New Rochelle High Students and Alumni Organize Facebook Protest of School Censorship


UPDATED REACTION ROUNDUP BELOW: for those who do not have Facebook accounts, we've excerpted some of the reaction from students and alumni from New Rochelle High School below.

750C91BD-D429-4414-9C2C-3EAD0D4A3B1B.jpgSo far, 14 20 32 97 students and alumni have signed up to protest the actions of the New Rochelle School District in censoring Girl, Interrupted and the numbers continue to swell; 32 have confirmed they will attend the board meeting. The protest has spread like wildfire across Facebook with over 500 students and alumni receiving invitations; 165 invites are still pending.

The following has been posted on Facebook (you need to have a Facebook account to view or join the "cause")

It has recently been reported by that New Rochelle High School's English Department willingly removed five pages from Susana Kaysen's novel Girl, Interrupted in which the characters discussed the act of giving oral sex. Not only is this disturbing on a moral level, it is illegal.

At the end of each board meeting, the general public is allowed to speak for a short period of time discussing concerns with the district.

Please come and express your concerns with their actions.

For the full article, please click here

If you cannot come yourself, please inform others of the district's actions and ask them to attend or consider calling or emailing the following people:

Cindy Babcock Deutsch
Board of Education
City School District of New Rochelle

Richard Organisciak
Superintendent of Schools
City School District of New Rochelle

Don Conetta
New Rochelle High School


For those who do not have Facebook accounts, we've excerpted some of the reaction from students and alumni from New Rochelle High School

Jake Haskel (Rochester)
i'll be in school still :( i wonder what the argument is going to be against the 1st amendment.....

Eitan Berk (CUNY John Jay)
I am traveling around the world, but can someone just ask whoever is in charge there this question... "are you freekin serious?!"

Helen 'Hel' Marie Staab (Earlham)
i'll still be in indiana, but i'll be there in spirit. a friend of mine read this article, recognized the name new rochelle and sent it to me. i'm pretty ashamed.

Jobin Thomas (SUNY Albany)
wow so thats embarrassing, new rochelle is usually really open. really strange they would do something like that

Tania D (New Rochelle High School)
Ugh! I have finals until 5 pm Tuesday. Someone please try to post about what happened at the meeting.

I cannot believe they would actually censor books in New Rochelle. We should all write letters to the board, who knows where they'll stop after something like this. It's obscene and ridiculous.

Stacey Levine (New Rochelle High School)
The Head of the English Department should also be reprimanded for her actions, as she shows no remorse for them.

It is shockingly awful that the pages were ripped out of these books, but the most important aspect, to me, is that the head of the English dept is the one who did it. That simply disgusts me. We live in America. Physical abuse of books is not to be even remotely tolerated. When I think of book abuse and censorship, repressive governments in some foreign countries is what comes to mind; there is something seriously wrong when pages are ripped from books being taught to 17 and 18 year olds. When I found out today I was, and still am, in disbelief.

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Robert Cox's picture
Robert Cox on Sun, 12/14/2008 - 20:04

We covered this a few weeks ago.

This comment really belongs there. Actually, it is detailed enough that it should be its own post. I sure wish you'd register and then post this to your blog (all registered users get a free blog). Then I could promote this to the front page (I cannot promote comments to the front page) so more people could see it.

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