Our Goals

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Our Goals

June 15, 2008 - 00:11

Our goals are as follows:

  • Improve educational experience of all children in New Rochelle Schools.
  • Eliminate the inequities between the North and South End schools in New Rochelle
  • Educate and empower parents in the education of their children.
  • Expose and address long ignored problems.
  • Propose solutions.
  • Work with the City School District of New Rochelle in addressing inequity.
  • Provide taxpayers value.
  • Assist all New Rochelle Schools become attractive and desirable to all stakeholders.
  • Trim the fat, curb mismanagement in our schools as well as ensure fiscal responsibility.
  • Organize efforts to improve all of our schools.
  • Assist in ensuring accountability for stakeholders.
  • Provide venue for people to vent, discuss, report and expose issues of concern.
  • We want to hear from everyone who cares about these issues whether you agree with us or not.  What are your goals?

    There are 4 Comments

    NRCP you are way off on this matter of equality in NR school sytem. Is it fair for the English speaking parents of a Southside school student be subjected to meetings, literature and announcement in both English and spanish. To take up twice as much time and money to get points accross. Not fair or equal.

    What problems are you talking about? NR school system is in the top 1% in the nation. Maybe the "North End parents" put more time and energy into their children's education then their counterparts. It seems to me that the Sanchez's are disgruntled people that want better for their children at other people's expense. P.S.Why is Mr. Sanchez a former employee?

    I hope this forum is as equitable as you would like as schools to be.........

    To end the so-called equities between the north end and south end schools, lets just all move...problem solved or learn to speak English and take greater pride and participation in your child's district school.......