City Council to Consider Proposal to Televise Planning Board, Board of Appeals on Zoning, and the Industrial Development Agency


Richard St. Paul.jpgCity Council Agenda COW 6-8-2010


Communication dated May 26, 2010 from Kathy Gilwit, Communications and Marketing Manager, relative to televising the Planning Board, Board of Appeals on Zoning, and the Industrial Development Agency (I.D.A.) meetings at the request of City Council, effective September 1, 2010, and the need to amend the 2010 Budget to fund the expense, forwarded with approval of Charles B. Strome, III, City Manager, noted thereon, and appropriate legislation for consideration.
19.1. Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 239 of 2009, the Budget of the City of New Rochelle for 2010, relative to cable television contract services. Requested by Council Member St. Paul

This amendment is in response to a push by Councilman Richard St. Paul to increase transparency of the IDA. This was discussed two meetings ago. Mayor Bramson, Barry Fertel and Marianne Sussman responded by coming up with a variety of excuses as to why this should not happen including cost. It turns out the cost is a few thousand dollars. Kudos to St. Paul for pushing this issue.

Richard St. Paul Proposal to Increase Transparency of IDA.

1. Provide a list of board members on the IDA website
2. Hold meetings in the evening.
3. Televise meetings
4. Post meeting days on website
5. Post meeting minutes on website
6. Post annual report
7. Post current and previous projects with specifics details including type of benefits, job created, etc.
8. Post agenda for each meeting.
9. Rotate chairperson every two years
10. Bring IDA project before council for input prior to IDA voting on providing benefits (special meeting can be called if necessary)

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Anthony Galletta on Mon, 06/07/2010 - 10:29

As usual, councilmember Stowe is the swing vote and while he has not hinted as to which way he is leaning my money is on Bramson cracking the whip to bring Stowe into the fold and defeating this legislation 4-3. It's sad but SOP Standard Operating Procedure. Its ok for Bramsonite's to ram the GreeNR plan down our throats but they will never allow transparency in government to the point where the public can see what goes on in the backroom boards, committees and organizations they have controlled for 20-years. The boards that are responsible for the tax abatements which are doled out like candy to wealthy developers while the taxpayers endures the refuse fee, library tax, firefighter layoffs etc.

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