Davis School on Lockdown, Man in Fatigues, Flack Jacket Triggers Alert

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Davis School on Lockdown, Man in Fatigues, Flack Jacket Triggers Alert

April 22, 2010 - 19:01

weighted vest.jpgNew Rochelle Police and Scarsdale Police are coordinating a search of the area around Davis Elementary School after a 911 call reported a man in green fatigues wearing a flack jacket and black gloves walking on Grand Boulevard near Davis School.

No weapon observed.

Scarsdale DPW Workers tell police the person is known to jog in the area. jacket may be a weight jacket not a flack jacket.

Police resuming normal patrol.

Davis shool refuses to say whether lockdown is over. Central office says they have no information. if a parent can call over and find out let me know.

When my daughter came home today from Ward School she told me they had a lockdown at Ward. As school is now out presumably the lockdown is over.

School District sent out a RoboCall to Ward and Davis Parents: mp3 file of call.

Hello. This is a message for parents of students of Davis and Ward Elementary School about student safety. Late this morning on Thursday, April 22nd, police notified the school that they had received a call from a resident. The caller was concerned about a suspicious man in the neighborhood near Davis School. As a precaution, both Davis and Ward Elementary Schools were appropriately locked down. Within 15 minutes it was determined that the individual in question was merely a jogger. Schools resumed normal routines by 11:30. Parents with questions may call the main office at your child's school. Thank you.

Apparently all parents but me are welcome to call because I did call and was not provided any information and no one ever called me back.

UPDATE: Happily a false alarm but I would note two things. First, it is not correct that police determined that the man was merely a jogger within 15 minutes. The person who initially called in the report reported that they had seen a man in green fatigues and a flack jacket on Grand Avenue heading towards Davis School 20 minutes before police were even dispatched. There was a second person who told police about the man and that he was wearing black gloves. It was more like 30 minuets before police were being told by Scarsdale DPW workers that a man fitting that description was known to jog in the area. After about an hour, after police had been told to resume normal patrol, I had to stop monitoring the situation but at that time police had not actually found the man. I can also tell you that based on the initial report of "a man in green fatigues wearing a flack jacket walking on Grand Boulevard towards Davis School", the situation was tense and police responded with all speed and then quickly brought in Scarsdale PD.