How to Submit a Blog Post Directly to Talk of the Sound Using Your Web Browser

Login using a User ID and Password or Twitter or Open ID (see FAQ "Why Register?" for more).

At the top of the page you will see an admin menu with a Content tab.

Click Content/Add Content/Post to add a new Post.

A form appears entitled "Submit Post entry".

Fill in both REQUIRED fields (red asterisks): Title (headline) and Body (your article). The rest you can skip.

Keep in mind, the headline is the primary means of "advertising" you are article so spend time thinking carefully about what you want to say. You may not not use ALL CAPS in the headline. The format should be to capitalize the first letter of each word except consonants (of, on, etc.).

We have some excellent suggestions on how to write a good headline.

Always tried to add one photo to illustrate the topic. If you do not have a photo of the subject of the article you can check Google or Flickr for royalty-free or creative commons photos that permit use. Be sure to understand the terms under which the photos are made available for your use. Do not use copyrighted images, especially news images from sources like the Journal News, AP or New York Times. They are watching!

We have a detailed description of how to add photos to your article.

At the bottom of the form click "Submit".

In a moment you will see your article appear among the Recent Articles towards the bottom. Your article will appear on that list until it is pushed down the list and then off as new articles are submitted.

Articles that are featured in the Slideshow or What's Hot section are there at the discretion of Talk of the Sound editors. Articles that are well-written, topical, break news, contain interesting photos or are otherwise deemed to be likely to interest readers will be promoted. Don't ask, we tend to frown on that.

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