Channel 12 News "New Rochelle arrest sparks angry weekend mob" with Cellphone Video of Hartley House Arrest


Hartley House Arrest1.jpgOn Saturday Talk of the Sound reported on an unusual call that went out for all officers to respond to an incident on Brook and Horton: New Rochelle Police Arrest Four in front of Convenience Store at Horton Avenue and Brook Street

When an officer at the scene put of a call for "officer needs assistance", police dispatchers took the highly unusual step of ordering all units to respond. Police, including the Harbor Patrol Unit responded. Four arrests were made. The police entered the area in force and then withdrew to avoid escalating the situation further.

Now further information has aired on Channel 12 News that provides the background for what sparked the call.

New Rochelle arrest sparks angry weekend mob

The family members and neighbors of an alleged drug dealer say police officers used excessive force against the suspect over the weekend. An angry mob stormed New Rochelle police headquarters Saturday, claiming officers had their knees against Eric Landrine's chest and used night sticks to beat him while trying to make an arrest.

Shortly after the incident, tensions were still high. Visiting the neighborhood moments after, area residents were gathered in groups throughout the area discussing the incident.

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mlunapiena01 on Mon, 03/29/2010 - 06:31

This is an anonymous, eye-witness account that I came across on the internet (the original poster specifically requested not to be identified, but gave me permission to repost this here) from someone who drove past this in their car.

Two white cops tackled a black suspect, had him on his face in the middle of the intersection, the guy didn't seem to be resisting at that point but it didn't stop one of the cops from punching him in the back of the head with all his might three or four times -- which DID cause the guy to resist, naturally. Then about... 15 people poured into the street screaming "Why'd you have to punch him!" -- something I wanted to ask also, but thought better of it. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a few cars frantically backing up and three-point-turning back to Coligni to get the heck out of there, looked forward again to see a dozen more people surrounding the two cops, and one of the cops whipping out his baton and screaming "Back off! Back off!" -- then I guess someone hit one of the cops and he took off after the guy and everyone started running, including MORE people who were coming for other directions, and that's when I made a quick left down Hobart (the wrong way) and watched the rest of the action in the rearview mirror as I sped off -- like I said, with 6 speeding cop cars coming at me.


I did not see this myself & can't answer any questions about this account - I just thought it should be shared...

Robert Cox's picture
Robert Cox on Mon, 03/29/2010 - 12:51

can you provide a link?

jim on Sun, 03/28/2010 - 17:44

where were the angry citizens when the crack dealer was selling drugs on their street? If a perp tries to escape, why shouldn't the police capture him. There is a very crazy view of people's values here!

Haveanice... on Wed, 03/24/2010 - 04:16

"When an officer at the scene put of a call for "officer needs assistance", police dispatchers took the highly unusual step of ordering all units to respond"

When an officer calls for assistance, everyone working -EVERYONE- responds. Nothing unusual about that. At least thats what they do on the TV shows.

I wonder if the news will follow-up and see how the officers who were injured are doing?

thetruthhurtsnr on Tue, 03/23/2010 - 18:30
Title: Arrests

News12 said one arrest was made at Horton Ave and Brook St and one arrest was made at the police station later for disorderly conduct. To me that is two arrests not four.
I guess you used the same source as when you were told all those Ursuline students got arrested for drinking.
Don't rush to publish before checking facts! Accuracy Please! Thank You

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