Board of Education Special Meeting Tonight at City Hall to Discuss Personnel Decisions

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Board of Education Special Meeting Tonight at City Hall to Discuss Personnel Decisions

June 30, 2009 - 17:33

Members of the Board of Education of the City School District of New Rochelle will hold the following meetings on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at the Administration Building, 515 North Avenue, Second Floor, New Rochelle, New York:

· 6:30 P.M: Committee of the Whole Session…(Executive Session)....Carew Room

The Board anticipates making a motion to go immediately into Executive Session to discuss employment history of particular persons and legal matters with District Counsel.

· 7:30 PM: Committee of the Whole Session….. (Public Session)……Board Room


I. Board of Education Announcements
II. Superintendent's Report
A. Update: Full-Day Kindergarten
B. Westchester-Putnam School Boards Recognition
C. Sustainability Advisory Board
D. Thanksgiving Day Parade
III Review of Draft Resolutions
IV. Board/Community Informal Discussion

· 8:00 PM: Special Meeting …………………………………………..Board Room

EDITOR'S NOTE: Where are the board resolutions for this meeting? Why are they still being kept secret! Why have they not been published online as promised during the 2009 campaign?

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Maybe you should pose that question to deepthroat? I find it hard to believe she hasnt seen them yet. I saw them today. But I'm just city hall folk. That would lead me to believe deepthroat wasn't around today. Perhaps she's a 10 monther?

Dont you worry about deepthroat..I'm still here...and like my grandfather used to say, "there's a time and a place for everything"
Got to have patience dear will all come out in the wash.
I do have to say that Im kinda getting used to being a girl today and a boy yesterday..according to the trolls that is..and no my friend I will tell you one thing about me, I am definately NOT a 10 monther. I guess I just eliminated a few hundred people for ya.

They are taking a play out of the new administrations playbook. You call "Smoke and Mirrors" transparency.

just read an incredible letter to the editor in the post from a former teacher in New York City. Apparently she is "appalled" at the Mayor and Chancellor for taking over the schools and running them like a business. Here is the clincher, "everyone knows that teachers have spent a majority of time teaching to the tests -- that's why graduation rates and test scores are up." This business of teaching to the test is the same as meeting set business objectives. She, and too many other teachers, object to this as it seems to take away from their creativity to assist kids to fail. They can't show as many videos, take field trips, or participate in the latest bit of useless social engineering learning tool from the pedagogues at district. They actually have to cover the content of the subject matter expected of students to reach to successfully complete course know, how most of you readers had to accomplish when in school or on the job. Gee, apparently Bloomberg and Klein are chasing many wonderful teachers from the school system because "they are running the schools like a business." She goes on to say that the "kids will pay the price" if this continues -- what a pompous, pedagogic knucklehead she is -- the kids will pay the price; well, yes they will do better, get higher SAT scores, be more able to enter post school life, etd.

And you guys and gals think our distict doesn't have work 9, pay 12 six figure or near people who moan and wail about "teaching to the test." damn, they'll have to work, know a subject, and worse yet, be accountable for results.

Go get em throat whatever or whoever you are --- you join bob cox and others on the platform of worthwhile folks of which we haven't got near enough in new roc

warren gross

what these kids don't need for life in nyc. Once these nyc kids get to college half of em flunk out cause they've been taught "The Tests"! The tests are for retards and the teachers who are teaching it have been saying this for the last 5 years. When you speak of something, Gross, make sure you know exactly what your speaking about. You never told this blog why it is you're not teaching anymore. Would you like to get into that now?

love this guy or gal. never has one person contributed so much useless information. frankly, think this blogger needs a name. anonymous is not good enough. assume this is bob's troll. frodo is already taken. hope bloggers can come forth with a proper handle. for the time being i am going to call him percy dovetonsils until bob selects something more appropriate to this world class mind.

warren gross

Bob, did you attend the BOE meeting on June 30th? I was hoping you would report what transpired.