New Rochelle Talk of the Sound Hits 5,000 Visitor Mark

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New Rochelle Talk of the Sound Hits 5,000 Visitor Mark

December 02, 2008 - 01:29

We just passed the 90 day mark by reaching another milestone - our 5,000th unique visitor. Even better, we have a long "dwell time" where readers are spending, on average, 4 minutes and 38 seconds per visit. We have served up over 27,000 page views since the end of August.

We have still not gotten a Google Page Rank but have moved up in Google for various searches of interest. The most important measure is our standing for the search term "New Rochelle" - we are #44 which means we will score very high for any keyword searches that include the keyword "New Rochelle" in it such as "New Rochelle" + "Trinity School" were we are ranked #5.

I am particularly happy to report that our effort to hold various administrators and board members to account is having an impact.

For "Richard Organisciak" we are #10 and for "Anthony Bongo" we are #6 which means we show up on the first page of their search results. For "Cindy Babcock Deutsch" we are #11 and #12. Some names or terms are common or apply to more than New Rochelle but even still we are high up for terms like "Marty Daly" (#75) and "Ward Acres" (#15).

We also now have 135 registered users!

Please help us reach our goals to turn New Rochelle Talk of the Sound into the best platform for ALL residents to have their soapbox - email a link for to your friends or family, bookmark the site or add it to your RSS reader, register and become a become a commenter or blog contributor.