Maluchia beat Terry Legeret(South Park Cows) in the inaugural game. A quite large trophy was purchased and the winning team and record is inscribed on a plaque and attached to the trophy. A Toilet Bowl (for all teams not making playoffs) was also started. In 1999 the league expanded to 24 teams, 2 Conferences, 3 divisions each, 4 teams per division. Kevin Perri (Po'Perri) defeated Bruce Daniele ( LaMaluchia) in the Super Bowl.. In 2000 the league again expanded, this time to 30 teams. An additional conference was added and Terry Legeret was named Commissioner. A 3 way Super Bowl Game was held with Terry Legeret(South Park Cows) beating Vinny Mirabile(The Cigars) and Jeff Wilson(Buffs Blazers). In 2001 The South Park Cows won their second consectutive Super Bowl beating Tony Colotti(The Throwbacks) and Steve D'Onofrio(The Dawgs). In 2002 John Pastore(The Hangovers) won the Super Bowl beating Evie Geralis(The BallBreakers) and Bob Madden and Jim Sheehys "Blue Fins". In 2003 the league again expanded, this time to 40 teams and an additional conference will be added. The Super Bowl will be returned to it's original format, the two remaining teams

    From the new league web site:

    The P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football league was formed in 1998 with 16 teams. The league consisted of Police Officers from the New Rochelle, N.Y. Police Department. The League has expanded to 4 Conferences and 40 teams. Each conference has its own on-line website. All teams play a conference schedule with playoff games until two teams are left to play in the PFFL Super Bowl with the winner receiving a engraved trophy and $$$. Teams that do not make the playoffs play in the "Toilet Bowl" a single elimination tournament.




    P.A.C.T. Unit

    baby.jpgThe Police and Community Together Unit (P.A.C.T.) is headed by a Department supervisor (P.A.C.T. Commander) and is comprised of several different units.

    Youth Officers
    Youth Officers handle investigations regarding crimes committed by persons under the age of 16, missing youths, Persons in Need of Supervision(PINS), and other youth related investigations. The Departments Youth Officers administer and teach the D.A.R.E. program within the City.

    Beat Officers
    There are currently 10 beat officers assigned to the P.A.C.T. Unit. These officers are assigned specific beats within the city. Their main function is to interact with members of the community in solving problems related to the community. The Beat Officers also direct their activities towards criminal and quality of life problems on their beats. Beat Officers attend community association meetings, organize community functions involving the police department and the community, develop special projects and interact and assist other units within the Department. Beat officers utilize foot, bicycle,undercover operations and radio car patrol on their beats.

    Housing Officers
    There are currently 2 housing police officers. Their primary area of responsibilities are the Municipal Housing Complexes (Hartley & Bracey Complexes). Their main function is to interact with members of the community in solving problems related to the community. The Housing Officers also direct their activities towards criminal and quality of life . Housing Officers attend community association meetings, organize community functions involving the police department and the community, develop special projects and interact and assist other units within the Department. Housing Officers utilize foot, bicycle,undercover operations and radio car patrol on their beats.

    Community Relations
    The P.A.C.T. Unit is responsible for maintaining and promoting community relations with the public. Meetings with community leaders, school board officials,local elected representatives,Chamber of Commerce, community crime watches and neighborhood associations are attended on a regular basis by members of the unit.

    Problem Oriented Policing
    The P.A.C.T. Unit has developed several Problem Oriented Policing projects, among those,the Combat Auto Theft Project, Bicycle Anti-Theft Program and Combat Auto Theft Sticker Registration Program.

    There are 76 Comments

    Dear Mr Cox.. Let me start by saying I am a resident of New Rochelle. Though I was born in Japan I have lived here for 23 years and have t children whom attend school here. I would like to comment on your prejudicial comments about the NRPD Officers and this Fantasy Football. Lets start by the word alone “fantasy” it’s a game. There are over 300 different publications a year that are sold on any book stands in New Rochelle as well as Borders and other popular book store. This is not illegal, nor is running the league as it is not gambling nor considered illegal if the person or persons running the league are not making a profit from it. I am happily married and my husband works 2 jobs. One at Pepsi and a 2nd job right here in New Rochelle. He is in a fantasy league in each of his jobs. I have even learned a little about it and find it entertaining which is all it is, “entertainment”. I think the New Rochelle police officers do a fine job and are grossly underpaid for what they do. If they want to sit together once or twice a year and draft fantasy players with a couple of beers is ok with me. I read this article more then once, I remember a big brother of a friend of mine who when ever he was not winning in checkers he would mess up the board so no one could play. Im sorry but you seem like that big brother right now. Were you not invited to play Mr Cox. As far as the Police Commissioner, don’t you this with the economy in the state its in and his Police Department running short handed he has enough problems to deal with the this “gangster” gambling. I do read your articles all the time and find them very informative by I find this one a joke. Also, did you get permission to post photos of real people and Police Officers that apparently you stole from there site and Post them. Im not a Police Officer or Lawyer but something seems very wrong with that. I have not had to but if I should ever have to call the New Rochelle Police dept I will feel very comfortable with there arrival, will you. As I stated I do read this site and have respect for it as well as you. I hope you respect my little opinion and post this article. As for the Fantasy League, good luck to you all next year and may Brett Favre come back ;)

    Robert Cox's picture


    In the article, I clearly explain that fantasy sports "pools" are not illegal per se and provide links to information on the federal decision in New Jersey and the federal law passed by Congress that bear on this issue. I believe that is made quite clear so I have trouble believing you read the article "more than once" or even read any of it beyond the headline but whether you did or did not you obviously failed to apprehend the article. I suggest you read it again.

    As is made clear, the issue here is not about fantasy football. It is also not your brother's checker games or whether images were "stolen" from a web site. This is about the very bad behavior of some police officers exercising very poor judgement and violating numerous departmental procedures and basically making a public spectacle of themselves by choosing to put on the web in public view behavior that is more at home in a boy's middle school locker room. It is also about the failure of senior officers all the way up to the Police Commissioner to curtail behavior that is not only damaging to the reputation of the department but opens up the City to litigation on multiple fronts. And did I mention that the web site is just plain stupid.

    I believe that the vast majority of police officers here in New Rochelle do a good job. I have argued here on this site against the City cutting department members as well a cutting Firemen and DPW workers. There are over 200 members of the NRPD. This league includes less than three dozen active duty officers, less than one-third of them the source of the more egregious team names and images. While their conduct is unbecoming, these officers are not the entire New Rochelle police force and do not speak for all other officers. I would hope that the vast majority of officers in the department would concur that engaging in the sort of behavior on display on the PFFL web site is dishonorable. The sheer stupidity of publishing the information on the Internet in full public view for 12 years speaks for itself.

    It gave me no pleasure to learn of the PFFL web sites and even less to write the article. I have had the story for a week and had considered various ways in which I might simply ignore the story, pass it off to someone else or provide the officers involved the opportunity to take down the site.

    I consulted a number of people about whether or not to report out or publish this story. Along the way I was asked by one person how I would feel if I were a woman who had been the victim of a sexual assault and learned that the officer who responded to my call was part of a web site with a team called "Tits 'N' Ass" and a photo of nude woman brandishing a large chainsaw between her legs like a large penis. At the point it became clear that while the decision to publish the web site was stupid the implications of that decision were serious and needed to be exposed and addressed by City officials.

    Perhaps you really would be comfortable with police officers in your home or teaching your kids in D.A.R.E. who see no problem with publicly associating themselves with a league of teams with names like Tits 'N' Ass, Midnight Mutha F*s, Kill 'em All, Da Drunks, The Hangovers, Ball Breakers or images of violence, drunkenness and sexual depravity. Maybe I am just not "enlightened" enough to appreciate the nuances like you.

    I am looking at the PepsiCo web page on their Values and Philosophy. I have a hard time believing that if your husband and his friends at work put up a web site with the Pepsi logo, describing a fantasy football league organized by Pepsi employees with pornographic images and crude, sexual language or glorifying violence that your husband and his friends would continue to be employed by that company or any other.

    You might also consider that your husband's co- workers at PepsiCo do not have arrest powers or carry automatic pistols and are not on the public payroll Police are rightly held to a unique, higher standard. My article makes quite clear that the officers involved with the PFFL have clearly failed to meet even the most minimal standard of acceptable behavior let alone that of a sworn police officer.

    this really can be one of the stupidest articles i have ever read . . . with everything thats going on do you really think I care about a stupid fantasy football league . . .what a joke. . . then you go on to individual stories about some cops . . . from fantasy football you talk about sexting and favors . . . do yourself a favor pal and come up with better stories then cops playing fantasy football.

    and if you really feel this is about behavior . .. i dont know about you but trash talkin is part of sports . . . you look like a person who doesnt really follow football but if you ever hear onfield audio these football players who are role models throughout the nation are cursing and making obscene comments . . .so what your saying is becuase they are role models like payton manning and drew brees they cant curse or be competitive . . . its fantasy . . its not real . . the bottom line is these cops are still out there doing there jobs and risking there lives . . .in my opinion get a new career . . . and if you really had to sit on this article and debate to publish it or not i feel bad for you because this is not news . . . this is nonsense

    NRS you need a course in reading comprehension. Further, considering the substance(or lack thereof) of your comment, it is not believable that this article is the "stupidest" article YOU ever read. Its a safe bet that its the only well written article you have ever read, no offense intended to the scribes at Mob Candy and Marvel Comics. Nonetheless, your comment is revealing in that it seems to draw from the same well of wannabe, gangsta bravado and poor judgement of those you seek to defend. Do tell,which team is yours? Which division are the NewRocScumbags in Officer? Or is it Detective?

    Hey Vinootz!! How YOU doing? How did the season go? Did ya make a few extra canoli this year with your team The Cigars? Make sure you report it to the IRS, ya know thats how the Feds got Big Al. Hey now that this article has been written are'nt you glad you changed the name of your team from the Bad Boyz to The Cigars. That Bad Boyz name might seem to some people to have negative connotations like your team was named after boys who were bad and broke the law..The Cigars is fits with that little side business you got going(remem report that income) and of course the image is more fitting in a subtle way..ya know what I mean..Big Al smoked them, Paul Castellano smoked em, Carmine Galante, and that poor guy Lou Eppolito he smoked em too. You remem Big Lou don't ya? But you know all that, thats why you named your team The Cigars.. it gives you that wannabe connected tough guy panache you crave. Only problem, Big Vin is that you are a police officer and you took an Oath (no not the one where your finger gets pricked and the picture of a saint is burned in your hand) and you have an ethical code to abide by as well-check your Police still have it don't you? Well come on out of that walk in humidor that you've been hidin in over at the cigar shop and put up a comment..all your friends are writing in about what a terrible article this is and how unfair it is for tax paying citizens to dare to demand that the members Police Department of New Rochelle "conduct themselves at all times, both on and off duty, in such a manner as to reflect most favorably on the Department". I'm calling you out Big Vin, please explain why your website and team names do not reflect poorly on the Police don't even have to do it under oath..for now..What Say You Big Vin???

    This is a pathetic attempt to drum up a story where there isn't one. Pathetic. It takes the game of fantasy football completely out of context, as it does any of the names and imagery that is referenced throughout. I am personal friends with multiple current and former members of this fantasy football league (for those that don't know, fantasy football involves picking players from teams and adding up those players stats to see if they beat your opponents chosen players---that's it) who have been unfairly smeared in this disgusting attempt at journalism that reads like a vendetta more than anything else. I have friends on the NRPD force with whom I would trust my life and that of my wife and children...officers whose moral fiber is beyond reproach. I am a lifelong New Rochelle resident, and I hope the worst thing I can say about the people who choose to serve and protect my community (when there are easier and more lucrative lines of work that could have been chosen by any of them) is that they let off steam by playing fantasy football. Cox's writing reads like a guy on the outside looking in. Like a guy who was never part of the in crowd yet yearns to be "one of the guys". Like a guy who didn't go to the prom, never had a crew of friends that he could call "his boys", and never participated in many harmless male bonding activities that help formulate healthy life long friendships. I have two sons that I am raising correctly. I hope the worst thing I can say about them is that they "gamble" a couple of hundred dollars a year playing fantasy football with their friends and that they name their teams "tits and ass" and "the enforcers". You know what that would make my sons? Normal. Puh-leeze.......move on tax payers of New Rochelle. Nothing to see here.

    Robert Cox's picture

    Rick wrote:

    "I hope the worst thing I can say about the people who choose to serve and protect my that they let off steam by playing fantasy football."

    "I hope the worst thing I can say about them is that they "gamble" a couple of hundred dollars a year playing fantasy football with their friends and that they name their teams "tits and ass" and "the enforcers". "

    The article does not say that playing fantasy football or using inappropriate language or displaying graphic pornography it the worst thing.

    That aside, you have failed to address the salient point -- that the web site is a quasi-official web site of the NRPD. Do the people of New Rochelle share your view that the PFFL web site is how they wish to have their police department and their City represented to the public?

    I doubt it.

    I could break this sad attempt at "reporting" down in so many ways if I had the time to do so because regardless of opinion--and you are entitled to yours--you do have an obligation to at least correctly report facts. So many of your facts are wrong, to the point where it is slanderous....but I'll let those who you have slandered handle that as they so choose. However I will take the time to address what you consider to be the "salient" point. The PACT fantasy football web site is not a representation to the public of the city of New Rochelle and its police force. It is currently a private password protected fantasy football web site amongst friends that you have gained access to somehow,and any NRPD references are no different than me wearing a company t-shirt in a picture on my facebook page.

    Robert Cox's picture

    As of this morning anyone could click the link and go to the sites:

    Anyone can Google for "New Rochelle Police Football Fantasy League" and find the original and current web sites.

    I see now that the "current" site ( is password protected but the original site ( is not.

    No one "hacked" the site. They were both wide-open to the public. Regardless, even if the web site were password protected, many of the issues raised in this article would still pertain.

    BTW, if there was nothing wrong with the sites why block them at all?

    A site would be password protected because it is a private site amongst friends, not a public site. It is social. A group of friends who happen to work together not sharing with you their fantasy football site, their facebook pages, etc..doesn't mean they are hiding something. It means why would or should they be sharing with you? It would be as if you were out to dinner with a bunch of friends, and I just came and sat down at your table...listened to your conversation. You'd ask me to leave, no? Why are you asking me to leave Cox? What are you hiding??? Do you play golf? I'm going to come ride in your cart. Go to a game with your kids? I'm in!! It's no more my right to intrude on your private time than it is yours to intrude on theirs just because their jobs are civil. Everyone has the right to privacy.

    This article and articles like it do more damage to our city than you realize. It hurts our community, the perception of our people, and ultimately the value of our homes, businesses and schools. No one who truly loves or cares about New Rochelle would ever post such an irresponsible depiction of something that is wildly innocent and harmless.

    Robert Cox's picture


    I would certainly agree that "everyone has the right to privacy" but police officers give up certain rights when it comes to their private conduct. They understand that they are ALWAYS police officers, 24/7, and must conduct themselves accordingly. They all know this. Apparently you do not. Maybe you should familiarize yourself with departmental policies and the oaths officers take when they choose to become police officers before commenting on a subject you clearly know nothing about.

    In any case, the web site was on the Internet for the world to see so there is no "expectation of privacy" and thus no violation of privacy. Seems to me your rants would be better directed at the police officers who published the web site and the police commissioner who permitted the league to operate for 12 years.

    You wrote:

    "This article and articles like it do more damage to our city than you realize. It hurts our community, the perception of our people, and ultimately the value of our homes, businesses and schools. No one who truly loves or cares about New Rochelle would ever post such an irresponsible depiction of something that is wildly innocent and harmless."

    At least you finally get to your real motive for commenting - it is not about "privacy" or the "police" it is about your wallet and protecting the interests of real estate brokers and their cronies within the City government and the School District who primary goal is always the same -- cover up anything that might impinge on the ability of brokers to sell homes.

    If the web site is "innocent and harmless" then why is it now blocked? The article I wrote accurately describes what is on the web site using words and images from the web site. So, my article is not an "irresponsible depiction" of the site but an accurate description of irresponsible behavior by New Rochelle police officers.

    If you are so concerned about the impact of a story like this on the reputation of the City of New Rochelle, why not criticize the people who engaged in the behavior that you believe is so damaging? You have not once criticized any of the police officers involved for what they did, just me for pointing it out. If looking the other way and tolerating this sort of behavior is the way you believe people who love and care about New Rochelle are supposed to respond in situations like this I will be willing to pitch in and buy you a pet ostrich to keep you company as you bury your head in the sand.

    Care about the value of my home Cox? Guilty as charged. You think you've made some grand revelation about me? "Hey did you hear the news? Rick Rosenberg cares about his home value?". Bravo sleuth. That makes me like every other home owner more or less in the world--not just New Rochelle.

    The reason I have "not once criticized any of the police officers involved for what they did" is because I do not believe they did anything wrong. So why would I criticize them?

    My real motive is purely to expose someone who is speaking about something they know nothing about, and in the process damaging the reputation of certain individuals (friends)and New Rochelle on a whole. Clearly I've struck a chord here. You know that most people who've read this exchange realize that your article was bogus and that a fantasy football web site has no bearing on anything related to our city. Are there bad cops on the NRPD? Probably. The odds say so. Does a fantasy football league have anything to do with that? No correlation whatsoever.

    I'm willing to read the manual on police policy and familiarize myself better if you do some studying up on innocent social functions amongst grown men such as fantasy football.

    No thanks on the's against city law to have an Ostrich in your home. You did know that Cox, no?

    Robert Cox's picture


    Regarding the conduct of the officers, we will have to agree to disagree.

    However, since they are your friends perhaps you want to remind them that there are TWO web sites not one and the original site is still publicly accessible at

    Regarding your motive, I do not believe New Rochelle residents need to tolerate City and School officials sweeping embarrassing, unethical or even criminal information under the rug just so real estate brokers can make more money.

    [I see no need to do so but if you continue to affect being obtuse as to why I have now twice referenced real estate brokers I will be happy to clarify that point for you and my readers.]

    ...and if I had any fear about being exposed I certainly would not have posted my name, would I have?

    Don't twist things Cox....have got a couple of friends on the force. I'm defending them and fantasy football. I love fantasy football and I'm really, really good at it. Have won my league twice!

    And if you think I'm protecting my "wallet" I'll show you my tax returns and just how much money I've made in real estate. Less than I've spent on the venture.

    Robert Cox's picture


    The current PFFL web site was a public web site (until this morning). The original PFFL web site is still live.

    You keeping saying it is no one's business because it is now behind a firewall and thus private. This is simply not the case. The old site is still up and has been for 12 years. Given this FACT, your defense of the PFFL rings hollow.

    If you look back to the original 16 teams you can see that the league was, as you might agree, relatively tame. Over time, however, as the league expanded and became more involved it become more crass and unprofessional. I trust we can agree that most of the officers participating in the league have not engaged in any of the sort of puerile behavior described in my article. It is for this reason that I left their names out of the article. They did, however, condone this behavior and this includes superior officers who are REQUIRED to set an example for all members of the department by their personal and professional conduct.

    Let me close out my side of this discussion with this....

    Here is a link to an NSFW image that is on the team site for the "Tits 'N' Ass" team: (warning X-rated)

    Take a good look at that photo.

    That is a copy of the image on the "Tits 'N' Ass" team page in a web site that has for years overtly, specifically and publicly identified itself with the New Rochelle Police Department, the law enforcement arm of the City of New Rochelle.

    THIS is what you want to defend?

    Finally, take a good look at this link...

    That "Tits 'N' Ass" team page is still live on the public internet and NOT behind a password-protected firewall.

    WHO cares how many web sites there are regarding this. Mr Cox you need to get a REAL hobby. If the NRPD officers want to join fantasy football that is there choice and who are you to put up an article about that? You should be looking into why they are laying off Local 663 employees when that union is already short handed and all you care about is fantasy football.

    Robert Cox's picture

    We have written about and been critical of the City's decision to lay off employees including local 663 employees. The CSOs are in revenue generating positions so laying THEM off is short-sighted and plain dumb.

    I agree, there is no story here, HOWEVER, cops are now being subjected to the same stupid scrutiny and brainless system that they subject others to. When the NRPD raids the local bars to take away the Football pools every few years, or the Joker Poker machine raids, or the guy with only ONE marijuana plant in his back yard, or the brake light that is out and gets a handful of tickets(because he could have caused a major accident) NRPD, welcome to the world you helped create. A world where the smallest infraction of the law gets you sucked into the system, earns you a "collar" makes the lawyers and judges happy and employed and earns the city a few dollars. Now it's your turn to be placed under the spotlight.....But don't complain here.....TELL IT TO THE JUDGE!!!
    It's unfortunate we're all just puppets and no one has a brain or even a little compassion or common sense anymore.

    Play Fantasy Football, there is a reason why it's so popular. The mistake that was made here is very simple. Locker room talk and behavior belongs just there, in the locker room. A public website is outside of the locker room.
    Once there was a time when you would act civily in public. There were things you wouldn't say or do in mixed company, a certain amont of chivalry existed. The NRPD is not any different than the world that we live in. Where once you could count on men behaving correctly, with manners in public, this standard is sadly gone.
    See how proudly Mr. Rosenberg wants the young men he is raising to join a team called T and A. How he yearns to raise young men who would love to gamble. Once a man would raise his son to have honor, virtue, to treat his mother, his sisters, and his girlfriends and then wife with respect, to learn to avoid vices.
    The world has gotten cruder, more crass, more vile.

    You and your pals want to get together and talk about garbage, who cares. But, anybody with any sense of civlity and manners would make sure that their crude behavior and language was "just among the guys". A public website displaying crude and low class images is the same thing as speaking crudely and sharing disgusting images in a public place.
    While none of these names or images broke the law, they did cross a simple behavior code.
    I do believe this has brought dishonor to the NRPD, the League website was associated with the Department. The League had demeaning images of women and children. No harm was meant, but harm was done, both to the city and to the Police Department.

    This article reeks of Mr. Cox trying hard to create a story where there isn't one. Obviously, with school out on break, Mr. Cox needed something to write about, searched, and found the link to the fantasy site. Big deal!
    Who appointed you, Mr. Cox, as the "moral compass" of the civil servants of New Rochelle? Case in point, you posted a picture and re-hashed the story of former Sgt. Rodriguez without even confirming he is the Rodriguez' in the league...which he wasn't.
    You also posted that Det. Buono is a "cousin" to Mr. Bongo (which, BTW, he is not)and basically accused him of using his position to intimidate you. Remember, you stated something to the effect in an earlier article that two ARMED police officers arrived at your home with their loaded 9mm Glocks...Um, what police officer's aren't armed? Det. Buono was investigating a legitmate complaint made by Mr. Bongo because some "nut" was taking photos at the school. So sorry the "nut" turned out to be you.
    The "Tit's and Ass" team is owned by a person who is not a cop as many of the other teams. Some of the teams are co-owned by the wives of these officers and they attend the drafts and after season party.
    This is a case where you are just throwing as much s*#t against the wall, hoping some of it will stick.
    What's next? New Rochelle Police Officers attend "R" rated movie at New Roc? New Rochelle Police Officer Unable to Walk on Water! Video at 11!!
    This site, Mr. Cox in particular, should be treated as entertainment, like a bad sci-fi movie or comedy.

    In the twelve years that this league has been around, and as you point out publicly, you are the only one who seems to have a problem with it. Even after you point out the harmless pics or team names, still no resposes by anyone sharing your concern. This is probably because you have an obviuos dislike for the NRPD. What did they do to you that you feel you have to reach for nonsense and try to spin it into a story that matters. If one such member of the NRPD stole your wife its probaby because she wanted a real man. I mean real men tend to like football, gangster movies and dare I say women. Chances are every man except apparently you is into at least one of these three things. If you found a swimsuit issue of S.I. in a patrol car would you call for that Officers resignation? How about a picture of Robert Deniro in someones locker? Since you are the self proclaimed authority on what is morally correct as far as what activities cops can partake in off duty why don't you share. I hear shuffleboard is making a comeback. I could go on for days with retorts to all of your wacky statements, but I want to leave you with this. Did you ask the female members of the NRPD their thoughts on the matter? And did you ask them if they feel the men of the Dept. act in a violent or sexually inapropriate way? I would guess you did not, beacuse like most of the crap you write you don't do your homework. You are no more than a jealous inadequate man with a little pen.

    Robert Cox's picture

    If you take some time to read this web site you will find that we have often published articles that support the NRPD as a while Sometimes we support the rank and file and sometimes criticize the leadership.

    We supported the NRPD officers on the PERB ruling and OT issues, we supported retaining the members of Local 663, we support the rank and file on the cell phone crack down issue and we have both HELD stories a the request of the NRPD command when we felt the request was reasonable and referred tips on criminal activity to NRPD detectives when warranted.

    As indicated previously, the history of the league shows that what began as a form of fun and entertainment for a group of 16 team owners in 1998 morphed along the way into something disturbing.

    Supporting our police officers or the NRPD as a whole does not REQUIRE that any and all behavior of a small group of police officers should be excused.

    As for the ad hominem attacks, please feel free to continue to demonstrate the mindset of the small number of officers who have embarrassed themselves and the department through this PFFL web site.

    Mr. Cox if you are going to make references to movies please get your facts straight, especially when you are using that reference to point out what you claim to be inappropriate behavior. You wrote:

    Mirabile's Bad Boyz (from 1991 film "Boyz in the Hood" whose lead character is "torn by his desire to be a success and live up to his father's expectation and the pull of peer pressure to be more involved in the local gang culture").

    Is the team owner really referring to the movie "Boyz In The Hood"? I'm not sure how you came to this conclusion. Considering that there is no gang named the "Bad Boyz" or a term used in the film. Are you basing that on the spelling of the word Boyz? If you are, that's a far reach. There are many films, plays, teams, that use the word Boyz (examples below), but you chosen to reference a movie with gang activity. Maybe the team was named the Bad Boyz after the movie Bad Boys about two cops who go after drug dealers in Miami. I'm not sure, but it would seem that would make more sense.

    Boyz II Men -biggest selling R&B group of all time

    Chicago Boyz - Commentary from a group of University of Chicago alumni students and their friends

    Altar Boyz - the award-winning Off-Broadway musical comedy

    Reggae Boyz - Jamaican National Soccer Team

    Robert Cox's picture

    I had not considered the possibility that Detective Mirabile's team "Bad Boyz" is an homage to the Jamaican National Soccer Team.

    Thanks for sharing that.

    I'm so glad you responded with a sarcastic remark, because you just reveal your own ignorance. I did not say the dectective named his team after the Jamaican National Team, I was using it as an example of other teams, films, etc that use the spelling Boyz. I see you ignored my point that maybe the team was named the Bad Boyz in reference to the movie Bad Boys about two cops, in fact two dectectives in Miami. If you want to debate and make a point, at least understand what you are debating. Here end of the lesson!!

    I am the mother of 3 young daughters who attend school in New Rochelle. I am a long time supporter of my local Police Dept and have several close friends and family members who are NY and NJ State Police. I am disgusted to know that that so many members of the NRPD would develop and participate in the Fantasy Football Leagues mentioned in this article. These Officers are an embarrasment and need to be removed from their positions. THEY are what gives the NRPD the bad reputation it already has among many residents. Anyone who is not outraged by this behavior should have their head examined. These are the so-called Men we are looking toward to protect the community and the safety of our children? Unbelieveable! The negative comments listed here are so OBVIOUSLY coming from those involved, only proving how sick they really are. I will be sure to point this article out to the parents of our school. Scary to think that any of our girls could be pulled over by one of these creeps! So dangerous for us all to have men like this in power! They should be ashamed of themselves...but clearly they aren't!!!

    I have already writen a comment on this yesterday and as I stated before I am a mother of 2, you dear really need to get a life. Do you keep your children locked in a closet!! Thank GOD you dont have boys... Ohh let me guess, I bet your divorced with NO man at all in your life.. You have to be kidding. After this article as I and my husband laughed I went out and purchased him a Fantasy Baseball magazine from a local New Rochelle store on Main Street. Should we remove all the store owners to? You seem like a very lonely person and with mentality you will grow old alone... Cheska

    Pretty quick response? Whose the lonely one?

    Lol, obviously you do. My son was on the internet as I was cooking and he said "Mommy, look what this stupid lady wrote" ;)
    So tell me, did he cheat on you.. Maybe with a female cop, lol.. Your an angry woman, sad!

    When the city was planning on letting go police officers and firemen, I called city hall and sent emails. I support our local police and fire.

    But this story really disturbed me, particularly that the commissioner was on the page and the badge, and the city's name. Also, the football gambling part. If something is illegal, then we can't have our police force doing football gambling, sorry. Just can't.

    Also, I was distressed by the names of some of the teams, like "Domestic Violence". That is really something not to joke about. It destroys families and even generations. Don't name your fantasy team Domestic Violence.

    Some might think the photo of the baby with his or her middle finger up is cute, but I am distressed by it. Is this where the mentality of the New Rochelle police department is? This reminds me of when I was in New Roc City recently and a mom brought her three young children, ages 5ish, 6 and 11 to see Wolfman, rated R. Just disgusting. Let the children be children.

    Also, the photos of women in demeaning photos are not meant to be associated with the official police department of New Rochelle. How can a woman serve on the police force if this mentality is allowed on this type of site that is common knowledge and widely used by members of the force. We need more women officers, even at higher ranks. Some localities even have women commissioners.

    I am also concerned that the website is still there, just password protected. It should have been taken down, not hidden behind a firewall.

    Sometimes I see policemen go through red lights and illegally park. They are on their cell phones, etc. Are they any better than you or me?

    If anything, when you put on a uniform, you better be better than the general public, you have a gun and are paid to uphold the laws. In an emergency you have to go into someone's home in the most trying times. Under difficult circumstances in times of danger and crime. This type of behavior tarnishes the department. It really does. It is circus-like and belittles the citizens of New Rochelle. Is this a joke? How about a basketball league, guys? Baseball league?

    Looks like there was a team named "domestic dispute" not "domestic violence". meaningful difference. once i saw you weren't paying attention to facts i didn't bother reading the rest of your post.


    In reply to jk, I apologize if I wrote Domestic Violence instead of Domestic Dispute, if that is the case. The site was down already when I posted. There is a difference between the two, one is certainly worse than the other, no doubt.

    However, I still support DolceVita and meant what I wrote above. DolceVita was getting badly trashed and I fully understood what she was saying and support her.

    The police, and elected officials officials for that matter, should follow the laws like everyone else. If football betting is illegal, they should not do it. Also, it does tarnish the department to use pornography, violence, mob references for fun, etc. under the banner of New Rochelle and the badge. I stand by that, but will be more careful in the future with the specifics.

    I am in shock that this is such a big deal. So what that the NRPD officers join a fantasy football league. There is NO harm in fantasy football. If these guys want to join a fantasy football league then they should be able to with out anyone going on and on about it. These officers put there lives in danger whenever they put on the uniform and if they need to relax by playing fantasy football well GOOD for them. Just let it go. Fantasy football happens ALL over this GREAT country of ours are you going to talk about that too?

    I typically don't support cops, but i do support some work friends getting together for out of office activities. These names are pretty tame and even if they weren't its not a pd sanctioned league. Ladies guess what, check your kid's email and online activity... or your husband's. that may help put this story in perspective.

    Who caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaresssssssssssssss. Our nation has been at war for 7 years, 200,000 people just died in Haiti, there's disease, famine, poverty, AIDS, a health-care crisis in this nation, a recession, high unemployment and you people are obsessing over FANTASY FOOTBALL. WHO CARESSSSS!!

    If this pool went on at IBM or Microsoft - no one would give it a second though. Matter of fact, the cops would be criticized and lambasted if they investigated an innocent little fantasy football league. They'd be told "Go find real criminals!"

    Get real everyone. Though the author of this site is creative, I'll give him that. Funny guy - brought up every negative thing about the department from the last 10 years and folded it into the Fantasy Football pool lolololololol.

    doing something that doesn't really harm anyone but there is a law against. Gambling in any form (unless the state is taking a piece) isn't legal. Joker poker machines, football pools etc, that the NRPD regularly make "busts" on happen all the time. No one gets upset when a bar owner has to retain a lawyer and go through the motions. Just remember this next time you make one of those silly arrests and force someone else to go through this nonsense!!!!! Gambling is Illegal, Fantasy football gambling is Illegal. But to tell you the truth no one cares. Carry on.

    Robert Cox's picture

    If employees at IBM or Microsoft or any other reputable company or organization had published a web site with the company logo, links back to the company web site, identifying the participants of employees at that company those employees would have faced disciplinary action. This is apart from the issue of vulgarity, misogyny and pornography found on the NRPD PACT site.

    At companies like Fidelity Investments simply participating in a workplace fantasy football league is grounds for dismissal. It is not a legal issue. The concerns at many companies and organizations is the huge time sink such leagues are known to create.

    As for comparing this to someone at a major corporation, Microsoft or IBM employees would be terminated immediately for being associated with a web site similar to the NRPD PACT site. That some apologists for the group are STILL attempting to argue that the behavior exhibited through the web site is somehow acceptable reflects a detachment from reality that is mind-boggling.

    The biggest shame in all of this is that you Robert Cox are getting the attention you so desperately crave. But I wouldn't let it get to your head b/c if you were going to have real career as a journalist it would have happened by now. How many fallacies were you already called out on? I mean what or WHO is your unreliable source? If this were a real publication YOU would be fired. It is very unprofessional as a journalist to post pics and accuse someone of wrongdoing when he/she wasn't even involved. Very sloppy Cox. Not to mention to even stumble across the fantasy league of one small group you would either have to be obsessed with this group or be such a loser that you have to live vicariously through other people's hobbies. Is it just the cops or do you snoop into the social lives of everyone else with one? You would probably be a happier man if you had your own friends that you could have a few beers with and act like...well a man. I thought it was just little girls that prefer the Cindy Brady tattle tail to the Tom Brady first round draft pick. In fact in the 12 years of this league you are probably the only non member of the fantasy league to "stumble across" it, which means that YOU are responsible for bringing the racy images and silly team names to the public's attention, not the cops. Maybe you are new to this invention called the internet, but go to yahoo images and type in any first name, and you will find racy pics, more so then the ones you needed to copy. So what are you trying to prove when these images are everywhere? The cops I know, some who do partake in fantasy football, do adhere to a higher moral standing which is why they probably become cops in the first place. Despite what you want to believe cops are humans too. They like sports, and beer, and greasy food like you. I've even known female cops who have gone to a male strip show for a bachelorette party. Would that make her unfit to perform emergency CPR during her next shift? Would you decline her help or the help of a fantasy football participant if you have a Burglar in your home? I said Burglar, not burger so don't put your bib on just yet. Maybe next time you need help you should call the Fire Dept because I'm sure they would never stoop so low as to reference women and movies while playing an innocent game of fantasy football.

    Hmmm...Mr Cox are you still a disgrunteled parent because "someone" was suspended from the High School a few years ago...Just Curious!!!!! It seems that ever since that happened you have had a personal vendetta against school officials and the police department. Please do everyone a favor and go jump off the Tappan Zee already!!

    Mr.Cox, I cant seem to understand how you can refer to yourself as "this reporter" or a journalist when 90 percent of this story is opinion. How is it that real reporters and journalists can report a world event or catastrophe in a legitimate arena ( New York Times etc) in a page or 2 but you need 8 pages filled with assumptions, opinions and false information. You started with an interesting find... Grown men who participate in fantasy football, intriguing, I sat on the edge of my seat as I continued to page 3 and 4 learning that these men who protect us may actually use foul language and find adult pictures to their liking.. my stomach turned. How could grown men actually use this type of language?!?!( Throwing my mocha soy latte across the room)The nerve!! That type of adult humor should not be allowed to be used by police officers I shouted to myself ( but in my head I was yelling at those bad officers especially the ones who actually said balls, Oh dear)Then you lost me, I thought while reporting a find you would stick to that find. While anticipating a climax to these officers and their fantasy football league I then start reading about Det Bongo or bouno Det Andolina and Sergeant Rodriguez who you say MAY or MAY NOT be the owner of a team. How can a "reporter" say may or not and then make an accusation such as he may have named his team based on a rape in 2008 yet you state the team was created in 2003. Are you insinuating that Sergeant Rodriguez who might not even be the owner planned his rape 5 years prior to? Now that would be a nice Tom Cruise movie.
    You know Mr.Cox for someone who helped develop the Poynter Institute's Guide to Ethics in Online Journalism you sure don't make sound judgments or use your media platform responsibly. And why would the woman who responded to your article, have to read it more then once? Maybe the problem is not with your readers understanding something, maybe it's the author. Ive never had to read any legitimate articles more then once to understand what Ive read. Yet after this I don't know whether to worry about grown police officers using foul language amongst themselves or god forbid being approached by an officer with his jacket not zipped up three quarters of the way. Where you were going with that, I have no idea. For the most part the NRPD does a good job (except for a ticket I received and intend on fighting) if the people these guys work with and trust their lives with feel safe working with them I'm sure you should. And not to pick even more at your article but when you speak of the nude women and porn site and then say how you wouldn't link such filth and god awful stuff on your page, guess what??? You did.Hopefully all of your readers are of age I would hate to have someone click on the link you provided. The part which you speak of officer Michael lore and link the Barely Evil site. Not my cup of tea but you know what they say, When In Rome.
    So basically what Im saying is (besides I need another soy mocha latte) is Mr.Cox take a journalism class or two, stick to the story , be concise , report the facts. I thought Id help by giving you a website which helped me through my last year in JR. High
    maybe look at number 3
    3. Be Objective – journalism should be void of opinion. It’s hard to find content these days that is truly objective, but when you do, readers appreciate it more. Keep opinions for the Op-Ed section.
    Ok Mr.Cox sorry to take up so much of your precious time but maybe you now know how we, your readers feel when you go on about nothing. And if your point wasn't the legal football league then why 8 pages about it? A wise man once said " staaay on target, stay on target."

    Robert Cox's picture

    That you believe that the web site is an example of "adult humor" provides valuable insight into the mindset of the officers involved and those who would defend the web site. The "humor", if you want to call it that, on the web site is "juvenile" not "adult" -- what you might expect from a group of 12 year olds.

    The primary issue here is that these officers publicly associated the P.A.C.T. Unit, the New Rochelle Police Department and, by extension, the City of New Rochelle with what is, at best, bathroom humor.

    It is not simply that these officers have conducted themselves in a way that brings disrepute on the department (something you apparently wish to ignore) but that in doing so they have exposed the City of New Rochelle and its taxpayers to a greater threat of legal action. Any complainant who believes themselves to have been mistreated by the NRPD, in general, and these officers, in particular, will cite the PFFL web site as Exhibit A in seeking to establish the unprofessional nature of the NRPD.

    There is already one lawsuit from the N.A.A.C.P. hanging over the department now. There have been numerous past allegations against the department. It would seem to me that anyone seriously interested in the welfare of the residents of New Rochelle would support a thorough investigation of what went on here. Personally, I suspect there is a lot more to this than just what is visible on the web site.

    To take one of many such questions raised by the web site, consider, as one commenter pointed out, that New Rochelle police officers do periodic sweeps around the city to "crack down" on illegal football box betting. Are officers issuing summons to deli owners one day and then placing their own bets in an illegal box betting pools run by current and former members of the NRPD?

    You can try to pretend that the issue here is nothing more than a about a bunch of "lovable lugs" watching football games, drinking a few beers and competing in their fantasy football league. You can try to pretend this story is about theories of so-called "objective journalism". You can even try to pretend this is a "Starbucks v. Dunkin' Donuts" issue. You can pretend what you want.

    But all the pretending in the world is going to change the fact that these officers were dumb enough to publish their grab-ass locker room antics for the world to see and in doing so embarrassed themselves, their unit, their department, their city, their employer, their union and the people they swore to serve and protect.

    1. You just stated that the humor used is not adult it is juvenile "expected from a 12yr old". Yet pornographic material is for 18+ and if your kids (I pray to god you don't have kids for their sake)at the age of 12 were viewing this material would it be ok? Or if you cracked a big story at a Jr high school with 12 yr olds acting this way Im sure you would report that.
    Please make up your mind, is it adults using adult humor that might be viewed by kids? Or adults using kids humor? If the later then it wouldnt matter if the pact officers were interacting with kids because they would be using the same humor which u say is ok for a 12 yr old. So no I don't expect that from 12 yr olds

    2. Betting and gambling is not illegal in the state of new york as long as the house does not receive a cut. So don't talk about sweeps of illegal betting and then put them in the same box as fantasy football. Maybe some of your readers fall for your cup and nut articles, but not working here.

    3. Finally once you used the word allegations and didn't make it "Coxs law". I'll give you the golf clap for that.

    4.I think we both know Starbucks is better Mr.Cox

    5. The only problem I see here is people looking for something that they don't like it. Mr.Cox if I presented a cup to you and said smell this it smells like S**T and will make you throw up. Would you smell it? My point is that if something offends you or you don't approve of it don't engage it.You say they published it for the world to see, that doesn't mean you have to see it.Was it forced upon your virgin eyes? Don't go to the website or whatever it even is. Unless that site popped up on my computer while I was at starbucks enjoying a carmel latte (soy of course) or a chai I don't care. I don't surf the tv channels for informercials then leave it on that channel and say ughhhh look at this crap now I gotta watch this? Mr.Cox if It is offensive to you like I'm sure so much stuff is, then move on, simple and plain. I'm guessing your still stuck in the 1950's era of humor, Please take my wife, no seriously someone take my wife. cackle cackle.

    6. I'm not saying they are luvable lugs either. Ive been helped by them and Ive been hucklebucked by them, but at the end of the day I don't care what they do on their time as long as it is not illegal which you stated in your "EXPOSE" what they are doing is legal. And me personally, I don't do the fantasy football thing so guess what? I don't go to a fantasy football site. You also wont find me googling greco roman wrestling, you know why Mr.Cox? Cause I don't greco roman wrestle.

    Bob I was sitting on the side for a couple of reasons.
    First as I am the son of a long retired NYPD officer I am partial to the difficulties within the choice of work. However I am also very aware of what can happen to very good hard working officers when they are allowed to flow into some unethical places.
    Not to say that Fantasy Football or anything like it in itself is wrong unethical or illegal.
    When they chose to create a web site that is not officially connected to NRPD but appears to be only for NRPD with questionable subject matter they drew attention to the matter.
    If the NRPD members who participate where participating with out reference to themselves as Police Officers then there would not be a problem. However its a club that clearly exists for and by NRPD thus we all have the right and need for scrutiny.
    The site they have chosen along with the negative reference does nothing to paint themselves in a positive manner. In fact it damages the department. It also hurts those officers doing there job day in and day out who did not participate who represent the department well. They all get painted with the same brush. This is the main reason the Commisioner has failed in this matter. This is as bad for the department as a SGT. revisiting a crime scene that you just left and coming back to have sex with a victim. Its as bad as shooting your friend in his driveway while showing your friend you weapon. The list can go on and on. The guys who behave in this manner while representing the NRPD hurt all those good officers. Right now this City is being run by some pretty dumb individuals starting with Mayor Bramson, while being lead by a very unethical City Manager who I believe will some day be removed. The Commissioner knows better than this by his experience. Its seems like nothing but its quite the black eye to the department. I wonder how the NYPD would handle it. Actually I know some of these guys would have some ugly details on Christmans and New Years along with many being forced off the department.
    The Police have a large obligation and Duty to be squeaky clean or the taint themselves as what many believe them to be. On par to many of those they arrest. Sad to see.

    I dont get it, I'm on this site for the first time. it seems like a lot of hate for new ro or simply a new ro bashing site... Why not just move somewhere else if you are so unhappy. seems like a negative way to live and energy spent in all the wrong places....

    After watching this story unfold and the comments posted it is apparent that the police participants and their friends are rallying to defending the PACT Fantasy Football League simply because it is legal and nothing more then boys in a high stress profession blowing off steam. That appears to be the intent and accomplishment of the original site but as usual it has transformed into something that definitely reflects negatively on the NRPD in general and certain detectives and officers in particular. The mere fact that the latest site is now password protected is proof. I specifically chose the term password protected because sites like this should at the very least require a password to protect the public and especially children from accidently stumbling across them. The personal attacks on Cox and Dolce Vita are nothing more then a smoke screen to deflect the real issues here.

    A police officer takes an oath to uphold the law and place themselves on a higher standard both legally and morally. They truly are on duty 24/7. The PACT officers take that one step further in that they have an intimate relationship with a specific segment of the community and a bond of trust that exceeds that of police office and citizen. PACT is routinely involved with personal, family situations especially child and spousal abuse. One post states; “Looks like there was a team named "domestic dispute" not "domestic violence". meaningful difference”. The truth is that most domestic dispute calls involve some sort of domestic violence so while the “meaning” may be different the act and mindset certainly is the same.

    There exists unrest within the African American community toward the NRPD that’s why a team named Excessive Force is thoughtless, insensitive and plain stupid.

    I dare anyone to defend the picture of a naked porn star holding a chainsaw at her crotch as not demeaning to women.

    I have the utmost respect for police professionals but this site is anything but professional. While this is a high stress profession no one forced anyone to become a police officer. There is much training and psychological examination which every officer must undergo I wonder how the psychological experts would weigh in on this.

    I don’t see a problem with fantasy football; I see a major problem with the NRPD brass, especially the commissioner, who allowed this to exist publicly. PACT officers in full uniform, the official NRPD patch and a direct link to the official NRPD website must be overseen by the commissioner. There is no secret that there exists turmoil between the NRPD brass and the rank and file officers as with the most recent legal challenge of overtime assignment. There were multiple lawsuits lost by the City and NRPD filed by police officers due to decisions made by the commissioner and more are pending. This is nothing more than absolute power corrupting absolutely.

    So go ahead and take your shots at me but consider the following if you find no problem with the PACT Fantasy Football site being PUBLIC.

    Make the PACT officers associated with the team Tits “N” Ass teach the fifth graders at Ward Elementary School about anatomy (the human body).

    Make the PACT officers associated with the team Excessive Force teach a course on racial sensitivity at the Martin Luther King Community Center.

    Make the PACT officer(s) who chose the naked porn star with a chainsaw in her crotch teach new female recruits about equality in the workforce.

    Make the PACT officers associated with the team Kill ‘em All hold a meeting at St. Gabriel’s Church to encourage illegal immigrants to assimilate into our community.

    Make the PACT officers associated with the team Domestic Dispute council a group of women and children trying to break the syndrome of domestic violence.

    When these classes are held, team helmets and tee shirts with logos on the front and back must be mandatory for the upstanding officers in the PACT Unit who will be doing this for the betterment of New Rochelle!

    First of all I thought it was established that some of the participants aren't cops at all. Secondly, some are not in that P.A.C.T. unit you keep referencing. As far as your "punishment" for the owners of the teams with the silly it's a good thing your voice is only heard on this useless excuse for a blog.
    Lets start with the team "tits n ass" . The woman chose to pose like that and unfortunately for you she has the right to do so, if she wants to "degrade" herself its her right. It was Cox not the NRPD that is making it easy for minors and those with weak stomachs to view it. And great idea, lets have this team owner teach new female recruits about eqality. I'm sure this guy, who is not a cop, would have a lot of insight as to what they will be facing on the job which they can't even get b/c as far as I know New Rochelle isn't hiring new recruits.
    As for the owner(s) of Excessice Force, you suggest they go to the MLK center but you are making assumptions that the team is racist. At the risk of being slanderous I would hope you looked into the owners of that team to see how many African Americans have made complaints of excessive force against these brave, valuable Officers. And then go to the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and order him to lecture every parent who has ever allowed their child to dress as a Pirate on Halloween for the obvious support of nautical rape and pillage.
    And finally, even a college dropout like myself knows that domestic disputes seldom mean actual domestic violence. Speaking to a few cop buddies of mine, the majority of "domestic" calls cops go on are no more than 2 people fueding over nonsense such as "team Edward" vs "team Jacob", and some third party calls to complain about the noise, because the bickering is drowning out the Jersey Shore. For the record it's "Team Jacob".

    Team Edward here

    First let me say once again that every response to my opinion has been a personal attack on me and doesn't have a ring of truth as to what I said. That said, Wicked, I never said anything about "punishment" I made suggestion as to what I feel the appropriate reparation should be to these fine upstanding individuals.

    As far as the naked porn star with the chainsaw, it is her right to whatever livelihood she choses and I have no problem with that (the tattoo's are really a turn-on I have a few of my own). It is just not appropriate to be associated with a public website which is linked to the official NRPD website.

    I never make assumptions because everyone knows what happens when you ass-u-me but since you brought the issue of race up why don't you get the official stats on how many claims of excessive force were filed and the breakdown of who filed them. You see this is not about race or the owners or members of the team T "n" A. It's about the mindset that sees nothing wrong with the name choice and mascot. It's the people who defend this as what our society has transformed into. The mindset that certain people are above others and above the law. For all I know the owner(s) and every member are minorities it doesn't matter excessive force can occur across the board regardless.

    I find your scenario on "domestic" calls laughable. Domestic calls are mainly about two people feuding according to you yet have little to do with domestic violence. You stated you are a college drop out and I am only a high school graduate but look up the definition of "feud" and remember it's a word you chose the definition is long violent dispute, so to say the majority of "domestic" calls cops go on are no more than 2 people fueding over nonsense" implies violence.

    Maybe I am a Boob because I believe these associations shouldn't be part of the image of police officers or the New Rochelle Police department. Maybe I am a Boob to believe that every female officer should be offended and storm the City Manager's office. Maybe I'm a Boob to believe the commissioner should have been aware and either approved of this site or demanded all references (pictures, patches, links) be immediately removed from the site. And maybe I am a Boob to believe that my rantings here can do some good. I may be a Boob and you may be Wicked but the only thing being pissed on here besides your shoe is the integrity of the NRPD.

    Scruples you are obviously one of "Cox"(horrible name to grow up with btw)plants and one of his cronies because you have your facts wrong....certain team owners are NOT again NOT cops you must be one of Cox's scrabble partners!!!