Attention ! There's No Need to Vote in New Rochelle

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Attention ! There's No Need to Vote in New Rochelle

April 16, 2009 - 19:44

That's right my friends. I've spoken to the board of ed folks and they assure me there's no need to bother yourself by comming out and voting. Besides, they told me it will be raining that day, so no need to go out and get all wet and everything. They have the only votes they need right now and if any of you regular citizens actually vote, well, you'll just upset the balance they have built. Just give them what they ask for and everything will be allright. Trust me. I know that people on this site have been reporting that the board has been careless with their spending, but afterall, it is their money ,right. I mean, we give it to them. When you give someone a gift, you don't tell them how they should use it right? And how about that D.Polow lady. She told me she NEEDS to spend more money. Wow, I gotta tell you, I love to hand money over to people who ignore me. (just ask my ex-wife:). Cocky, arrogant blowhards like her are usually right, like Madeoff, Paulson, Geightner, Spitzer,Bush, they've all done well, right? Anyhow, I ask you to think about the board for a change and stop thinking about your insignificant self or where you'll get money to pay your bills. Just give them what they ask for and they'll leave us alone. There's just to much talk about these issues,afterall, they obviously know more than you or I about what we can afford. Right?