Lo-Hud Reporter Ali Denounces Revaluation

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Lo-Hud Reporter Ali Denounces Revaluation

July 28, 2009 - 23:06

In case you still haven't had your fill of the deception and mismanagement practices of our BoE , all you need to do is read the latest piece from the always informative NR objectivist called "Your Taxes are Going Way Up" ( ).
Let's not forget , that in the months preceding the school budget , numerous people were questioning the rationale of the board's reluctance to face reality in judging the decline in assessables during this sinking economy . Completely ignoring ALL indicators , including New Rochelle's finance commissioner , the board held the position that declines would be comparable to last years . With complete arrogance they continually lied to the taxpayers knowing full well their manipulated and voodoo economics budget would not play out as they claimed . The cries for relief were summarily dismissed with the "suck it up" comment by the Queen of Twits Emory Schweig . Well , I say they lied because NOBODY could be that IGNORANT of the indicators . So , which is it Mr O and Co? Ignorance or Deceit? In my opinion , they're no better than that sc&mbag Bernie Madoff , lying to serve their own agenda without regard for the devastation left in it's wake .
Things have gotten so bad , the city might consider revaluation (as Mr Ali calls it) . Reassessmant alone won't raise more money, however , I'm sure it would be combined with some other metrics to suck more money out of the taxpayer .
But there IS help out there . NR O's piece references a story by our own Aman Ali . His bold headline states "Tax greivences up in NR , but support for revaluation is not" . In his usual uninformed , unresearched , stenographic style he tackles the far reaching problems of taxes , reassessment and revaluation and our sinking economy and manages to sum it all up in about 150 words. That's amazing Aman . Concise and to the point ?
Not finding any information about lack of support for revaluation in his "reporting" , I get the impression Mr Ali is officially commenting on his personal view of the city raising our taxes . Thank you Aman , it's good to see you lash out against the city for a change . Your support against revaluation is duly noted !

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Before anyone considers reassessment or reevaluation or even raising taxes, it is time to cut the fat, check that the students here really should be and look at the union contract. With 20 days off per year, that adds a high cost of substitute teachers. With no lunch duties or hall duties, etc., that adds the cost of lunch monitors.

I made the same comment about that article on the New Ro News & Views Radion show. The headline was off base becaue there was not one shred of evidence (or words for that matter) that offered an oinion about reval.

As for the 2,500 asking for reduction it was also asked by a caller to the show how many of those are businesses? Article had no substance.

What he should do is spell out to us all how we can appeal our property taxes.