Mount Vernon Blogger Reports on Allegations of Democratic Party Corruption with New Rochelle Players Front and Center

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Mount Vernon Blogger Reports on Allegations of Democratic Party Corruption with New Rochelle Players Front and Center

June 19, 2010 - 06:05


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I bet the New Rochelle dems are scrambling to spin this. They will probably call an executive meeting to strategize response to the fallout. For all the loyal dems who have been hoodwinked that live in the 10th county legislative district remember these are the same people Greg Varian helped get elected and now want to position Greg in another legislative seat they can control.

This doesen’t surprise anyone. Idoni has moved on and now with Andy Spano taking it on the chin is locked into a dead end $150,000 plus perks County Clerk position. Noam Bramson will not be seeking re-election so when the final kingpin, Cappelli, falls from grace since he can’t deliver LeCount Square because he isn’t able to use the threat of eminent domain to squeeze the post office, the citizens of New Rochelle may actually have something to celebrate. None of three remaining democrats on council have the interest or wherewithal to take the reins and Arnie Klugman has been disgraced so I’m positive good, honest people will come out of the woodwork to run for the position of Mayor of New Rochelle. I praise all who had the courage to make this information public and hope you win the inevitable lawsuit. Hopefully all of the above will come to be and on January 1, 2012 New Rochelle will have a mayor committed to developing a future vision for New Rochelle that is not swayed by political ambition or monetary gains.

Bramson's chose to make his deals and we now see the fruit of his work. New Roc City except for the Multiplex it is empty and void of any direction. A failure for sure. His North End Affinity voters do not go there its way too Bronx like with the current customer base.
LeCount Place a self blighted nothing... Bramson caused this by making Cappelli favorite developer threatening emminent domain to those owners in the way and now we see what Cappelli did with the mayors gifts.
And even now a 14 MOU is all he can come up with. How about goodbye Lou don't let the freakin door hit you on the way out back to Whiteplains!
This has destroyed the neighborhood and chased whatever buisiness that was there. It took Bramson 4 years to figure this out? And I don't even think he is even there yet. He is actually holding out hope that Cappelli will start the process on LeCount! He will start it with someone elses money. Hey Noam why not find Cappelli a Brownfeld site right on Andersen Street thats a good idea that will spur it on.
Trump Cappelli more than 60% unsold. Soon the few owners might have to carry the building mangement costs, a house of cards waiting to fall. This project is the next axe to fall.
Echo Bay what can be said too grandious with way too much given to Forest city they certainly are not going to continue with this white elephant. Armory not Noams to give, City yard his to give but why should the tax payers and the City pay 25 million to move this? Should that not be Forest City's problem. Oh and by the way ever get a whiff of the area when the water treatment plant is crankin. What genius thought this was a good idea? Good old Mayor Bramson.
We are being taxed to death geez if he is not running again I can't imagine why not! What a great bunch of years the Bramson years. After the Garbage tax, Library tax and the decay he has presided over he should be run out of town lets even hope he just goes quitely.