Cop-Cams Increase Traffic Fine Revenue by 3,000% in DC suburb

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Cop-Cams Increase Traffic Fine Revenue by 3,000% in DC suburb

August 19, 2008 - 12:56

MEMO: City Council Members
RE: New Ways to Solve Budget Problems

Reduces traffic violations...check!
Raises much-needed cash for the City...check!
Frees up police resources...check!

What's not to love about cop-cams? Sure, civil libertarians will cry foul but pointing so-called cop-cams on public streets is not a violation of anyone's civil rights and can help the City deal with reckless drivers at a minimal cost with a potentially huge payoff.

McClatchy DC reports:

"In Chevy Chase, for example, where speeding tickets brought in about $8,000 monthly before cop cams, 'We are routinely bringing in approximately a quarter-million dollars per month,' Geoffrey Biddle, Chevy Chase's village manager, told his Board of Managers in February.

For a community of 2,000 with an annual budget of $4.6 million, that's a bonanza. What's more, because locals know enough to evade the cop cams, the village's new revenue mostly comes from outsiders, rather like a commuter tax.

Nor are Chevy Chase's big gains unique. Washington's dozen cop cams have taken in more than $200 million since 2001. Scottsdale's six freeway cameras took in $17 million in 2006."

I love how the traffic ticket provides a link to the incriminating video so that driver can watch themselves run a red light or block an intersection from the comfort of their own living room. GOTCHA!