Special Treatment for "McKnight Kids"

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Special Treatment for "McKnight Kids"

August 04, 2009 - 19:02

Last week we told you about a new development in the McKnight case when we reported that the sister of Demetrius Hazelton told police that she had made up a story about her boyfriend threatening her after which police considered filing charges against her for filing a false police report. This week, Talk of the Sound has learned the identity of the New Rochelle Police Captain who received and the highly unusual phone call that evening from Sergeant Reynolds, the sergeant on duty at the police station at night.

Captain Robert Gazola was the officer was was called at his home and asked to make a decision regarding whether or not to press charges for filing a false police report against the young woman. Sources tell Talk of the Sound this is "never, ever done" because a police captain at home is not in a position to make a a sound judgment based on all the facts regarding an incident in which he has no direct knowledge and worry is not on hand to speak directly with the principals.

The New Rochelle police department has, so far, declined our requests for comment and has refused to turn over any paperwork related to either of the "McKnight children" cases. Reliable sources tell Talk of the Sound that officers at NRPD intentionally left the report unread so as to be able to claim later a lack of knowledge of the incident. Talk of the Sound will continue to track this down; there is paperwork for this case, at the very least there will be an invoice from Safeway Towing, the company which was called to the scene on the Hutchinson River Parkway where the young man who had allegedly menaced the young woman was arrested at gunpoint, based on what police now considered to be a false police report. As noted previously, the police department decided to kick the case over to the district attorney's office but as of yet talk of the sound has not learned of any decision either way as to whether or not charges will be filed against the young woman.

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The NRPD won't touch this because of the impending lawsuit; DiFiore won't touch this because it’s an election year so, law breakers RULE!

Let's rob a bank with another one of McKnight's offspring; we'll make a million bucks.

is mac out riding a scooder i thoght he was a det.