You Can Lie, Assault, Steal, and Cheat, but You Can't Disagree

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You Can Lie, Assault, Steal, and Cheat, but You Can't Disagree

June 26, 2009 - 05:33

What in the world is going on in this city ? Corporation council fired for "insubordination" ? It seems a bit disturbing when the person responsible for your legal behavior disagrees so strongly with you that you have to fire her. Who fired her and what was it they wanted that even a lawyer wouldn't do ? Knowing Bernis as I do , I can't imagine a scenario where she refused to go the extra mile to perform her duty , ethically and within the law , but I wonder if she was pressured to file or execute something to suit someone's agenda , and refused . Afterall , she's been there over 10 years , you would think any personality issues between parties would have surfaced long before today . Good luck Bernis , and if you feel like telling your side of the story , I'm sure Mr Cox would gladly let you speak here .

So, smack the kids around , steal some vans , double dip at the trough , send child porn around , but please , don't disagree because THAT would be wrong. Right ?

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every one knows that mr n b is behind this

best of the future counselor. rare that somehow acts on conviction in these days. from what i have heard from good people, you are a fine person and a good advocate. sincerely the best.

warren gross