UPDATE: Wind Storm 2010 Photos and Video


UPDATE: And the "winner" is...

...a house on Argyll near New Rochelle High School where a 100+ foot pine tree snapped, landed on three other trees, uprooting them. The trees then landed on the house, crushing a sun porch and doing other damage.

Wind Damage AFTER2 - 10.jpg


...a house On Montgomery Place near Iona College

Wind Damage AFTER - 100.jpg

It's not to send in your nominees. Send us your photos.

Video on flooding at New Rochelle High School from Bobby and Gabe Sanchez

David Cohen of New Rochelle on Fox 5 News (tree crushed his garage)


Wind Storm JK - 1.jpg

Wind Storm JK - 2.jpg

Wind Storm JK - 3.jpg

Wind Storm JK - 4.jpg

Wind Storm JK - 5.jpg

Wind Storm JK - 6.jpg


Windy New Ro5.jpg

Windy New Ro6.jpg

Windy New Ro7.jpg

Windy New Ro8.jpg

Windy New Ro9.jpg

Wind Damage Billboard I-95-B.jpg.jpg

Windy New Ro1.jpg

UPDATE: Looks like I will have my own photos in the morning. A very large tree just came crashing down onto another tree, 3 feet from the corner of my house and then took down a third tree. The whole house shook. No one hurt and no damage to the house that I can see in the dark.

UPDATE: The sun is up and now I can see that the one tree took out THREE trees. The third tree is still standing but limbs were broken off and it has been knocked off center by 10-12 degrees and is now leaning directly over the center of the house. It has to come down.

Wind Damage 34 Aberfoyle Road1.jpg

Wind Damage 34 Aberfoyle Road2.jpg

Wind Damage 34 Aberfoyle Road6.jpg

Wind Damage 34 Aberfoyle Road8.jpg

Wind Damage 34 Aberfoyle Road9.jpg

Wind Damage 34 Aberfoyle Road13.jpg

Wind Damage 34 Aberfoyle Road16.jpg

Eric Turkewitz went off-topic on his New York Personal Injury Law Blog to add some photos of storm damage in New Rochelle

Mother Nature Takes A Shot
I grabbed the point-and-shoot when I went for a run this morning in one of the nicer areas of New Rochelle, north of New York City. Old houses and older trees [read the whole things and view Eric's photos here]

Reader KL send in this photo via a Blackberry




Wind Damage AFTER - 077.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 078.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 079.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 080.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 081.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 082.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 083.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 084.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 085.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 087.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 088.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 089.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 090.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 091.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 092.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 093.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 094.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 095.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 096.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 097.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 098.jpg

Puffs of steam, rain hit exposed live wires on Mayflower Avenue

Wind Damage AFTER - 099.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 100.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 101.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 102.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 103.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 104.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 105.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 106.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 107.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 108.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 109.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 110.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 111.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 112.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 113.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER - 114.jpg


Wind Damage AFTER2 - 01.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER2 - 03.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER2 - 04.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER2 - 06.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER2 - 10.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER2 - 12.jpg

Wind Damage AFTER2 - 13.jpg


Barnard near Pinebrook1.jpg

Barnard near Pinebrook2.jpg

PHOTOS FROM Bobby Sanchez

Wind Sanchez - 1.jpg

Wind Sanchez - 2.jpg

Wind Sanchez - 3.jpg

Wind Sanchez - 4.jpg

Wind Sanchez - 5.jpg

Wind Sanchez - 6.jpg

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