City of New Rochelle Has "No Comment" on XXX-Rated P.F.F.L. Web Site Published by Current and Former NRPD Officers

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City of New Rochelle Has "No Comment" on XXX-Rated P.F.F.L. Web Site Published by Current and Former NRPD Officers

February 24, 2010 - 23:15

WARNING: This article contains detailed descriptions of graphic pornography and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. The article provides a link to a video containing explicit sexual images that readers may find disturbing.

Miss PFFL 1998.jpgA City of New Rochelle spokesperson today told Talk of the Sound that City officials had "no comment" on two controversial "fantasy football" web sites created and published by current and retired officers of the New Rochelle Police Department. The two web sites were featured in a Talk of the Sound Exclusive published last week, New Rochelle Commissioner Turns Blind-Eye to "Gangster Mentality" in Police Department's High-Stakes Fantasy Football.

Spokesperson Kathy Gilwit told Talk of the Sound she could not be sure whether the City Manager or other City officials were aware of the story or the two web sites.

The two web sites include page upon page of graphic pornography including nude and semi-nude images of women including morbidly obese women, an elderly woman, and several photos of a transexual "woman". In one of the photos, a transexual "women" sits on a bed, legs spread to display "her" penis. The photos of the transexual person makes references to an active duty Sergeant on the New Rochelle police force. The web sites have served for 12 years as the online home for a high-stakes fantasy football league organized by officers from the P.A.C.T Unit of the NRPD which includes Youth Officers who run the D.A.R.E. Program and the Youth Violence Task Force.


As reported last week, the league involves dozens of current and former New Rochelle police officers. P.F.F.L. team names, team web sites and helmet decals appear to glorify a brutish, hard-drinking, gangster mentality among officers within the unit. They reference organized crime, vigilantism, police brutality, alcohol abuse, and display a hostile misogynistic attitude towards women. Over the years, teams have included names such as Midnight Mutha F*s, Kill 'em All, The Hitmen, Bad Boyz, Goodfellas, New Jack City, Tuxedo Mafia, The Enforcers, Jack Daniels Boys, I and Tits 'N' Ass. Images and helmet decals include one riddled with bullet holes, a woman in a skimpy red bikini, a whiskey label logo, an animation of beer bottles bouncing into a crate, a large-breasted woman in a white bikini, a mafia shooting scene, and a nude, heavily-tattooed woman standing naked, leaning back while holding a massive chainsaw between her legs pointing outwards to suggest a penis.

One of the two web sites has since been blocked from public view but appears to be remain online. The other web site remains available on the public internet at this time. The sites indicate that police officers have been involved in running an illegal "box betting" operation involving wagers running to close to $30,000 a year.

Due to the graphic nature of the pornography on the site, Talk of the Sound had elected not to disclose the full extent of the pornography on the P.F.F.L. web site in the hope that the initial story would be sufficient to elicit an official condemnation of the site from City of New Rochelle officials and a public commitment to investigate the matter and take appropriate disciplinary measures. In the week since the story ran, no City official has stepped forward to comment on the web site. Local media has remained silent. Meanwhile, residents who describe themselves as "friends" of some of the officers involved have come forward to defend their conduct. Given the nature of the response or lack thereof, Talk of the Sound believes it is now necessary to disclose the full extent of the depravity exhibited on the web site so that the public can be full be fully informed.

Talk of the Sound is not willing to directly link to the most graphic material on the P.F.F.L. web site but for those who are interested to actually view the pornographic material Talk of the Sound has prepared a video tour of the web site (linked below). Readers are warned. The video is XXX-Rated, definitely not safe for work, not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18 and will very likely be highly offensive to readers. In fact, the video is so obscene that Talk of the Sound was unable to find a video sharing service willing to host the video in the United State, Europe or Asia. The video tour begins by establishing the connection between the NRPD officers from the P.A.C.T. Unit and the web site and then clicks through the various pages of pornographic material on the site.

For those who wish to know more without actually viewing the content we have provided a page by page description of the content on the site.

  • Animated photo of five young women in short cut-off shorts with their partially-exposed buttocks facing towards the camera. The caption reads "A PHOTO FROM YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS "THEN" / MOUSE OVER PHOTO FOR "NOW". Moving a cursor over the photo reveals a photo of 13 obese women wearing skimpy lingerie "stacked" in a pyramid formation with their buttocks facing the camera.
  • Photo of a young woman, topless, with a beer tap photoshopped on to each of her nipples.
  • Animated photo of NRPD Police Lieutenant George Marshall next to copy which reads "Photo of Mr..Marshall prior to beginning to work out on a regular basis with "Mr.C" as his personal trainer. Mouse over photo to see extraordinary results in only a few short months. Photo: Mr. Marshall showing Mr. C his strong thigh muscles. ED NOTE: : we are not too fond of the outfit worn by Mr. Marshall but who are we to question his personal tastes?" Moving a cursor over the photo reveals a photo of a female body builder in a small black bikini sitting on a man on a bed with her crotch covering the man's mouth.
  • A fake warning message about "Snow Removal Scam Artists" which reads "According to sources in the Rye area of Westchester County, a couple of snow removal scam artists have been seen in the area. Apparently these subjects appear after a heavy snowstorm with shovel in hand and offer to shovel your driveway for a mere $20.00 (in advance) after you pay them, they just stand around complaining about how cold it is and then leave without finishing the job. Police surveillance photos taken by a NRPD Detective who lives in the area have been developed. If these subjects are observed in your area, take due dilligence. CLICK HERE TO VIEW SURVEILLANCE PHOTOGRAPH". Clicking the link reveals a page containing three images.
  • Snow Image 1 is a photo of two young adult woman, both naked, holding shovels in front of a house. The first woman is facing the camera exposing her breasts and genitalia. The second woman is facing away from the camera, head turned, exposing her naked buttocks and partially exposing her breasts.
  • Snow Image 2 is an animated image as a "naked" "female" snowman passes by a "male" snowman is aroused, his penis appears and grows so large that he tips over, face first, into the snow. This animation is repeated over and over in a continuous loop.
  • Snow Image 3 is an animated image of a fake warning from the American Medical Association which reads "VERY IMPORTANT STUDY Recent medical studies have proven that woman who use vibrators to excess, as well as men who masturbate frequently, have contracted a new symptom where the eyesight becomes shaky and blurred. If you have notice any of these symptoms, please contact your physician immediately. If left untreated, you will go blind." The image is animated in a way so that is "shaky" and "blurred".
  • Below the image of the two women with shovels is copy which reads "Snow Removal Scam Artists - courtesy KPER009- click on any body part to return to Message Board". KPER009 refers to Sergeant Kevin Perri. Clicking on the photo reveals an animated photo -- a series of 8 photos of a young adult woman wearing lingerie, including three with her breasts exposed.
  • "Optical Illusion 1", an animated series of photos beginning with a young adult woman in thong bikini, bending over, with her buttocks towards the camera. A copy box over the photo reads "optical illusion/A very good optical illusion: if you look at the picture carefully, after a few seconds, you can see a boat in the background". In the background is a speedboat with the words "THIS IS THE BOAT HERE" photoshopped across the side of the boat. Moving the cursor off the image displays a second photo of a nude woman with the headline "MISS IRAQ (2003) POST BOMBING". The woman is brown skinned; given the caption, the implication is that she is an Arab woman She is lying on her back, arms behind her head, her head raised slightly facing the camera. The camera is position between her legs, pointed directly at her genitalia which is covered by a large mound of pubic hair. Above the image is copy which reads "Why did you do that?? Nobody told you move your mouse! Now you have click photo to get out". Moving the cursor again reveals the first image of the woman in the bikini. Clicking on the image reveals a third image of a nude woman. She is an elderly, Asian woman, leaning into the passenger side, front seat window of a car. She is pulling her shirt up to reveal her breasts which are sagging significantly. The woman's face is mottled, she is leering, looking directly into the camera which appears to positioned in the driver's side, front seat of the car. The caption reads "Did I say click the picture? I meant use the back browser..."
  • "Optical Illusion #2" courtesy of Buff's Blazers (the team owned by Detective Jeff Wilson). Copy is instructions for reader to focus on a red dot in the middle of a group of random keyboard characters and "Crank Up The Sound". Clicking on the red dot reveals a close up photo of a nude woman. She is morbidly obese, bent over to that all that can be seen is her legs and buttocks. As the image is displayed, an audio file plays. It is the sound of flatulence. A red heart is photoshopped onto the left cheek of the women's rear-end. The copy on the heart reads "I Love Myron", a reference to Sergeant Myron Joseph.
  • A Powerpoint Slide Show of five photos of a transexual. The first photo is of a young adult "woman" entitled "MISS P.F.F.L. 1999" standing in a corner wearing a white midriff top and blue jeans. The pants are unzipped. The second photo is the same "woman". "She" is lying on a bed, wearing the same top. "Her" blue jeans are unzipped. The caption reads "I LOVE THIS GIRL !" The third photo is the same "woman". "She" is standing, wearing a bra, her blue jeans pulled down below "her" hips to reveal black panties which are pulled down on "her" hip. The fourth photo is the same "woman", standing up with "her" pants and panties pulled down to reveal "her" pubic hair. The caption reads "REALLY LOVE THIS GIRL". The fifth photo is the same "woman", leaning back on a bed, wearing a bra only --no pants and no panties. She is propped up on a pillow with "her" legs spread to reveal a penis. Photoshopped onto the pillow is the helmet and logo of "PO' Perri. The helmet is pink with flowers on it; the helmet and accompanying copy refers to Sergeant Kevin Perri. His team the previous year was the "Not Gay Ghosts" and had a pink helmet with the image of a ghost on it. The caption reads "OH, AH....AH...AH...OH...I MEAN, KEVIN, MOT ME, KEVIN REALLY LOVES HER?? NOT ME......AH...."

Link to Video Tour of XXX-Rated P.F.F.L. Web Site

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Hey Cox you wanna get their attention? Team Tits n Ass just admitted to killing with it!

Robert Cox's picture

...what are you worried about?

Keep trying though you're doing a great job!

Robert Cox's picture

I have not even begun to "promote" this story around the web. Keep watching.

For readers who are a bit more concerned than WP about this story please be sure to "share" this story via twitter facebook, digg, stumbleupon, fark, propeller, etc. Click the "share" button below the story or use your own account.

It seems that so far everyone that has replied to this is biased in one way or another. Either it's Cox who has shown a hatred for the Police and Education Dept. or its someone that knows a cop or plays fantasy football. I am neither, just a woman who has been following this blog. I am also preparing to do my thesis which has to do with Men and anger. Being a student in my field means that I am more of a psychologist than Cox is a journalist. Mr. Cox, the way you come off is somone who suffers from depression, and has severe anger issues. You direct this anger at figures of authority such as the police, and have made the battles that exist only in your head personal. You also have in the past shown an unhealthy contempt towards the Board of Education. Perhaps blamming the Education Institution for allowing you to be bullied as a child.

Studies have shown, and what my thesis will prove, is that men who display your kind of anger are....well to put it bluntly...rather small in the you know what dept. (giggle). The following has been concluded by Freud, and backed up by countless other psychologists:

"Depression, anxiety and anger are also evident on males having a small penis size. Acquiring a larger penis size increases a man's self-confidence and sexual function. It increases the pleasure of sexual sensation during intercourse. Men can focus on the feelings of being sexually aroused if they are not insecure with their penis size. Psychological, as well as physical well-being, contributes importantly to the maintenance of sexual activity. Aside from that, positive attitudes towards sexuality influence a man's ability to perform well during sexual intercourse. His larger penis size, stable sexual function and fair amount of libido are really beneficial to his female partner. They can excite a female's sexual desire and arousal, thus promoting a healthy sexual life."

I would actually love to sit with Mrs. Cox to discuss this. It would provide me with a great research subject, as well as allowing Mrs. Cox to express openly and freely her feelings of dissatisfaction this must cause her. I also believe it would help you, once you establish an open dialogue about your unfortunate condition. I just want you to know that there is help out there. Understand that there is really no need to target those who are in positions of power simply because they make you feel inadequate.

You can bet people care. We expect our tax dollars are spent wisely. We expect the Police to be the uttmost proffesionals. We expect the Commissioner and his fellow management to require nothing less. It may be time to find a replacement for him also enough with the retreads.
This is an example of a City that needs a real management change. I suggest NY State should render an opinion for Ms Gilwitt as she is charged with keeping those above and below her from harm.
Let her get a legal opinion from the Attorney Generals office then she can wake up the Idiotts above her without following Bernis Shapiro into the ranks of the New Rochelle unemployed. The fish is rotting from its head or in New Ro should we say Heads.

All I can say is usually their is a warning, then a place to click proceed. And I think legally before you show nudity or porn you need a button to click swearing and stating that your are 18 years of age or more. Way to provide porn for your readers Cox. I hope no one looks into that. Not really professional or morally correct to say warning the stuff in front of your face may not be suitable for those under 18 or you may find disturbing, and then next to it have a woman with her breasts out. Your doing the same thing these officers did. 2 wrongs do not make a right.

Good Luck to all . Team Cox Team NRPD and Team people in between. I find myself actually getting dumber by reading these stories and comments. Good luck to all I'm about to go see what Puffy tweeted today or what my main man Ashton is up to. If anyone has a link to a reliable news site with fact no opinion and stuff that matters with reporters who are held to standards not an Ann Landers column please feel free to link for me. It has been real, Cox I do admire your passion and hope the best for you and your readers. Although there appears to be more teams in that league then people actually reading this I do wish you well. Thorton Melon over and out, Outtie 5000.

Just a note Robert,
Since you continue in your attempt to be the "moral compass", could you remove the offensive language and references on the TOTS home page (Tweets). I copied and pasted them for you:

*Lmaoo nigga getting washed on da buss by some qirl he sick
*So what is it baby spit or swallow ? To soon.
*U kno if niggas didn't always get off on tweetin about my whereabouts and happenings I wouldn't be in this position right now...
*Wtf I wanna get out of this class

Unless of course it's ok for you on YOUR web site....hypocrite.

Robert Cox's picture

Michelle Nolan.jpgI have never heard of "Michelle Nolan" before but she sent me a message via Facebook. Her profile says she graduated from NRHS in 2005, currently attends Westchester Community College and plans to be a vet. Her profile is here.

For completeness sake, I have copied her entire message below:

Michelle Nolan February 19 at 1:54pm Report

I read your recent cop hating rant about our finest who play fantasy football. Wow I read every word and I will never get that part of my life back. I thought I wasting brain cells watching Jersey Shore. First off all there is nothing illegal about fantasy football. Secondly there is nothing morally wrong with it either. Mr. Cox are you such an angel that we wouldnt find anything deemed indecent on your computer? Whats in your closet besides a case a case of little debbies snack cakes? Cops are human sir, and if they choose to engage in fantasy football...well its less harmful than what you do. Only you feel you are doing a service. You say that this immoral practice has been ruining the city for the past 12 yrs. You also say that it is a public site and anyone can access it. Then why is it you are the only one that cares? Maybe if you did some real journalism you would land yourself a real job and not have to write this garbage. But lets read between the lines sir. What anyone reading this would see is that you have been hurt by the police at some point in your life. My guess is that you were too out of shape and couldnt pass the physical aspects that are required of these real men and women. But what makes more sense is that you once had a love in your pathetic life who left you for a cop. Can't blame her can you? Maybe she read too much into your name and you just couldn't are obsessed with that one team which depicts a woman holding a chainsaw. Only you seem to see the chainsaw as a penis whats going on there Mr. Cox? Jealous? And the other team names that come from movies etc...are you for real? Should cops not be allowed to see, like or quote movies? God forbid we find a picture of Scarface in someones locker. Okay Mr. know it all , answer me this...out of all these wanna be "gangsters", and violent team name owners, how many of these cops in REAL LIFE have a history of such behavior. You don't back anything up, you just assume for the sake of trying to make cops look bad. But once again you failed! A good jouranalist would know a bit more about these cops who he is writing about. I'm sure the good they do for the community outweighs a game of fantasy football but you fail to write about that. But clearly you are content with being a lousy journalist.

Robert Cox's picture

...they appear quite capable of making themselves look bad on their own.

Best of luck in veterinary school.

I thought it was very well written! Thanks for sharing her comments Mr. Cox.

What kind of sick perverted man are you? Who are you to post personal information about a young girl, just b/c she responded to your blog. Are you really that low? You should be locked up. God help you if anything happens to her you demented little twirp.

Robert Cox's picture

Thanks for the faux-outrage but SHE published this "personal" information.

The photo and her personal profile are BOTH public information, readily available on the Internet.

As for her age, as best I can tell she is about the same age as the topless "girl" with the beer taps photoshopped onto her nipples. In other words she is an adult not a "young girl".

is what you are Cox. You are obviously the kid who tattled on their brother or sister growing up, was the first one to run and tell the teacher that little johnny was the one who spit the spitball behind her back or when brought into the principals office ratted on everyone to avoid punishment like the little weasel that you are...let me ask you
With all of your supposed credentials(obviously made up by yourself) explain to everybody how someone who has so much "experience" and who was made into a museum exhibit(LMAO) could be doing nothing in life but writing a tiny little meaningless blog about cops playing Fantasy Football which millions of Americans partake in. Please explain your pathetic excuse for a life!!!

Robert Cox's picture

Hmmm? How can I be a "tattle-tale" when the officers of the PFFL have done nothing wrong? Seems more than a minor contradiction.

As I understand it New Rochelle police officers are authorized to do a lot more than shoot spitballs from those weapons they carry around.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Too bad the reputation of the NRPD has been besmirched by a handful of officers who appear to have long ago forgotten that.

Yes, FB profiles can be public or private. According to you Mr. Cox, This girl sent you a message (private I'm assuming). It seems reasonable she didn't want to be publicly published on TOTS (or she would of done so) so she found you on FB to express her "concerns" privately.
I can only conclude that private messages sent to you are not respected especially if you don't agree with the content. What happened? Did she strike a nerve or something? Writers Beware!!

I contacted that sweet young lady Michelle myself via facebook to find out exactly what happened. According to Michelle, Robert Cox attempted on several occasions to "friend" Michelle, but he was rejected each time. (go figure) Why Mr. Cox needs to "friend" a girl half his age is another issue. In any case Michelle was sent a link to the article, and claims that she did not respond. Mr. Cox sent a message along with the link stating that he was taking on the police dept, and every "hero" needs a beautiful girl by his side. Michelle told me that she was so disgusted that she told her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was annoyed at Robert's pathetic advances so he wrote the response from Michelle's facebook account with her permission. Michelle actually feels threatened by Mr. Cox who also sent her photoshopped photos of his face attached to the bodies of a gladiator, cowboy, and one full frontal nude stripper. Like everyone else, I knew there had to be more to the story because Mr. Robert Cox obviously has a vendetta against this young lady too, whether she is legally and adult or not. Mr. Cox is trying to use her legal age as an excuse to cross yet another line by posting her personal info with the hopes that some sicko will go after her. How would Robert feel if his 18 yr old daughter was propositioned by a much older creepy man? Or if that creepy man put her life in danger? I had read in someones earlier post that Robert was questioned by the police for taking pics of other peoples children at a school. Now it makes sense. Just leave the girl alone Mr. Cox.

Robert Cox's picture

You guys really are desperate.

New Rochelle's Finest? That's a laugh.

Hard to see what the big deal is --- this stuff hasn't changed in my lifetime except there is better technlogy to make it more interesting. In my day we would get back from the field and blew off steam using some combination of sex, drugs and rock n/roll. It is what you do in stressful jobs and situations and if people lock and load and do their jobs, why make a big deal out of it. Let Carroll concentrate on putting in a downtown precinct and gettting his patrol patterns right. The cops are a geeat bunch here -- quality men and women --- you see this stuff all of the time. I would worry if they were shaking people down or some other similar matter, but when the bell rings, i am sure our force is there and that should be good enough.

Don't remember seeing so many pretty women during my day in r&r, but at my age, I don't remember much anyway.

bob is a good guy prioviding a real service for New Roc as are members of the New Roc force -- lets all lighten up and I have only one question.

Was that really a transvesstite?

Rock on

warren gross

Robert Cox's picture

On a serious note, is the PFFL web site really how you want to see the City of New Rochelle represented? I find that hard to believe.

I should be used to your pollyannish outlook by now but just how much acid would you need to drop to think that what the PFFL web sites demonstrate is that the officers involved are a "great bunch" and that they are "quality men" (there are no women team owners which ought tell you something).

It seems to me that some of the officers involved with the PFFL (not all and not most) have demonstrated a distinct lack of quality; a smaller number, just a few mind you, have given clear indications of serious psychological problems and should be examined by a mental health professional. I would expect these few would be deemed "not fit for duty"; certainly they do not appear to merit being entrusted with the responsibility of carrying weapons or having arrest powers. So, we are just going to have to agree to disagree on that one.

See, for me the difference here between some cops "blowing off steam" as you put it, and the PFFL web site is that the officers involved made the decision to PUBLICLY brand the web site with the NRPD logo and identify the site as the creation of officers from the P.A.C.T. Unit of the New Rochelle Police Department and list all of their own names AS NRPD OFFICERS. I am curious to know, on what basis you believe these individuals have the right to associate their personal lifestyle choices with a department of our municipal government?

Where I suspect we do agree is that if these officers enjoy looking at nude images of transexuals (and yep that "girl" is a "guy") in the privacy of their own home, then by all means they should go right ahead. If they are excited by the site of morbidly obese women in negligees they are welcome to spend every free moment gazing lustfully at them. However, when you take it upon yourself (as these officers did) to openly associate the New Rochelle Police Department with the porn, the illegal gambling and what I think can fairly be considered team names, logos and web pages that are wildly inappropriate for sworn police officers, then citizens should be rightly worried about the judgement of some of these officers.

On that final point, consider that web site shows that our police officers were engaged in high-stakes illegal gambling over the same period where they were issuing summons to store owners for doing the exact same thing. Does that not strike you as just a bit problematic? Unless, perhaps, you believe that police officers should not be required to observe the laws they enforce.

I'm curious, Warren. Would you really feel comfortable filing a police report of some crime against you or a family member where the complaint involved a highly sensitive subject like a sexual assault? Would you trust officers with teams like Midnight MutherF*s or Domestic Dispute or Kill 'em All or Get the Donuts to act in a serious, professional manner? Maybe you would but I believe most residents would have serious reservations in trusting any of these officers.

A major factor in my decision to run the story was my considering how a woman who had been raped might feel about calling NRPD knowing that the responding officer might be part of a fantasy football league with teams likes "Tits and Ass" which displays an image of a nude woman with a chainsaw for a penis, downloaded from a web site that features pornographic photos of women bound and gagged.

Given the generally sorry state of relations between minority communities and police departments across the country, can you imagine how a black or latino resident of New Rochelle might feel when the responding officer to a complaint has a fantasy football team called "excessive force"?

I would be interested to know where it is that you are looking when you say you "see this stuff all of the time". Can you provide just a single example to support this statement? Where have you seen other police officers conduct themselves in this manner?

As for whether or not "our force" should be "good enough" when "the bell rings", these officers are NOT "the force" I would say two things: (1) is it too much to ask to have competent, qualified police officers and not have then engage in the sort of behavior exhibited on the PFFL web site?; (2) there are more than 200 people who work for the New Rochelle Police Department. The number involved in the PFFL web site is less than three dozen and the really questionable behavior is limited to a relative handful. The officers in the PFFL are NOT the NRPD, they are a small part of it; that is the shame of all this. Who are these jerks to pass themselves off as somehow representing the entire P.A.C.T. Unit or the NRPD or the City of New Rochelle. They don't.

I am a bit surprised by your attitude. It would seem to go without saying that residents have a right to expect that our City's leadership would hold police officers to a standard just a bit higher than on what has been on display on the PFFL web site.

Me, the Lousy Cop

Well Mr. Citizen AKA MR. COX, I guess you have figured me out. I seem to fit neatly into the category you place me in. I'm stereotyped, characterized, standardized, classified, grouped, and always typical. I'm the "lousy" cop.

Unfortunately, the reverse isn't true. I can never figure you out.

From birth you teach your children that I am a person to be wary of...and then you're shocked when they identify me with my traditional enemy, the criminal.

You accuse me of coddling juvenile criminals, until I catch your kid doing something.

You may take an hour for lunch and several coffee breaks each day, but point me out as a loafer if you see me having just one cup.

You pride yourself on your polished manners, but think nothing of interrupting my meals with your troubles.

You raise hell about the guy who cuts you off in traffic, but let me catch you doing the same thing and I'm picking on you.

You know all the traffic laws, but never got one ticket you deserved.

You shout "Foul!" if you observe me driving fast enroute to an emergency call, but literally raise hell if I take more than ten seconds responding to your call.

You call it "part of my job" if someone strikes me. But its "police brutality" if I strike back.

You wouldn't think of telling your dentist how to pull a badly decayed tooth, or your doctor how to take out your appendix, but you are always willing to give me pointers on law enforcement.

You talk to me in a manner and use language that would assure a bloody nose from anyone else, but you expect me to stand there and take it without batting an eye.

You cry, "Something has to be done about all the crime!" but you can't be bothered with getting involved.

You've got no use for me at all, but, of course, it's OK if I change a tire for your wife, deliver your baby in the back seat of my patrol car on the way to the hospital, save your son's life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, or work many hours overtime to find your lost daughter.

So, Dear Citizen, you stand there on your soapbox and rant and rave about the way I do my job, calling me every name in the book, but never stop a minute to think that your property, your family, or maybe your life might depend on one thing - me, or one of my buddies.

Yes, me, the lousy cop.


Robert Cox's picture

...and quite a wordsmith to boot.

It took all of the three seconds to find this " police poem" via Google. For example, here is one such site:

You will not find any criticism to ANY woman who are members of the NPRD because none of them are owners of the teams in this league, none of them posted the pornography that litters the web site and none of them are running illegal gambling operations.

Further, I am not directing any criticism to the vast majority of officers of the NRPD or even the smaller number who participated in the PFFL but were not actively involved in the porn, the illegal gambling or the owners of the more perniciously named teams or team web pages.

Any police officer who believes it is a good idea to name a fantasy football team "Kill 'em All" as part of a league publicly associated with his own department's community policing unit deserves any and all criticism that comes there way.

The only ones insulting the brave men and women who are doing their job on the New Rochelle police force is those like you who want to cover up the bad behavior of the few by lumping in the good guys with the small number of cretins behind the PFFL web site.

Now run along and see if you can copy and paste a nice poem that praises police officers who who upload graphic pornography of transexuals, disgrace the uniform, bring disrepute on their department, run illegal gambling operations, make light of police brutality and the rest.

Yep, run along so we can all enjoy that poem too.

Why do you seem to be the only one who cares about this? It looks as if you have way too much time on your hands. This so called behavior of the cops who are in the PFFL is probably the same behavior you do in the privacy of your house. You are probably sitting there at your computer in between rants on your blog looking at these phots on the PFFL site and getting off on it to boot. 12 years you say this has been going on? Wow...12 years and YOU are the ONLY one who cares about this? Now that is pathetic. Couldn't all this time you spent be used more wisely? I think so and I am sure most of those on here will agree with me. Now go back to looking at some of those dirty pics.

Robert Cox's picture

If these officers want to sit at their computers and look at nude images of transexuals in the privacy of their own home, then by all means they should go right ahead. If they are excited by the site of morbidly obese women in negligees they are welcome to spend every free moment gazing lustfully at them.

The problem is that these officers chose to openly associate the New Rochelle Police Department with the graphic pornography to which you refer. When you publish your name, and the name of your unit, your department, your fellow officers and your city you are no longer talking about a private act.

Public or not, there is also the issue of officers running illegal gambling operations and participating in a fantasy football league with team names, logos and web pages that are wildly inappropriate for sworn police officers.

Of course, it is ALL public so none of it is about the privacy of police officers.