Abbas AlSaidi Goes Straight from Yemen to New Rochelle Jail

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Abbas AlSaidi Goes Straight from Yemen to New Rochelle Jail

January 19, 2015 - 22:39
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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Abbas AlSaidi, the owner of a now-notorious convenience store in downtown New Rochelle, was arrested tonight after he tore down a Building Department Unsafe Building notice and re-opened the New Roc Mini-Mart at 149 North Avenue. It is a misdemeanor offense to remove a building department notice.

A local business owner told Talk of the Sound that AlSaidi arrived at the store in the late afternoon in a yellow taxi, that he had arrived from Yemen at JFK Airport and gone directly to the store and opened for business, heedless of the warning tapes to the front door of the store.

AlSaidi, pictured above in the blue coat, a drug dealer, currently facing charges for tax evasion, and was (or perhaps still is) a paid FBI Counter-Terrorism Informant.

The store had been noticed that anyone entering the premises would be arrested. AlSaidi ignored the warning. He was given another warning by a building department official. New Rochelle Police arrested AlSaidi on separate charges.

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AlSaidi was ordered to affix the Building Department notice to the front door of the store at which the building official left. Shortly thereafter, AlSaidi was handcuffed and taken away in an unmarked New Rochelle police vehicle.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: We will update this story with details of the charges against AlSaidi.



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