City Government’s Frivolous Spending In Bad Financial Times

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City Government’s Frivolous Spending In Bad Financial Times

October 20, 2008 - 20:49

This is to let everyone know that The City Government of New Rochelle ordered and received four brand new Plow/Salt trucks. Don’t get me wrong, these vehicles are beautiful. One was actually on display at the FireFighter’s Car & Bike Show that was held at Glen Island on Sunday, October 19th.

There are a few problems with this purchase:
1. Each truck cost was $180,000 for a total of $720,000.
2. These trucks can only be used on main roads. The trucks are huge.
3. The DPW only has 2 people on staff that are truly qualified to navigate these monsters, so why did they purchase four of them?

Who gave the “Okay” to purchase such equipment?

Why wasn’t any though put behind this purchase? It would have been more cost effective to purchase 6 new smaller snow/salt trucks that would be able to fit on all of our City’s roads.

City Government loves to spend its Taxpayer’s money on unnecessary things. You would think that with the current economic crisis that they would at least pretend to care about the City’s taxpayers. Our Fire Department is currently under staffed as well as our Police Department. City Officials don’t want to put necessary personnel on payroll, but they’ll give themselves unrealistic salary raises and purchase unnecessary equipment!

Like I always say, “Government Officials care about one two things, themselves and how much money they can take from hardworking taxpayers.”

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