More Information needed on a Sustainabililty Coordinator (Westchester Herald)

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More Information needed on a Sustainabililty Coordinator (Westchester Herald)

February 01, 2009 - 02:57

How does the new Sustainability Coordinator make "New Rochelle a model city ecologically sustainable development" There is no statement listed in her duties that tells how the city will assess the present amount of pollutants in the area. At the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club on January 22 questions relating to her position were referred to Councilman Lou Trangucci.

How can this Coordinator be a "catalyst" to develop sustainability initiatives when questions about air, noise, water, wind and other types of pollution are not measured or acknowledged? What cost effectiveness can be made when clean-up costs are rarely given to residents? What will this coordinator say to community groups when she is confronted with neighborhood problems such as excessive noise or overpowering wind (created by high rise buildings)?

The first step in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Smart Strategies for a Sustainable Future is to assess the community's water quality, air quality, hazardous waste sites and other sources of pollution. Marjorie Brandon was particularly distressed that the New Rochelle City Council has not paid attention to the excessive wind in the downtown area which has increased dramatically as more and more high rise buildings are completed there. The need for the City of New Rochelle to make a prediction for the future and to present a vision statement for the next 30 years are integral according to the EPA guidelines for sustainability.

Lorraine Pierce, Secretary of the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club, felt the sustainability coordinator position was duplicating the duties of many other employees at City Hall such as the Deputy City Manager, Commissioner of Development and the Communications Manager. She also stated that because of present financial conditions this position should not have been filled, especially at this time. Marino Michelotti asked if the Coordinator could be invited to speak to the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club members at a future meeting.