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From the Superintendent

December 23, 2008 - 20:57

With the echoes of the historic Presidential election still reverberating in the ears of not only every American, but also those of friends and foes throughout the world, it is clear that Mr. Obamas presidency will significantly change and impact our lives.
As the economy continues to sink to even further depths, the status of our schools and our entire educational system must be preserved.  Short sighted decisions to save a few precious dollars cannot be acceptable, if we see increased class sizes as a result.  Budget cuts and tax caps which will reduce and even eliminate programs in the arts, career education, athletics and elective courses cannot be a solution if as a result we are mortgaging our childrens future.  Shortening the school day or the school year, employee furloughs, charging fees for student participation in cherished activities or worthwhile projects limit the educational opportunities for all children.
We must not lose sight of how quickly the gains we have achieved over the last decade can be easily erased for this generation of children.  In particular, we must honor our commitment to those students and families who most need our attention.  Be it students with special needs or those for whom English is a second language; be it children born to poverty or those for whom functional literacy is a constant struggle.  We can not abandon those who need us most as we come to make the tough decisions that will need to be made.

Now more than ever we must count on the coalition of parents, community, faculty, staff and students to make decisions that limit the harm to our children.  Now is the opportunity to hear many voices come together with suggestions, support, advocacy and actions to sustain the incredibly successful school system in New Rochelle.
Please offer your suggestions and help inform our decisions.  We all stand to benefit if we unite to preserve that which is important, namely the education of all children.
Thank you.
Richard E. Organisciak
Superintendent of Schools
Richard Organisciak