City of New Rochelle, Beyond Disgusting, How Sad

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City of New Rochelle, Beyond Disgusting, How Sad

March 17, 2009 - 20:59

The Mayor and the City Council Members have approved a property tax hike of over 8% for 2009.

This doesn’t shock me and it shouldn’t shock any property owners in this waste land that we call New Rochelle. Queen City of the Sound, please, more like Slut Kicked to the Curb. But that my friends is another story I’m working on. Anyway, they have all voted to raise our property taxes over 8%, despite the negative economic conditions that many of us our currently experiencing. New Rochelle has increased its school and property taxes for many years, but what have we been getting out of it as tax payers? Our politicians tell us that we live in a great city. I say Prove it! What’s there in this so great city to do? Nothing! Ever since Idoni became Mayor in 1991 New Rochelle’s quality of life and business have suffered tremendously. Idoni and Bramson have rapped our city. Many shady deals have been made under their administration. Deals that have caused indisputable economic damage to the City of New Rochelle. New Roc City should never have been. New Rochelle needed to bring back a Mall like structure that would have brought in businesses that the people of New Rochelle have been absent with since Macy’s closed down in 1992 and has never been replaced. The Avalon project has been nothing but a burden for New Rochelle. New Rochelle, under Idoni, made a deal with Avalon Properties that they do not have to pay taxes for 30 years. Nice deal right? But for who? Definitely not for the City or its taxpayers. Trump Towers New Rochelle, what a waste of great retail space. You can once again thank Idoni for this one as well. Could you imagine what kind of retail establishment could have been developed on both the New Roc property and the Trump property! Imagine the revenue that it would have brought into New Rochelle, the jobs it would have created, the taxes it would have generated. But once again, what did you expect from Idoni. And what do we expect from Bramson, except for business as usual. Under these two administrations, we have witnesses everything but good. Our school system has continuously dropped in student performance, Main Street is becoming a Ghost Town, unless you want your nails done and looking for a dollar store. People, please wake up. Let us stand up for our rights! Our politicians are bleeding us dry and they don’t care one bit. Take a really good look around. I mean a really good look with eyes wide open. New Rochelle is beyond disgusting. New Rochelle is a Sad Sad City. And we allowed Idoni and Bramson to make it this way.

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The sad part is that most people are totally unaware of what is said here. Remember also Bramson raised his salary and continues to tout "more" development as a panacea instead of what it really is: the destruction of the Queen City of the Sound.

Ok, opinion is opinion but facts are facts. Where are you getting this 8% tax increase? Get facts right and your point holds more weight

This 8% tax increase he talks about is a complete lie and an attempt to get people to go to his website. Do not believe a word that bob cox writes. He has no credibility whatsoever.

Once again, read the link below. It was taken from the New Rochelle website.

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I did not write this post.

Also, how would writing something on this site cause people to come to the site - wouldn't they have to be here already to be reading it?

BTW, the number I have talked about is related to the assumption on assessables. The District is projecting the SAME rate of decline as last year - 1.4%.

Not even Organisciak believes that number is accurate. The figure is likely to be 2-3 times higher. The City is using 3% right now.

It is simple math, if the assessment decline is 3%, the tax rate required to support a $180mm tax levy for the school district comes out to be 6.9%.

You might want to note the story in the Journal News that appeals for reduction in assessment are above 300% already. You think New Rochelle will be different?

Robert, you don't need to reply to this person. He or she is a fool. I posted the link directly from the website. It's a pdf of an official document from the City Manager and Mayor themselves. These people have issues and these people are the reason why New Rochelle is beyond pathetic. These are the sort of people that keep voting politicians like Idoni and Bramson in. Look at the facts people, ever since Idoni became Mayor New Rochelle lost large and small businesses. Take a good look at Main Street. It's a dump. No one in there right mind would want to open a business on Main. I took it upon myself to try and bring in businesses that would be beneficial to New Rochelle, but then I said to myself, Why would I even try to bring in a large retailer? No one would go there anyway. The North End residences shop in Eastchester Yonkers and White Plains. The South End shop in Eastchester, Yonkers, Pelham, White Plains & Mt. Vernon. New Rochelle sucks because our politicians since 1991 made it that way. And they all got paid a lot of money by developers to pass projects that benefited their pockets, not the people. Take a look around, I rest my case!

Yes the link was taken from the city website. That was the proposed budget. The increase that passed is in the 5% range - 5.25 or 5.8% the exact number escapes but I am closer than you are.

As i said so your research you are months behind the times. Just to fill you in on what you missed while living in your cacoon of fear the Republican councilmen challenged that 9% increase and propsed a
tax increaseof under 3% and the 5.??% is the "compromise"

And if you were going to start a store on Main Street i am sure it would fail after you gave yourself a negative review.

Say Anonymous, why don't you register on this site? You think you are so smart. Please. And as a business person, I am very successful. The reason why I am, is due to the fact that I am smart enough not to have opened my business in New Rochelle. What do you do? Either way, any increase in this economic time is a bad idea, 5% or 8%. There are many other alternatives rather then tax increases, but like stated before, Business as usual for New Rochelle.