New Rochelle School District HVAC Employee Under Investigation?

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New Rochelle School District HVAC Employee Under Investigation?

June 06, 2009 - 03:10

I know a secret..i know a secret..wanna play a guessing game?? What is the name of the HVAC employee who is being investigated for stealing time AND is currently NOT working???? Who's running this school district Al Capone??

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Bet you are lying! It is absolutely impossible that there is corruption within the City School District of New Rochelle.

That's a bet I'll take..not too many things in life that are sure things.

come on not a chance nothing to this. willie sutton was once asked why he robbed banks and he said because that was where the money is. maybe the hvac guy is simply following some district examples hoping for a promotion or raise. just another brick in the wall warren gross

it maybe another brick in the wall but it doesnt make it right.

there is no truth to this story. Mr. Cox, you are wrong for publishing this story, It seems to me that I can make up a story about someone in the district and send it to your website and you will publish it without even investigating the story. I think it's poor judgement on your part.

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Read the post again. Look at the "Submitted By" field. It was submitted by a registered user under the pseudonym "deep throat". That is not me. I publish here under my own name as you full well know.

As I have said repeatedly, anyone can register and write articles. Their blog posts and comments will be posted without moderation. So long as people follow a few basic rules they are free to write what they want.

Let me also explain the law to you.

Go do a Google search for "Section 230" and learn a little bit about how the law applies to a web site like this. I provide Talk of the Sound as a virtual public square. As such, I am NOT legally responsible for blog posts or comments posted BY OTHER PEOPLE on this site. Individuals who post here ARE responsible for what they write on the site just as I am responsible for what I write.

So, if deepthroat is lying as you say and ends up defaming someone then the person he defames can take legal action against deepthroat. They can sue Talk of the Sound to attempt to force me to give up any information I have about deepthroat (which is not much) but I would resist all efforts to comply as best I could. The result would be a "John Doe" lawsuit that could not be served unless there was a way to prove the identity of the writer. Google for "Cahill v. Doe" to understand more about this; bottom line is the courts have set a very high bar for compelling disclosure of an internet commenter. Basically, the complainant would have to first prove their case. In this instance that means that the complainant would have to prove they were defamed. There is a competing case in a Texas court but generally Federal judges where such a case would ultimately end up are more in line with Cahill.

Now, you seem to think that would be the case here which I find interesting because one of the tests applied by the court is whether a reasonable person would believe a false claim made on a web site. That question goes to whether the source is credible. In other words, you are acknowledging in your comment that this site is a credible source of information.

So thank for the compliment! You know you are making headway in taking on corruption and self-dealing when your "enemies" admit the site is a trusted source of information.

You may have not published the story but as the adminastrator of the site you posted it. That makes you just as guilty. As for your site being a reputable source, that is the funniest thing I heard in weeks. You, your followers and anyone associated with you are all frauds. Next time I see you on the street I'm gonna introduce myself to you!!

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You can find me at any school board meeting. The next one is June 30th.

Now, what is it that you imagine I am guilty of here? Is it that you believe that deepthroat's story about this HVAC employee is untrue?

If so, I suggest you direct your concerns to him/her.

In any case, time will tell. Just as the Donna Henry coverup has started to unravel, the no-show job issues in the school district will come to light over time. Given what I know, I have absolutely no trouble believing what I have been reading from deepthroat.

BTW, as I repeatedly say; the primary benefit of registering is that registered users can post WITHOUT MODERATION so I do not publish ANY comments or blog posts other than my own. I do, however, host a web site that allows people to do this.

Again with Donna Henry...nothing has "unraveled". There was no cover up. What....the district doesn't confide in you and it's a cover up? The JN just did one thing you didn't, they interviewed the principles involved in the the investigation and, at least, got some answers. Answers that would of been given if the questions were ever asked in the first place. Nowhere in that whole discussion here on TOTS did you ask any of your own questions or concerns, you bring up here to the district or the police. You say you have a police report (which you should scan and put on here for all to read), and "sources" which could be anyone spreading rumors. I understand you can't "out" your "sources" here, but why can't they be brought forward or come forward on their own to the police or the DA for interviews? Is it because your "sources" aren't credible?

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If the District WOULD answer questions that would be nice but the fact of the matter is that District employees are under direct orders (I have the letter) not to answer any questions and refer me to the Superintendent. Richard Organisciak IS notified when we intend to run a story like this and given the opportunity to comment. He does not respond. The school board has a policy that they will not respond to ANY questions about district personnel and will not permit the discussion of district personnel at school board meetings (unless the speaker is there to praise or thank an employee at which point the are given as much time and room to expand on their comments as they wish).

There most definitely was a coverup and it is still ongoing. The FACTS speak for themselves - public statements, letters to parents and board resolutions.

I was there in January at Jefferson School when the first public reference to the issue of sexting was made as related to this case. Christine Colemen, the IT Director for the District, gave a presentation to the school board on the dangers of sexting. She specifically said there has ben NO INCIDENTS OF SEXTING IN NEW ROCHELLE SCHOOLS. According to JN, NRPD now says there was at least two. A few days later parents of students at ALMS received letters about sexting which referenced only sexting cases elsewhere. I spoke with ALMS Principal Bill Evans about this letter. I asked him whether he felt the letter was misleading given that it failed to inform parents about the incident in December and instead referenced incidents in other states. He declined all comment and, per instructions, referred me to Organisciak (who, of course, did not respond to phone calls or emails). There is no point in raising this issue to the school board because the last two times I raised questions about district personnel they gaveled the meetings to a close and called security to have me removed from City Hall. If the District, the school board (and F.U.S.E.) are not going to answer my questions then I can hardly report on their answers. To that extent Aman Ali did a good thing in his story because he got some information on the record; at least that is a start.

So, it is entirely false where you write" Answers that would of been given if the questions were ever asked in the first place". Likewise, I cannot "bring up" any answers I got when my questions are not answered. As for NRPD, I did inquire about the case in the broadest possible terms. What I got back was a heavily redacted Incident Report generated when Bill Evans reported the girl's boyfriend to police. According to NRPD, Donna Henry was never referred to them.

You wrote: "You say you have a police report (which you should scan and put on here for all to read), and "sources" which could be anyone spreading rumors."

I gather you did not read the most recent post here on Donna Henry in which I did provide a link to the scanned Incident Report. If you want to criticize the reporting here try READING IT first!

As for whether sources or reporting here is credible, that is up to the readers to decide. I cannot make people who do not want to be convinced, have an ulterior motive or a vest interested to believe ANYTHING. This is a community news site not a newspaper. It is obviously a new concept to you but this sort of site is a hybrid environment which combines news, opinion, user-generated content and community feedback into what is often called "citizen media". It is sometimes referred to as "networked journalism" to differentiate it from traditional journalism in which a news organization gathers information and puts it all out themselves. In a networked environment anyone can put forward parts of a story and other people fill in the rest until a full narrative evolves. In this case, more and more pieces of the story are emerging as people share what they know online.

The word "talk" in our name refers to the ongoing community discussion which this site is intended to engender. I say my piece, readers respond and sometimes I respond to them. In this particular case, you want to challenge the credibility of the site or me personally and demand that sources go on the record. Fine. You said that. Now I can respond. We can go back and forth and then readers can decide for themselves who is credible and who is not.

This exchange, however, is entirely beside the point. You can stamp your feet and point fingers all you want but I have yet to read where you or any other apologists for the District have actually provided an answer to a rather simple question: if all Donna Henry did was "fail to follow procedure" by not reporting rumors she heard about a sexting incident why was she suspended without pay for a month, assigned to guard an empty conference room, recommended by the administration to the school board for a demotion and reassignment as a cleaner on probationary status working the night shift in a different building? That seems like a pretty big punishment for such a small offense.

Until you or some other district apologist can explain the discrepancy between what the district says she did and the actions they have taken against her your whining about the credibility of this site will ring hollow.

I'd like to comment on point 2 of the discrepencies:

"2. "A student texted racy photos of herself to her boyfriend"

The NRPD Incident Report says the boyfriend took the photos and that he took them on his cellphone. This is important because the IR says the phone police examined was the boyfriend's phone not the girl's phone and that the phone was returned to the boyfriend. Also, the IR says that based on NRPD analysis of the image they were able to positively determine that no one else was involved in taking the photo because the boyfriend is visible in the photo and this became a basis for closing the investigation. As above, the use of the plural "racy photos" contradicts police records."

Where in the police report does it say the boyfriend took the photo(s)? The police report is so heavily redacted, and the word "boyfriend" doesn't even appear in the report. Also, where does it say the boyfriend is visible in the photo? It then goes on to say that 'unknown' took the photo in a reflection in a mirror. Why would anyone taking a picture of someone using a reflection? I would deduce that the girl took the photo of herself. I don't think anyone can make an absolute conclusion based on all the information that is redacted. It appears there may be another explanation. That question should be asked. Can't Lt. Hearle or Det. Andolina be interviewed to clear this up once and for all? I don't see any reason why they couldn't answer those questions. Were any other police reports made for the other texting incident?
Trying to get the whole picture from that report is very difficult. I hope you just didn't fill in the blanks with your own conclusions..because that wouldn't be right.
I do apologize for not seeing the link you provided regarding the police report, thank you for posting it!

Next time you see Mr. Cox in the street you're going to intoroduce yourself and say what?? Im the person who posts anonymously to your site. I think you're site is crap, but I visit it everyday.
Now let me tell you something, the HVAC story is a FACT, and I wish you would register so when this hits the fan I could come back and ask for your credible input.

The funniest thing I've heard in weeks is your incomprehensible babble based on the premise of "I know you are but what am I" defense. Tell your mommy to put the computer in a common area so she knows when you log on. Maybe she could keep you from embarrassing yourself further. (I doubt it). As for fraud, I haven't seen any explanation or defense of anything posted here that would be considered as proper rebuttal to the accusations. That's what's troubling, not your childish remarks. So say what you will because I'm rubber and you're glue.

If you have some compelling information to dispute the story , let's hear it. If your a member of the "dolt squad" then everytime you post you'll give everybody more info to prove the accusations. Take the extra money from the raise you voted yourself and buy a clue. Bob Cox didn't "publish" the story, you have a mole in the system. You are being brought down from the inside. I love it !

Hear hear..except i would prefer a cuter name than MOLE..they are ugggllyy.

Thanks to people like you, this blog site is making a real difference. We the people of New Rochelle get a chance to see what is really going on. I thank you for this story. And to Mr. Cox for the site. And believe it or not more and more people are talking about this site. When is the name going to be posted?

There's only two names to pick from as previously is still working, and one is not.

People in NR who live in GLASS HOUSES should not be able to throw any STONES. Why give people a site to just write s--- about people, not right.

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Down with the First Amendment!
Down with Free Speech!
Seig Heil, Seig Heil, Seigh Heil
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!


Now please go crawl back under your rock.

I love it!!!

"Come on not a chance"..meaning what?? Not a chance this happened, or not a chance anything will come of this?

let me tell you that there is more sh** going on in the New Rochelle School District than there is going on in Albany..... take it from someone who has seen it all..........

you are so right

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So we know it is an employee of the District and an HVAC employee. Before we start guessing, how may HVAC employees are there? Also, under investigation by WHO? We know that it is not an investigation BY THE DISTRICT so who?

Being investigated by the District and with the help of the District Attorneys office for being gainfully employeed during the same hours he's clocked in with the District..allegedly stealing time..and lots of it.

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While I have no trouble believing that there is an investigation going on (there should be many more!) I find it hard to believe that the District would have gone to the D.A. about this given their track record of seeking to hide exactly this sort of thing. Since you seem to know much about this perhaps you could explain how the investigation was initiated? I find it far more likely that the D.A. began investigating and the District got wind of it. I would also figure the District tried to get the D.A. to drop the matter and allow the District to handle it as an internal administrative matter (as they typically do in these cases) and when the D.A. refused to the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach. If not, then why is the District not also doing the same thing in the case of the misappropriation of school vehicles or the Donna Henry case?

More details please...

1. What prompted this investigation? Who went to who with the story?

2. How long has this investigation been going on?

3. You mention one person but obviously MANY people would know if someone was working in a particular department and not actually showing up for work.

What else can you tell us?

More to the point, why would this investigation take more than a few weeks? It would seem me that this case should have already been made public.

The district chose to deal with Henry as a matter of an employee who did not follow proceedure. The consequence to her actions were removal from immediate interaction with children and placement to another position that would limit (lower) her chances of being put in the same situation. Henry had the right to grieve the change in position with her union and have a hearing, but chose not to go that route as the end result could have meant being fired if found guilty. In all fairness, lets not forget that Henry herself was not guilty of coming to school with picture(s) of a naked child in her phone. That does not excuse her responsibility within her hired position to follow proper proceedure instead of "street thug" ethics. But, if you walk through ANY of the schools at ANY time, that is what you will see taking place. STREET THUG ETHICS. It is a deplorable situation. Everything from high school security staff hanging outside sharing a smoke break with students to security riding around in golf carts hiding in the corner reading the newspaper. How about being in the hallway of an middle school listening to one of the security staff addressing a well endowed female STUDENT as "hey momma, looking beautiful today"
Rest assured, the security issue in our schools will be the next thing that will be addressed...
Now moving on to Mr. Costa..
Yes it is true that the District Attorneys office made a visit to his home to introduce him to his alleged charges of theft of services. FACT that he was put on immediate suspension from his job. FACT that he was stripped of his keys to any district property and forbidden to enter the buildings. FACT that he has hired his own attorney to handle the charges. FACT that his attorney wrote a letter to Superintendent asking permission for Costa to enter the school from which his child was graduating from to attend the ceremony (of which he was granted). FACT that Costa has threatened to involve others within the district that, according to him, were well aware of what was going on. Perhaps John Gallagher?? Just a guess on my part. Day by day this story unfolds and I will be right here to inform you and the readers of the FACTS.
Where is that "credible" anonymous writer now who claims this is all fiction?? Come out, come out wherever you are.

I would like to know, was he using school materials on his own job?

Always wondered why the temperature in some of the schools is rarely normal. Our children are subjected to some freezing COLD classrooms or some boiling HOT classrooms. How difficult is the field of 'Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning'? I guess repairs ARE difficult to make if you're NOT there to make them. It all makes sense now.



The question still remains, like the case of the carpenter for the schools. WHERE are all the supervisors? Whos is over seeing what the workers are doing? I mainly blame them. They too have to go.

Dont you realize how many millions of dollars we are spending on the so called middle man when we really do not need them. They do not live in our counties, do not pay our taxes, vote on our budgets, but still find time to spend our money anyway they want like its OK. If you need to live in NR when you apply for a job then why does the board always hire people that live nowhere near West, make no sense to me, and add up there #s. Between them and The Middle Man gone it could well be over. Now we can save some dollars.

The district attorney and the school district are both investigating serious charges aagainst an HVAC employee named Costa -- why is Deepthroat so coy? It's not a secret -- the man has not been to work in over a week.

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I find that VERY HARD to believe.

The District was handed our story about the school van and, according to the DA, is treating the case another internal administrative matter. They have failed to go after guards assaulting students, child pornography and other crimes so why should be believe that the District is investigating? It sounds more to me like the DA was investigating and the District got wind of it and does not want to be on the wrong side of the issue.

You are exactly correct Mr. Cox.

miss deepthroat I have a question for you since you seem to know a lot about what is going on (which I love that you are sharing with us). I have seen the guy that drives around in a white pickup truck for the city...he is the city tree guy- i believe his name is paul. How come I have seen him applying lawn food to lawns during city work hours last summer. Do you know anything about this?