Mr. Organisciak is Not a Dolt

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Mr. Organisciak is Not a Dolt

April 27, 2009 - 06:29

No, my friends, I actually have to respectfully disagree with Mr Cox on this one. Although it does have a certain ring to it, King Dolt (c'mon- it IS funny)would lead you to believe there was a complete lack of intelligence. Why yes, he has made some mistakes along the way, but, the more I look into the quagmire that is the Board of Ed, I realize Mr O is a just a lying, cheating, manipulative, Conniving (look up the definition) corruptor of the very system he has been entrusted with. Why, this would require some level of intelligence, right? How else could you hoodwink so many people. It's infuriating to think we, as a citizenry, stand back idly watching our kids sold down the river while they approve their own raises. Think about this- After holding the party line about how it is in "our" best interest to not discuss union negotiations, he goes on record in the newspaper saying there will be no layoffs and raises for all. If I was in the union and I heard that from the other side of my contract, I'd be smiling about now. I'll get what I want now. He is cheating the citizens of New Rochelle by not disclosing the number of kids from outside the district going to our schools. Mount Vernon had about 800 of them and were able to reduce the teacher staff by 50 or so. Don't worry, they'll get jobs where the 800 wind up. He either knows about this or he doesn't. Either way he is complicit in this issue. If you ran a business, wouldn't you want to expand, have more and more customers? Mr O ran out of customers(kids) in New Rochelle, so he brings then in from other areas. More customers(kids) more teachers, more money, more building, bigger budget, and on and on. All this is done behind the scenes with the coopting of the party hacks who enjoy their ride and say yes to whatever he asks. Improper advocation of the full day kindergarten, hundreds of out of district students, overstuffed school buildings, inability to acknowledge the suffering of the taxpayer, discipline marches at Trinity, broken bones at Isaac Young, Mr Bongo (did he get his job because of a large contribution to the childrens library or is that a different Mr Bongo?) it goes on and on, out of control. When does it stop? When WE stop it. Why are they so anxious to get their budget through, I mean afterall, if it fails twice, the state will cap it higher.HOWEVER, at that point, the state will start looking into all of these issues, closely. Maybe that's what we need. I don't mind paying higher taxes when there is a true return on my money. I'll gladly pay for the best school system, but I refuse to subsidize a corrupt machine. I refuse to pay for kids from Mt. Vernon, or the Bronx, or Yonkers or wherever. Please, by all means, do the research, check the math. Am I wrong?
Polow must go, on the budget vote NO

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Why are two school superintendents splitting the salary of the vacant super position in addition to their already high salary? And does anyone think a school administrator should be getting in excess of 195,000 a year to do basically nothing?

cityjo I say NO! Polow will win and you will go!

If your comment is representative of the intelligence level of the people who support this board, then God help us! I'm not going anywhere except to report on the shafting of the taxpayer. I will accept your thanks in advance.

Aren't you clever. Did you make that up yourself Deidre?